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  1. Got the Plat for the game back then when it came out and wanted to give the Lightbringer and Challenge Edition Trophies a go. Unfortunately I was getting a error message "connection issue 2006" every few minutes and the enemies kept killing me while I couldnt do anything because of the connection issue. Some seconds later the message disappeared and I could reconnect. My network/internet connection was fine all the time. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Collected the Last Nexomons for the Database today. Unfortunately i am Stuck with 309/310. Already checked the database multiple times to confirm i am Not missing any number/mon. also reloaded the Game a few times but no change in the database… Really Sucks if is bugged and keeps me from platinum 😓
  3. Can you Tell me how you fixed it? stuck at 309/310 altough database is complete…
  4. Tried it today with Remote Play and ps now… no Luck unfortunately Also tried it with two consoles (ps5 and PS4) in the Same network. But i keep getting the same error. „Session no longer exists“
  5. Thanks for your help! Looks like it never happened accidentally. :-) Helped me to get the platinum today. Seems like I was the first to get it also. Those Jurassic challenges have been quite tough… For your missing injury: It should be „broken claw“. Not sure what you can do to make it happen, but I had numerous cases where dinosaurs (carnivores and herbivores) had that injury just out of nowhere.
  6. Can someone help me out and Tell me which injury is on number 14 in the database?
  7. Game is great. I really enjoy it so far. But I also liked the first part already. Platinum-Trophy is actually harder than the first one imo. You need to complete all challenges on jurassic. And as far as I experienced the challenges are quite tough on jurassic. Like on Canada the weather effect while storms is that your ranger cars cant drive. So that makes troubleshooting pretty hard... Will look further these days.
  8. Is the "real" coop feature added in Repentance working the same way as in the PC-Version? So can you play with two characters locally together?
  9. Can someone tell me if the autopop also works the other way (doing platinum on ps5 and transferring the safefile back to ps4)? I only played like a hour on the ps4 and would prefer to complete it on ps5 of course. But it would be a bummer if i need to play the ps4 version additionally or let the list stay uncompleted.
  10. Also started playing it today. Started playing on normal and find it already a little challenging. I dont have a lot of experience with the ninja gaiden games but I will try to complete at least some of them. Will see how this goes...
  11. I am pretty new to the franchise and never played Sigma. Yesterday I finished chapter 3 on hard and collected all three golden scarabs. As I went to Murasame (shop) I got the counterattack scroll. After finishing the chapter it now shows 0 scarabs. Is this normal that the scarabs are not displayed anymore in the next chapter? Also I am a little confused about the Izuna Drop I read everywhere. How or when do I get this technique which seems to be so important?
  12. I actually got the trophy a few days ago finally... Anyway I am sure it took a lot more than the 15 stated. Hope its not that far off for the Hive Trophy...
  13. Also curious if theres a chapter select after beating the game
  14. Unfortunately it still seems bugged to me. Already are way over the needed 15 villain sectors but still no trophy. Also the mission radar seems bugged to me as I don't see the elite villain sectors most of the time tough I completed the mission chain long time ago...
  15. Seems to me like I have a problem with "Tentative Peace" Trophy. Feels to me like I did already (a lot) more than 15 Villain Sectors and I still didn't get the trophy...