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  1. I looked at my screenshot for the sake of interest, and I have a completely different place
  2. do you have 19 out of 20 or 18 of 20? because I have in my second biome, a trophy fell out when I found 19 out of 20
  3. it was a very long day and biome 1, I started on May 1 and finished it only on May 2, it took me the most time. it took me 20 hours to complete 3 acts and collect everything. My only secret is that I didn't fight anywhere, only if it was necessary and if I saw a familiar room, I didn't have to go there at all. and I looked 90% on the minimap, because everything is marked there
  4. it all depends on what you missed, I can't tell you the exact location, but what I can tell you is that, I speed run too and did not collect the keys, and I did not have a single sign left behind the closed door, I found everything in open places
  5. in Act 3, a portal opens in the ship, which sends you from 1 biome to 4 and vice versa. But you can't play with the same items from 1 to 6 of the biome in a row The sunshine all dropped out before the patch was fine for me, and I found immediately in 2 races, from 1 to 3 biom and from 4 to 6 biom
  6. 1 trophy glitched for me, but only in my favor, in the second location you need to collect all the collectibles, and I got a trophy when I was 19 out of 20 red wall collectables surprisingly, because I heard that a lot of other people in the first biome could not find the scout log for a long time, and about the red sign for the first time I hear
  7. I got platinum in just 30 hours and didn't see any difficulty at all. but collecting all the items is some kind of horror, I ran through many levels a bunch of times, 30+, 40+, and then at 41 times I come across the right room with the right items, it will be very funny if appear in the future guides explaining how to find it all easy and what you need to do all patience who will and want to get platinum in this game
  8. I already got platinum and I speedrunning all the levels while collecting items and everything appeared
  9. surprisingly, after I finished the game and got into Act 3, I found all the fragments in just 2 attempts. And I did not have any difficulties in finding them Ps. these fragments appear only after you have completed the game and get in the house 5 times
  10. when I wrote the post, I was missing 2 logs and one of them also seemed to be the 9 and he also got find after 30 attempts and just lay in an open area in a normal room. it will be so disappointing if a normal guide appears in a month how to collect it all and where is it all located and here we are suffering
  11. No it was log 14. And log just lie on the open ground
  12. what can I say, no, these trophies are not with bugs, just some rooms are very rare, I ran through the first level 50 times and for the fiftieth time I got a room with the last scout log
  13. I complete all 3 acts of the game
  14. For this trophy, it remains for me to collect only Scout log at the first level, but I have already completed this first level more than 20 times and did not find them, do you have any tips on how to find them, otherwise, with each new attempt, the desire to get platinum decreases
  15. due to the fact that from day 3, a bunch of bugs begin to interfere with the progress in the game, I decided to start playing on hardcore until the patch appears. and I decided to play with this bug and really after a couple of minutes it turned out to do everything on 12