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  1. Your very welcome. As you play you learn the strength and weakness of each killer. When you are in a match try to scout. Scouting in this game is by learning what perks the killer is running, add ons and strategy. Most of the time they use the same method. Playing both sides is good as you can see map layouts and pallet locations. Watching how other survivor play can be helpful in staying alive. Dont be afraid to mix up perks and see what works for you best. ☺️ Hillbilly is one of the harder killers to survive against. But certain maps can give the survivor the upper hand.
  2. Nope he isn't overpowered at all. Hillbilly, Nurse, Hag and Clown are the top tier. All other killers are mid and bottom. With Myers as he gains his evil within levels his speed is increased. Also if in a chase with a survivor for long periods of time blood lust is gained, but this applies to all killers. Hope this answer helps.