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  1. later. Maybe 2-4 days
  2. hm. ok. But I don’t understand, how you can play without defeat. There is every error search = you lose. I was looking for an opponent for 5 minutes. 20 lose))
  3. DEL
  4. I think stadium 2 will be in the second season. Stadium 3, in season 3
  5. Yes, but if there is a search error or the opponent leave , then you will be given a lose.
  6. How did 3 people get this trophy ??
  7. I get throphy. Did not leave the lobby. 10 squad battles.
  8. Online save(((
  9. My friend was given a trophy, he played just 10 Squad matches I was not given a trophy, I am 50/50 Squad and Rivals Then I played 13 Squad matches, no trophy
  10. 10 played total Squad or Rivals?
  11. If delete a character, will calibration be available again? Has anyone checked it ?? Ohh.No, can only reset the Debut
  12. Tell me, is the 90 trophy the same as in FIFA20?
  13. Super Save closed? Japanese goalkeepers have it open by default
  14. I think to upgrade his card to A or S