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  1. Doesn’t matter which character I play. As soon as I get hit I am stunlocked most of the time. Just seems luckbased for me when I can get some hits in. Most tedious thing I did since a long time…
  2. Really have problems to break the bosses armor and get hits in tbh Any tips? Have tried the raiden and jaqui strategy, but it seems like when the boss hits me once I am done Update: No idea how that is supposed to be done. I can fit in a few hits in like 1 out of 10 matches. Sometime I am able to break the armor but just get stunlocked in his chainsaw combos. Is this guy worse like the other invasion bosses somehow?
  3. Same… didn’t get any notifications about new posts. The settings are correct tough. Just controlled them today after I saw that there are new posts. Just hope there is another one coming.
  4. Only missing the crown of protection now. Hope it is in the new weekly but couldn't check it yet. I saw you are already done with the crowns. At least for one character :-)
  5. I had the same scenario. On one of the first tries I managed to get to lil hunter directly without big problems. Then on the next like 20 tries I couldn’t even do the scrapyard consistently. On the day before I could beat it I got a try with assault slugger and super splinter gun and thought I am fine. Few seconds later a robot skated me to death out of nowhere. I think the random weapon drops and the movement of the enemies are two big things to consider. Those two things can just change the whole run. Good luck if you go for further tries!
  6. Finally managed to complete it yesterday. Didn’t try looping at all, so I just went directly for the throne with super crossbow (dropping in 3-2 when skipping some of the previous weapon chests) and lightning hammer (random drop in 7-1). After some time I was always going for rhino skin first and ignored boiling veins and I threw away the nuke launcher in the scrapyards. The run I succeeded I actually took some different mutations than on the tries before. I went with second stomach (which was actually helpful) and because of the different choices I got long arms on lvl 7 which also helped a lot later. In my opinion the challenge gets easier after you pass lil hunter (like basically the whole game…). 6-1 is easy with brain capacity as you are able to blow up the exploding plants without the need to damage them first. Then the most dangerous thing left imo are the cops in 7-1…
  7. I did complete 3 out of the 4 last weekly challenges to unlock those loop crowns. But the current weekly (melting, starting with nuke launcher and crown of blood) is pretty harsh. Did anyone try or even complete the challenge already? Was looking for a video of someone but couldn’t find anything. Just curious which Mutation and weapon choices are somewhat working. In one of the first tries I could manage to get to 5-3 but Lil Hunter killed me.
  8. Can someone confirm if the random char/crown glitch is still working? Just tried it with a crown I unlocked within the last weekly but I don’t get the crown on the random char. Maybe I am missing something 🤔
  9. Has anyone tried connecting a mouse and keyboard for easier aiming? Think that would make the game a decent bit easier. But I guess it wont be supported on ps4/ps5 right? Also I dont think the Autoaim setting is a big help for gamepad.
  10. Can anybody tell me how unlocks are working, when playing in offline coop? I played a run with a friend local and I think only the unlocks/loop got registered for me not for the character which player 2 used.
  11. Got the Plat for the game back then when it came out and wanted to give the Lightbringer and Challenge Edition Trophies a go. Unfortunately I was getting a error message "connection issue 2006" every few minutes and the enemies kept killing me while I couldnt do anything because of the connection issue. Some seconds later the message disappeared and I could reconnect. My network/internet connection was fine all the time. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. Collected the Last Nexomons for the Database today. Unfortunately i am Stuck with 309/310. Already checked the database multiple times to confirm i am Not missing any number/mon. also reloaded the Game a few times but no change in the database… Really Sucks if is bugged and keeps me from platinum 😓
  13. Can you Tell me how you fixed it? stuck at 309/310 altough database is complete…
  14. Tried it today with Remote Play and ps now… no Luck unfortunately Also tried it with two consoles (ps5 and PS4) in the Same network. But i keep getting the same error. „Session no longer exists“
  15. Thanks for your help! Looks like it never happened accidentally. :-) Helped me to get the platinum today. Seems like I was the first to get it also. Those Jurassic challenges have been quite tough… For your missing injury: It should be „broken claw“. Not sure what you can do to make it happen, but I had numerous cases where dinosaurs (carnivores and herbivores) had that injury just out of nowhere.