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  1. Battlefield 2042 & God of War: Ragnarok.
  2. Waiting for it to go on discount here in Australia, really wanna play odyssey!
  3. I skipped BF5, and after playing the beta for 2042 I might skip this also. Shame as I’m a huge BF fan! Anybody else notice the lack of aim assist? Was there lack of aim assist in BF5? Felt completely off and I only lasted an hour playing the beta, hopefully there will be a custom BF1/BF4 type system we can switch to at launch in controller setting.
  4. Game looks fantastic, can’t wait!
  5. Anyway, who else is looking forward to the new content? Lastly my first comment was never intended to put anybody down, let’s all just settle down, relax and have fun playing games.:)
  6. Hard enough for you not to complete them.
  7. Yeah bud, shaking in my boots over here.
  8. Never have I ever understood this, we are on a trophy hunter/tracker site. I get that people don’t like online 🏆 because there ‘hard’ or ‘annoying’, but common man challenge yourself once in awhile. Just my opinion.
  9. Great gesture, thank you.
  10. I bought a PS4 for TLoU, excited to see it’s getting a remake. Not sure why some are complaining? Is it a little early for a remake? Possibly yes, but who cares! Can’t wait.
  11. I myself haven’t had any game breaking bugs, but still there are so many small bugs that maybe it’s best to wait for the game to go on sale?
  12. Too me the graphics are on par with perfect dark 64. I hope the gameplay is great, I’m disappointed thus far.
  13. Day 1 purchase, but I’m not holding my breath that it’s true.
  14. Not necessarily, what’s to stop you or anybody else in not using any accessibility settings to get the trophies?
  15. My suggestion is to take your time completing this game, explore everything the world has to offer, it’s incredible.