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  1. Has anyone got any tips on how to kill predator?!? I must of tried 100+ times and i cannot do it. I'm seriously losing my rag with it aswell.
  2. I'll keep an eye out. Level 50 is a serious grind without it.
  3. Anyone know when the next double XP weekend is?
  4. Superb Advice.
  5. Above didn't work. Deleted/Re-installed & Updated twice last night and it still didn't pop after blatantly triple crowning. Any other tips? It's getting on my tits now!
  6. Thanks. I don't suppose anyone on here is available to help me boost it with the punt fake etc? I don't have a second controller. Happy to help boost any other madden trophies in return...
  7. Having the same problem, Just cannot get it to pop. Last one needed for plat aswell. Will rebuilding the database affect any of my saved data on the PS? I’ve never had to do it before.