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  1. No
  2. The developers announced the patch https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/60488/second-community-update
  3. RE7 statistics game in the pause menu. Not in RE8, will there be after Complete game??
  4. Old Fifa games only in EA play
  5. There were no patches for these games.
  6. Maybe there is a patch inside Have you downloaded and tested and the DLC is not working?
  7. Strange, my game says that 1.0 is the last. EU ver.
  8. Wolfenstein Patch 1.02 is not downloaded. version 1.0 the last Anybody check please.
  9. Fix? Auto platinum ps5??
  10. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1234-rayman-origins
  11. I deleted the message. Some were automatically given trophies only for levels, others for collectibles I don't understand anything how cross-trophies are given
  12. DEL
  13. Can be played in created tracks. There is a limit of 1 hour, AFK will not work. And it is not known whether miles are counted there or not
  14. 10,000 miles - Hi GRID Statistics - Hi GRID
  15. Yes