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  1. After patch 1.3.6 do regular Silphium turn to resin if you have a full health bar? I know pre patch 1.3.6 it did but I can't seem to find an answer for post patch, that & I am not having much luck testing it myself. All I know is I am not getting much resin per run even when I have full health. Thanks in advance.
  2. I found it on Ubisoft form. this is the thread i found it on: https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2306062-Missing-Phosphor-Skin?p=15320663#post15320663 also here on Reddit: First off the trophy calls for all 17 "Skins" of Phosphor, I am pretty sure they DON'T mean the Visual Customizations of Phosphor, but rather the actual different Phosphor types that have the different attributes. For me I am missing the actual Phosphor type Tarnished Phosphor that you receive in the Vault after defeating Hound of Hades Legendary Cerberus. I did this story quest & I defeated Cerberus & I have gotten the Visual Customization of Tarnished Phosphor but not the actual form that has the perks. Hope that helps
  3. I am fairly certain the Ornithology Trophy is bugged, at least on the PS5 version. I have 17 Visual Customizations of Phosphor but only 16 "skins". The skin I am missing is Tarnished Phosphor. Which is supposed to be obtained during the Athena quest line, which I have completed. I have the visual customization Tarnished Phosphor. I have done some digging & apparently this has been confirmed by others. It also sounds like the only fix at the moment is to start a new game from scratch and re-obtain all the Phosphor variants. I have not confirmed this next bit but others are stating that in NG+ Athena's quest line will only give you 2 Charon coins instead of the skin when you complete the dungeon you would normally get Tarnished Phosphor. So, when doing Athena's questline for the first time I recommend doing a manual save before you enter the Vault where you fight Cerberus. If you don't get both the skin & the visual Tarnished Phosphor reload & try again.
  4. I was missing the jet pack bounty hunter (#1 in the scan data for the Haxion Brood) to complete the 3 needed scans. He was not spawning at any of the locations I traveled. I ended up going to Bogano to Oggo Bogdo's pit (the boss frog guy with the red health bar). In that pit there are 2 jet pack guys that spawn. I don't know if both count as the right one to scan, but I know for a fact the one with the red hood that I attacked first and killed first counted.
  5. I know this post is a little old but, by the time I knew what I needed to do for the challenge with the First Warden I was past him in NG+. So, I had to deal with him in NG++. I did not have this bug. Curious if they had the cut scene play out the first time he entered the room? This is why backups, backups, backups!
  6. So, heads up on the Commander fight, in order to get the Legendary Commander Shield (orange color NOT PURPLE) you can't do any blocking at all. Some guides indicate you just can't block with a shield, but I just confirmed that even without a shield equipped I know I blocked a hit or 2 on the adds he spawns. By the end of the fight I did not get the shield. I reloaded & did the entire fight with a 2 handed great-sword, no shield even equipped & I blocked nothing from anything. By the end the Legendary Commander Shield was rewarded. Just thought I would share.
  7. I know you figured this out, but thought I would drop in and let anyone know that this website has better maps than the wiki, which is helpful with the secret room business. https://guides.gamepressure.com/lotf/guide.asp?ID=27816