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  1. Yes. On PS5, 60fps and 1080. PS4 60fps and 1440. This is very striking.
  2. I tweeted them
  3. I don’t understand how so)) Graphics of ps4 is better than that of ps5)) We are waiting for the patch.
  4. Yea. LOL I have run parallel ps4 and ps5 versions. 60fps mode. PS4 resolution is higher and stable 60. PS5 version 40-45fps and resolution it's bad
  5. Autopop 97%. Save Transfer. All missing 30 miles DLC Trophy, complete in Playgrounds
  6. why can't I see your trophies ??
  7. All trophies? My friend didn’t have 30 miles dls trophy.
  8. I checked. Almost all trophies are autopop 1000 miles and 30 miles for DLC trophies does not transfer
  9. There is Save Data Transfer in Options. Has anyone tried it? trophies are transferred?
  10. Last DLC??
  11. Save Transfer Patch PS4. Auto Platinum
  12. No
  13. The developers announced the patch https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/60488/second-community-update
  14. RE7 statistics game in the pause menu. Not in RE8, will there be after Complete game??