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  1. Agreed. He has a great content and very easy to follow guides on most of the challenges.
  2. Dark Souls 2 (SotFS that is) was my favorite as well, but I can admit it is not the best graphically and performance wise and the worlds were not that well connected/ I liked the changes they made to make things fresh so to speak like the Bonfire Aesthetic and Branch of Yor. Also, like the soundtrack and the story was a bit more understandable compared to the others.
  3. Pretty nifty mini-guide. 😁 Got stuck on Arx before I moved on to other games, but will definitely use this when I return. Unfortunately, it looks like I missed out on a lot of missables with Lohse in my part. Also, I started on Classic mode, so I may have to do more than two more playthroughs.
  4. I guess it depends by what you consider "realism". Seeing the grass move back and forth or seeing your breath in cold weather in Red Dead Redemption 2 is more of an "attention to detail" than realism in my opinion, while cleaning your guns after usage is more of a realism. For me, I feel realism is more a simulation aspect in gaming seen in survival for example, and sim games of course. I do think you need to have a good balance of this depending on the game.
  5. How else is a prospective investor supposed to know if they are going to make a return? Of course a company like EA is going to tell an investor that "X" game is going to have high sales, as they use that investment money to develop the games. Investors view of sales is way different that a game company, as the only care about money. In fact, they don't probably don't know anything about games or care...just money. Even if a game wins awards or sold millions compared to another game, it's about meeting that target sale number (look at BioWare). Investors are milking the cow here. So, when there is PR disasters like SWBF2 or BFV, investors could sell their stocks and invest their money elsewhere. Personally, I think the future of BF is in trouble...which is sad I like the series. If EA really care about making quality games, they could with patience and investing some of their own resources to make an amazing BF games. Who knows.
  6. But mentions nothing of EA's poor marketing and PR responses to the criticisms following the SWBF2 debacle.
  7. Pretty much same for me, but I still flip-flop on God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2. Would add Subnautica and Dead Cells to round out number 4 and 5. Spider-man was a quality game for sure, but a little bit too familiar in the Saint's Row/inFamous type games.
  8. All time: Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero Recently: Life is Stranger: Before the Storm 💩
  9. This for me as well; along with seeing what type of games people play. Never heard of Darkest Dungeon until I saw it on someone's profile last year.
  10. Just a few games I have in my backlog: 1. Subnautica (assuming I'm not done in a week) 2. Detroit: Become Human 3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Would really like to platinum Divinity: Original Sin 2 though...really love that game and very challenging.
  11. Yeah, I have playing on Survivor and I think I may start over on Freedom. Not that the game is hard, it's that when you die the loading takes forever. Also, there's only one save slot. Still having fun though.
  12. Yikes. I thought Patch 1.04 was supposed to fix these crashes. Was going to start this, but maybe I should wait.
  13. Same here. The writing was on the wall early on, so the expectations were below low for me. I would say Battlefield V. Even taking in account the poor marketing and community relationships, the game just looks awful and is unfinished. One would think they would have learned their lessons from SWBF2. First core BF game I will be passing on.
  14. Not up yet in NA stores. Edit: Got it and downloading. I think this is enough games for 2018.
  15. Yeah, the majority of these just seem milestone based. Glad there is no permadeath either...actually from what I have seen, dying is more beneficial than not as is respawns you at your starting point which could be a time-saver.