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  1. There's maybe for some 1 problem if one interested in platinum. A trophy for getting 400 medals to increase your Rank to max . Meaning defeat 400 bosses in multiplayer, takes about 10hours maybe. That didn't bother me, the endings were more annoying cuz they weren't clear enough
  2. Huh? There's a message like that? I never had an issue like that. My other issues technical mostly maybe because of my connection but re3 didn't had a technical problem . I did not and will not play resistance .
  3. I have no doubts. This is my way and it will never change since disgeae 1 in ps2 i played all of them
  4. Disgaea series doesn't need guides. You only do 2 things: 1- you fight in battles 2- you grind like there's no tomorrow for battles . Everything can be solved with grinding be it for level or better equipment. Max level in these games are 9999, stats i recall 999999999 so you can guess the grinding i mean
  5. Ill give it 1/10
  6. Something you want to know about sony? When in doubt its a no. When it is actually yes but with no
  7. I use from that Russian artist. They're amazing
  8. Im not surprised. It never was popular,lots of issues with trophies, more issues with the game,even the name is stupid
  9. I got something similar when i found out the game was installed on system and add on was in external harddrive .i just deleted the game and downloaded it on one place
  10. I recently got platinum and 100% in 100 hours. I played half game then i started dlc. Dlc is really in bad condition very buggy freezes alot but dlc is actually better than main game. After dlc i continued main game,shit really hit the fan after that especially near the end it kept freezing every 5 secs i kept resting every 5 secs im not joking. i enjoyed it anyway
  11. Oh please god no ,please my god please just....
  12. Alchemy exploit. Check gamefaqs.
  13. I cant say why but i waited for hours during day but never got invaded. When i was during the night it happened like instantly and got invaded from alot of players. At least it worked in the end
  14. I tried both ways .with 1 ps3 and 2 . Both didn't work but there was 1 minor thing nobody mentioned which is i must do it during the night then it did work.i tried hours during the day it was no use. It worked while i was using 2 ps3 but i recommend trying with 1 first . just do it during the night and it will work.
  15. Please, dont spread any rumours