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  1. Willing to bet it was a poor quote or bad translation. Dying Light 2 is going to be great.
  2. People are crazy. You play video games this long. Heavy Rain was enough for me. You hear warnings about spoilers and you take action. You turn your messages off, you limit social media... It's called black out. Why do I not have the game spoiled for me, and you do ? You slipped up most likely. People straight up acting like the leaker injected the spoilers into every gamers brain.
  3. Right on. It's an illness, as illustrated by the responses, mostly.
  4. Not happening. You heard it here first. Follow me on ID, ST and TB.
  5. Hoping Doom Eternal has tons of MP trophies. Battlemode looks amazng.
  6. Funniest shit I have read in a while. His buying choices are directly linked to trophies missed out on. That is some nerd scorn.
  7. Easily the best RE game out there. Anyone that says otherwise doesn't know what true RE is about !!!!
  8. What do you expect ? You're playing " the worst game ever made" and forcing yourself to 100% it, as if it were a job...
  9. Cod, GTA5, Fortnite, Destiny.
  10. No, it's not. I just started playing Sigma and I almost have had it quite a few times. You can kill people with Sigma's hyperspheres and kill 2 others with his ultimate. A friend got it a few days ago, and confirmed it. 1 ball kill + 2 gravitic flux drop kills. As long as 3 killing blows occur during your ultimate. The trophy is clearly a harder trophy, but not close to impossible. Solid Sigma play will earn this trophy relatively easy. Situational, yet easy.
  11. Servers are dead. Can't obtain plat.
  12. This is the dumbest trend ever. Trying to bring back servers. Also, you felt the need to make 3 threads for 2 forgotten games. It's been like, 10 years, move on.
  13. Only noobs start new accounts due to trophies.
  15. Are you new to this planet ? It has been that way for so long.