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  1. Where can I buy duplicate cards Gwint? Say a place. Thank you.
  2. Yes
  3. Somebody knows. No new seasons?
  4. This is different. ps4 version downloads fine By the way, the patch for the PS4 version is out, for the PS5, not yet.
  5. Can you play with ps move?
  6. What? Serious Sam 4 | Launch Bundle = Serious Sam 4 + Full Serious Sam Collection. Isn't that so? And what upgrade are you talking about? Serious Sam Collection only PS4
  7. unfortunately no, you have to suffer. But I will wait NG+
  8. New game. New difficulty
  9. + Far Cry Blood Dragon Remastered
  10. My way: I deleted my personal profile, before that I transferred all the save to the cloud. Next, I re-entered it into the console, quickly loaded the save back and turned off the Internet. 0 out of 69 trophies in the main menu. I loaded the save before the final scene and got the trophy at the end.
  11. PS5 upgrade - free.
  12. It is very difficult to find someone to play
  13. Yes. On PS5, 60fps and 1080. PS4 60fps and 1440. This is very striking.