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  1. If only a game like DOOM or Titanfall had half the sales this shit game will recieve.
  2. Always seemed dumb to me. Pointless really. It does not harm me tho. So people using them, enjoy it. I just find it entertaining, how people put so much into completion rates. Why is it so bad to toss on a game, earn 5 trophies, hate the experience and move on ? The urge to seperate failures, bad games, incomplete titles etc etc. Must be some OCD type shit. Feeling bad for abandoning a title on your " main profile "? Seems pathetic. Limiting at the VERY least.
  3. 5 more Ubisoft tickets and these trophies will be obtainable. I can feel it.
  4. The Suffering 1 and 2. Amazing action horror games.
  5. I sent my ticket in. Ubi said they have no plans to fix this. It's for the best. Time to move on.
  6. Glad they skipped ps4. Game looks like garbage. Hardly anyone will be missing out. Sony is doing some interesting stuff. Coming at perverts with war. Weeding out their consumer base and protecting themselves from future bullshit. Fact of the matter is there has only been one game that was censored for wrong reasons. That game was DmC5. The censorship was rightfully undone. The rest of these games and gamers? Good riddance. The Ps5 will sell well despite all of this, I love it.
  7. The Thing Scarecrows Motel Hell The Stuff Night of The Comet HM: Night of the Creeps, It Follows, Re-Animator, House Of The Devil. Too many great movies left out.
  8. Classic.
  9. None. I play good games. At least games I deem worthy.
  10. Hammond. Followed by Mei
  11. Yes. They help my dink grow long like the oak tree.
  12. I hope it never happens. Not worth while imo.
  13. Do you expect folks to take you seriously ? I find your first ""inquiry" pathetic. If you cant seem to see the redeeming qualities of modern games, that's on your tired, played out eyes. Extremely myopic. Graphics seem to be fixated on by developers. It's true, It's also unnecessary. With all due respect, you are literally no one to talk about creativity. You are taking a massive shit on so many people, with such little substance to your arguments. Here, I'll be you. " Sony is shit because they dont create the games that I want them to, they are in trouble because I enjoyed their past offerings more. Also, Witcher 3 is indie, because I say so. The worlds definition means nothing, just mine". Lol. So very informative and clearly correct. How do you expect folks to communicate with you ? You go off of inane logic. AC Odyssey has more than enough content to please any person. I would say it competes with Witcher 3, in terms of value. Yet here you are, clinging to a relic of the past. Yes, the power of modern consoles could and preferably should be used in different ways, not just graphical fidelity. With that being said, that's all you have. You offer no other valid, objective points. Just " lol, Fallout 76 is always online, I dont like that". " Lol, that's a rehash, I don't approve". But yeah, Supergiant games is putting in work.
  14. Game sucks. Thankfully Apex exists, so everyone can see good BR in action.
  15. I disagree with everything you said. Sony has been killing it this gen. It remains to be seen how next gen plays out. It's fair to look for the canaries in the coal mine, with that being said, there are too many whiners and negative people. I for one, am glad they are seemingly done with the lame ass game shows. E3, PSX, etc etc, all trash. Just about anything they do, is not good enough for most, anyway. Hell, these Ps4 titles have been stellar, some of the best ever produced imo, and yet here we are. Civilization 6, Cuphead and Octopath are not on Ps4, I suppose that means Sony has failed and should re think everything. 😂