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  1. I bought the game in the link that was in rocket league. But that was long time ago
  2. I think you meant to type ps3 in the title. Anyway these days are long forgotten by sony. So the only thing you need to expect from older gens is more news about shutdowns delisting or removal
  3. Legend? I never idolise anyone in my life. Singer/actor/sports.
  4. For immortal compass i used a stopwatch on my phone: start it when you hear the casino guy click then stop at 3 seconds. It has a good chance to hit North. If its west thats good news cos when you hit continue keep holding x to immediately hit north. North is guaranteed after west in this way. Keep working on the 3 seconds mark to get used to it. I got the trophy real quick like in less than 30 mins . Hopefully this will help someone.
  5. Im having the issues in ps5
  6. This. This is exactly what I want to say
  7. Its safe to say they count only for one character cuz they wont make it easy and count duplicates and there is no mention anywhere saying an easy trick like this will make easier. Oh and its worth mentioning the dlc adds new traits especially easy ones so i recommend starting the game with them
  8. I just signed in it works fine. Last time i used ps3 was 25/11 there was an update but nothing out of the ordinary
  9. Yeah fuck trophies. Who wants that shiny dumb looking ....sweat....amazing.....platinum.... ..Yes....
  10. Well besides it took too long for physical. The digital was a better idea for me . Its cheaper and quicker to access since its always downloaded. sometimes i just play for 10min then switch . Its always a bad idea to separate physical and digital releases , i hate that. my priority is physical most of the time.
  11. Wtf is going on here? Banned for boosting? Did this happened because they just changed something in the agreement just a while ago? This is bad. We wont even know if we'll get Banned or not
  12. Nope it wont. The trophies are for finishing the quests themselves not for getting the rewards. I tried all that before. You have to do it legit and alone
  13. OH NO . . . . anyway
  14. There's maybe for some 1 problem if one interested in platinum. A trophy for getting 400 medals to increase your Rank to max . Meaning defeat 400 bosses in multiplayer, takes about 10hours maybe. That didn't bother me, the endings were more annoying cuz they weren't clear enough