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  1. Lmao, I reached my limit when I was playing ranked. I had nobody who really played on my friends list so I solo queued...was not a wise idea!
  2. Hey all! I am bored, so I am gonna launch another generic thread as see what the response are! woooohooooo! So the question today is, what game has made you the most angry and the most frustrated in your entire gaming life, and why? For me, it is a very hard question, but I would have to put Apex Legends near the top. Sure the game has its moments but it is far too competitive for me to enjoy, and most sessions I have on it I just a get a tad mad.
  3. I used to grind apex like there was no tomorrow...a very dark age for me. It goes so quickly from being fun to the single most rage-inducing game on the planet, yet again I feel that way about most BR games now
  4. That ONE trophy makes me want to rip my hair out , I have had a 4 win streak and then I lost, very sad times lmao I still have to give the game a go! Sometime I'll get round to playing it, it looks pretty awesome
  5. Thank you! I am a huge SpongeBob fan, and I love generally love cartoons, they always fill me to the brim with nostalgia! Thank you for a warm welcome into the community! I've really been enjoying trophy hunting since I've gotten way more into it
  6. Hello there! My name is Michael aka. spingleFPS and I've had an account on here for a few years, but never really got involved until recently! I have been trophy hunting on and off for a while, and I am trying to clear up some of my backlog, but aside from this you can catch me playing a lot of Overwatch or Fortnite, or Apex when it doesn't make me want to break everything in sight. If you want to be friends feel free to add me on PSN or Discord, and I'll be happy to get to know you all! I hope everyone reading this has a lovely day and I'm happy to be a part of the community
  7. This is a solid list! I loved Elden Ring and I'm hoping to play more Deep Rock Galactic soon!
  8. I have it on my library but I still need to give it a try! I got it when it was free for a limited time during lockdown when the pandemic was very bad
  9. ER had me hooked even from the Main Menu, when I heard that OST for the first time I was jaw-dropped with how amazing it sounded. One of my favourite OSTs of all time
  10. Honestly I've been thinking about playing DRG more once I get PS Plus again, I really enjoyed it back when I played it
  11. I still have to give the game a try, it looks amazing
  12. I've never played it before but I have friends who have and they said the exact same thing, amazing story but the online was lackluster and repetitive (according to them) Ah okay, thank you for telling me I still have to play a God of War game, I'm actually quite embarassed I've never given one a try
  13. Probably Fall Guys for me, I have had a 4 win streak and lost the next game...I don't think I have the patience just to get that one trophy haha
  14. I remember years ago I was extremely hyperfixated on Gran Turismo 5. I wasn't into trophy hunting back then but I just loved zipping round all the corners with the fastest vehicles, it was a blast
  15. Howdy everyone! I'm quite new on the forum (my account is old but I have never really been on the forum) This question has probably already been asked a million times on here, but I'll ask anyway. What was your favourite platinum of 2022? I am very interested to see what people's opinions are