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  1. I solved it you can just go to usop and craft it after the lost swordsman 2 quest!
  2. I need help how to find the counter bangle from the germa 66 karma list. I completed the main quest and did every side quest i think and now i want to complete the karma list. Cheers.
  3. I did it without help and it's not long ago that i completed doa6 so you can try it but idk of it is boostable.
  4. Just wanted to say that i'm really suprised about that the platinum is a uncommon because in my experience it was harder then expected. I think only players that know the game did complete it but i can be wrong ofcourse.
  5. Red rocket station > 1 settler > place item vendor shop > use settler on shop > place stuff until the limit > wait
  6. It worked thanks for the help guys!
  7. I will try it out i hope it's not buggy thx for the fast reply
  8. I've killed the dragon in the crystal caves but i forgot to get the trophy for getting a crystal on dan his head. Can i still retry this boss after beating the game? I've tried to give the gems but they are not in my inventory anymore. I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Hoping that someone can help me out with this. Sorry for the bad english i'm not good in posting.
  9. I could just wait for the right moment with the ult of skye
  10. Do i really need to get a full party to fight against the AI or can i just play it solo and try it
  11. I don't know how i got this