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  1. Hi there, could it be that these Dragon Vein Stones are missable? According to Knoef's trophy guide (https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/dusk-diver-trophy-guide/) it shouldn't as every part is available after the story completion and you even should get all the stones within the city. But accordong to Selphie1999's guide (https://selphie1999.weebly.com/dusk-diver-trophies-achievements-guide-list.html), the stones within the city are chapter-based and they declared the trophy for getting all stones as missable. I own currently 127/153 of them, and according to the Stage select I can only receive 24 more due to hard mode levels and boss's levels. I've already reached the vendors familiarity to 5-star rating, I've done all Link-quests and the Taho master doesn't sell me anymore locations, so it's not possible to get 2 more out of this. Am I missing here something? EDIT: I was about to frustratingly start a new savegame and I was llready at chapter 6 again as I fired up my 1st savegame again...and recognized that I forgot to collect the shard rewards from 2 food shops. So, all shards in the city are obtainable in post-game!
  2. You can do farm 30 in just a few minutes... Join and enable the covenant, tell a friend to use the same password, place a sign with the red soapstone, get summoned by your friend and kill him. Repeat! You will never be summoned by someone else and your friend will not lose anything because you can set your sign near a bonfire, he will never need ember to summon you and he doesn't even have to be around your level.
  3. Please look at this IMAGE as a reference where the arrow appears to show you the position of the next ojbective or the position of a new crate that will give you a new task. Don't be like me and miss the very first objective (the dropped crate that has green smoke on it) and walking ~20 minutes around without knowing what to do 😅
  4. Hi there, I've read some guides where you should using Ragyo because of her 1-shot beam. After viewing some Youtube videos I've recognized that some of them are able to move the beam for some degrees to hit several targets in a line. How can you do that? I've tried to use moving while casting the beam or moving the analog-stick after the beam appears but nothing works. As reference, see this video: Trophy video EDIT: I found it out by myself. It's basically just dodging to the side by pressing and left or right and pressing afterwards, then instantly repeat. This will let you finish the task within 90 seconds or less.
  5. You're all complaining about the producers and such, just about not to use easy trophies...But did you even considered/interested that the developer is not aware of a sub-scene like trophy hunters? You're claiming that it's not right to use VR trophies to g et 100%, but you should know that you're not the main target for such games, but regular playing buyers that got the game due to interests and not by looking up on misc. trophy guides.
  6. Actually, you have to do a wallrun and do a flip to the side by standing next to a long wall side-by-side, press together with + or + (depending on where the wall is positioned to you) and after 1-2 meters you've to press again.
  7. I can't figure out how to achieve the Escape! trophy. I tried to fly (no clip) to the boss fight and beat him, then I "no clipped" to the exit of the level, disabled cheats, make a savegame, restart the game and load it again to trigger the game to normalize the gravity and to start the cutscene with Jane. Then the next level starts but no trophy comes up. Then I've tried it again by flying to the boss, disabled cheats, make savegame, restart the game, loading that savegame and beating the boss without using god mode. Then I walked from there to the end of the level without enabling any cheats but after the cutscene, the trophy still doesn't come up. Are there any pre-requirements within the levels to get that trophy? Edit: It seems that the trophy doesn't come up when you actually escape with Jan but at the previous level ... seems kinda misplaced there.
  8. OK, shame on me for doing so hard that simple task 🙄 You just need to press the Options button anytime during staying at the counter.
  9. How did you get the (´・ω・`) trophy? The trophy guide from playstationtrophies.org says that you can do this during the Tutorial, but if I press L2 then the text-Log just pops up without any options.
  10. I had the same issue, but there's no need to restart the entire game. Just chose level select on the main menu and repeat level 24 and buy as many javelins as you can at the dealer, then complete the level and go forward to level 25.