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  1. Alchemy exploit. Check gamefaqs.
  2. I cant say why but i waited for hours during day but never got invaded. When i was during the night it happened like instantly and got invaded from alot of players. At least it worked in the end
  3. I tried both ways .with 1 ps3 and 2 . Both didn't work but there was 1 minor thing nobody mentioned which is i must do it during the night then it did work.i tried hours during the day it was no use. It worked while i was using 2 ps3 but i recommend trying with 1 first . just do it during the night and it will work.
  4. Please, dont spread any rumours
  5. Its been a very long time i did this but afair i didn't have any single problem with glitched trophies
  6. I dont think thats possible. Idk of any way im aware of that lets you change the board or jobs. I believe thats permanent
  7. This post is misleading. Its not 2$ its 3$
  8. i didn't still play the game so I'll have to agree. thats good news theres only 1 online trophy
  9. world wide warrior and i believe the other trophy that requires online is you look familiar. am i correct?
  10. i need to get them both trophies obviously,hopefully the method will work for both. thanks for answering thats what i wanted to know. at least the trophy has a possibility to get it alone . thank god i didn't sell my old ps3 i can try this method since i have 2 ps3
  11. i have the game but still didn't play. hopefully the 2 online trophies wont be an issue about the requirement,do i need 2 copies of the game in each ps3?
  12. ill wait about 6 months to decide
  13. 2.6 TB
  14. just 2 things: 1-money( to buy lots of games) 2- time
  15. it was already not so active when it was released. boosting is necessary for this. may take 2h but its not hard. for ranked you have to switch between the winner so your rank wont get higher than your partner or you wont meet each other