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  1. I need 7 more Gold Missions to get the platinum. It's been one hell of a grind, but i've enjoyed every second of it.
  2. Personally i think NG+ isn't needed, however it wouldn't hurt for those that would like the option.
  3. Got the Platinum, and took a break to play & complete RDR2. I'll be back to complete every challenge once done. What an amazing remake to such an amazing game! Love it!
  4. Single player 1/1o Online 9/10
  5. Thanks mate.
  6. 9.5/10.
  7. Decent list, nothing to troublesome for the dedicated Trophy Hunter.
  8. 1) Resident Evil 2 2) Resident Evil: Director's Cut/REmake/HD 3) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
  9. I've got the same glitch. All my unique weapons, gone. ;(
  10. Aussie, dedicated Trophy Hunter/Completionist. Available most weeknights & weekends. Looking at starting Uncharted 4 soon and need help with Survivalist trophy's, if you're interested feel free to add me.
  11. 1. Socom II: US Navy Seals 2. Resident Evil 2 3. Call of Duty 3 4. The Last of Us 5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt