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  1. Day 1 purchase, but I’m not holding my breath that it’s true.
  2. Not necessarily, what’s to stop you or anybody else in not using any accessibility settings to get the trophies?
  3. My suggestion is to take your time completing this game, explore everything the world has to offer, it’s incredible.
  4. I personally would love to see a DLC based on Tommy’s adventure in Seattle.
  5. Totally agree, Valhalla looks incredibly bad imo.
  6. Proof? Proof?
  7. Can’t wait for grounded mode. Hopefully they drop some difficulty related trophies too.
  8. I haven’t turned motion blur off yet, can anybody confirm if that makes your image clearer?
  9. I’m confused about the whole Abby/trans thing, did I miss something here? Just a chick who’s built like a brick shit house. Everyone saying she’s trans, is she or not?
  10. Highly unlikely, but I really hope it’s true.
  11. As Kratos once said, keep your expectations low boy, that way you’ll never be disappointed. Btw I think the game is awesome thus far, I’m just bamboozled on why I didn’t play this game much earlier.
  12. Super Meat Boy.
  13. It’s very unlikely, but I dream of a new Socom: Navy seals game/remaster of Socom 2.
  14. I’ve read the leaks and honestly it’s not that bad, they way people carry on these days is laughable. I can understand why people are upset, I’m not happy either, but I’ll play and more than likely still enjoy the game and story for what it is. This sheep mentality these days is annoying, judge and form your own opinion is what I’ve always done.
  15. Having trouble with door cheese? Practice using bull rush, you can smack em when they try that shit.