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  1. Hi, if you guys could heart me and my level I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hm, I earned two trophies in Mirror's Edge and updated but it still hasn't updated. I think this may have something to do with the fact that the trophies were already marked as earned on the website before I updated. But I am being completely honest when I say that it works properly when you view my profile through a Playstation or the app. But to kind of verify myself a little bit for Speedlunky, I do have quite a bit of experience with Spelunky. My steam profile is, and I changed my display name on there to my PSN name to confirm that it is me. It has nearly 100 hours played of Spelunky, and one of my Steam friends, Hectic, was a well-known Spelunky player with a very fast time, very high scores, and a large number of hours. We met through the Spelunky community, if this gives me any sort of credit. The reason that I earned the trophy for completing the Ice Caves three minutes before Speedlunky is that my intention for my first completed run was to unlock this trophy. I have already done so in the past on another platform, so it really didn't take as long as the trophy rarity would have you believe, as it is largely based on your skill and knowledge of the game. My first run that made it past the Ice Caves also made it through the Temple, the final level required to beat the game, and if I recall correctly I was somewhere around 4 minutes in when I finished the Ice Caves. Pausing and the transitions between levels both stop the in-game timer, which is used to unlock the trophy, so this means that after about 3 and a half minutes I had finished the Temple and unlocked Speedlunky. I don't really have a way of verifying this, but I was also a Spelunky player on the Xbox 360. My profile there is, and this is where I finished my first Hell run. If you need me to verify this, I can respond to a message or something on Xbox Live, but changing my name there costs money and I haven't used my Xbox in years so I would prefer not to do that. I am going to try hiding and then unhiding Spelunky from my PSN profile to see if this fixes it. I'm sorry this happened, honestly I did double check that syncing worked using PSN, but I never checked on the site, so I didn't realize that the timestamps were still illegitimate. In the meantime, I am going to post some screenshots of what psnprofiles is saying the timestamps are, as I believe the game will be hidden from my profile for a few minutes. ( EDIT: I can only update my profile on psnprofiles every 60 minutes. Darn. So since my plan to private and unprivate will take two updates, and I have already updated to try to add Mirror's Edge trophies, my profile may not be sorted out for around two and a half hours.
  3. Oh, it seems I forgot to mention the actually reason I was restricted in my haste. The reason being that my psnprofiles page shows Seen A Little being unlocked before Mines Shafted, which is impossible. However, PSN does not actually show the same timestamps, and these are valid.
  4. pastapal23 Spelunky Ah, I believe this is a PSN/user error that I have since tried to correct. These trophies appear to be unlocked out of order, and I can explain why. The reason being, I first began playing this game on another PS3, to see if I would like to begin trophy hunting it. When I finished on this console, I did not initially sync my trophies (I did later). At this time, I was trying to get only 100% completions on my profile. I had played the PC version for many hours, and after testing I was confident. Now, I didn't realize, but this game uses cloud save. This means the first trophy I unlocked on the other PS3 was the 50% journal, however, realizing my mistake and wanting to correct it, I synced the trophies on both PS3s. The problem being, while this was correctly updated on PSN, as evidenced in this screenshot (, because it took the timestamp of the earliest earned instance of the same trophy, I do not think the same is true of psnprofiles. I am not sure why this is, but if you check my profile on a playstation or on the mobile app (username pastapal23), they appear correctly, while on psnprofiles, they appear to be earned in an improper order. A number of trophies appear to be unlocked a few hours later than the first time I obtained them, pushing back the time at which I began the game.