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  1. I did, but I counted it as negligible.
  2. Bought it for $20 at gamestop and PS store has the season pass for $25 right now too. So $45 for Odyssey + All DLC + AC 3 Remastered (Included in Season Pass). Pretty good deal to me.
  3. Got this one on my first try. Make sure you start an outpost master mission, set the waypoint on the outpost and move away until the waypoint is 70m away. Then just line up a shot and pop your trophy.
  4. Good to know as I'm probably going to pick it up later this week to snag my 100%.
  5. If you played with no internet connection that is probably why. Load the game up while connected and it should sync your stats correctly.
  6. I haven't actually played it but you should try the game forums for Lego Worlds. You'll get a much better response there.
  7. #1 - Kingdom Hearts 3 Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Playtime: 70h 52m (1 week, 3 days)
  8. Base PS4. Haven't felt the need to upgrade to PS4 Pro yet.
  9. Taking a break always helps me when I get overly stressed from playing a game, whether it be hunting a trophy or just trying to get past a hard part in a game. It puts things into perspective and alleviates the anger.
  10. Do you really want to put yourself through the torture of Frozen Slider in other languages though?
  11. Ouch. And I'm over here with two save files just in case something happens that's out of my control. Play a different game for a while to avoid burnout before jumping back in and good luck!
  12. My game has been running pretty much non stop since I started playing it a week ago (albeit I'm not sure if the cache gets cleared when in rest mode so it hasn't ACTUALLY been running that whole time) and I've experienced zero slow down throughout KH3. It does happen with games though when the cache gets full and restarting usually clears that out.
  13. It'll be a long time before I feel like doing ANY minigames in any game after going for this platinum.
  14. I'm currently working on the Synthesis grind myself and it's one of the last things I need for the platinum. Waiting until end game has the added benefit of already having a ton of materials randomly collected while completing the game. I'm finding that some of the crystals are easier to just synthesize than actually collect though (example: Lucid crystals from battle gate 10, I did about 10 of these and didn't find a single one.) Should finish up today or tomorrow when I have time and clean up the plat. Good luck!