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  1. Yeah, this is the second time I've played it and I really appreciate it even more after playing Berseria. The platinum itself doesn't seem all that difficult after another glance at the trophy list. The only trophy I usually have a hard time with is beating the final boss on Chaos in Tales games. But, I've been giving all of the rosemary herbs to Lailah so I can spam Ancient Nova.
  2. Funny thing is, I'm actually trying to get the platinum in Zesty as we speak. I just looked up Eternal Sonata and it looks really interesting! I love Chopin's music so it sounds right up my alley. I love how they made a JRPG after him! 😄 The HUD honestly reminds me of Vesperia. I'd be really interested in it if it gets a remaster or remake!
  3. Of Mountains High Obtain the power of Geo. I know this is like an early game trophy but I had too much fun just exploring around in Mondstadt for hours.
  4. I feel you on that. I've been so spoiled with the Tales of series' gameplay that it's hard to play anything else. No worries! NieR: Automata is so valid. It's a fantastic game! I've been meaning to get to Symphonia at some point but I've been too spoiled with Xillia that I went and played Symphonia up until the desert area and got stuck cause I couldn't kill anything even though I was fighting every enemy along the way which I do in all Tales games I play. I've been hearing how amazing the game is, its just, I can't get past the outdated gameplay... I wanna platinum it at some point though, my goal is to platinum every Tales game! (That's at least localized.)
  5. Supreme Weapon Reinforce a weapon to its limit Finally got back to playing some Dark Souls 2. I did not enjoy Brightstone Cove Tseldora... TOO MANY SPIDERS!
  6. I highly recommend the Trails series! I'm not too fond of mechs that much either but in this universe, they're really cool and directly relate to the plot. I'll be honest though, I was put off by the turn-based combat at first, but I eventually got used to it. The story though, is flipping amazing. It starts getting really good at the end of the first game and you can't stop playing. I love Fractured Milla! I loved her relationship with Elle and Ludger when the others just saw the Prime Milla in front of them. She had so much impact in the game, I can't tell you how many times I cried in that game... 😭 Do we have the same best friend? 😄 I met my best friend through Tales at college and we talk about it on a daily basis.
  7. Thank you very much! I really enjoy JRPGs and it has to be my favorite genre. Tales of is my favorite series. I fell in love with it with Xillia way back in 2015. I actually have a hard time choosing between the two just because I absolutely love the story and the characters. Ludger is my favorite Tales character which is why I have him as an avatar. For Tales of Hearts R, I actually just bought a Vita just cause of Tales. 😏 I'm glad to see you enjoy the Tales series! It seems so hard to come by anyone's who played it or let alone heard of it...
  8. I thought this sounded like a pretty fun idea since I saw other people doing it. I officially started trophy hunting in 2018 when my best friend helped me get my Horizon Zero Dawn platinum and felt the utter satisfaction of hearing that trophy pop... Here I only show my 100% games even though I have gotten a platinum in others. (I plan to get back to them eventually.) I will definitely keep this up to date regularly. Let the discussion commence!!!!! Completed Games Music JRPG Adventure Platformer Action RPG Puzzle
  9. Mondstadt: Brush of a Thousand Winds Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in Mondstadt (excludes the Dragonspine area). I forgot how relaxing this game was just going around doing quests and collecting items.
  10. Fiery Trial Either on (at least) your 2nd playthrough or in Hard (or greater) difficulty, conquer the fierce battle at Igraine, the Shrine of the Fire Trial, without using any items! Started my second playthrough over the weekend and have been getting the NG+ trophies.
  11. Howl to the Chief - #46 Collect all the trophies Got my first POWGI platinum! It was nice to take a break from grinding JRPG platinum's and do something easy.
  12. They've only announced Rinwell and Law so far. I imagine we'll hear about at least the other two before launch.
  13. Mondstadt: Continental Explorer Light up the entire Mondstadt map (excluding the Dragonspine area). Got back into Genshin Impact after about 6 months of not playing it. Trying to get my completion percentage up to at least 80%!
  14. Dachshund Through the Snow Solve every puzzle in "Christmas Time" Just 7 more sections left!
  15. I would like to join! 😄 (Even though I'm a little late.) My current Tales platinum's are: - Tales of Xillia - Tales of Xillia 2 - Tales of Berseria - Tales of Graces f - Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition - Tales of Hearts R I believe this puts me at Efreet?