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  1. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1234-rayman-origins
  2. I deleted the message. Some were automatically given trophies only for levels, others for collectibles I don't understand anything how cross-trophies are given
  3. DEL
  4. Can be played in created tracks. There is a limit of 1 hour, AFK will not work. And it is not known whether miles are counted there or not
  5. 10,000 miles - Hi GRID Statistics - Hi GRID
  6. Yes
  7. DIV6, 9-0-0 got a green arrow 60 game wins in past seasons.
  8. I did 5
  9. Has anyone contacted support? Can they Reset progress ??
  10. For those who received a green arrow Have you played solo? or search partners?
  11. NEW Patch for PC. PS4 later https://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/572063/fifa-21-title-update-4/ VOLTA FOOTBALL:Made the following changes: Updated the UI in VOLTA Squads to allow players to see the following: Active Event’s Division and Rank from the VOLTA Squads HUB. Rewards that are available in the active event. Placement Matches information until the player has completed the 5 matches. Added Stars to the one-time rewards for obtaining a new Division in VOLTA Squads. There will be a Claim Rewards flow for players that have already earned their one-time reward for a Division. Reduced the impact of excessive flair actions such as Skill Moves on Match Rating calculation. Increased the impact of goals scored on Match Rating calculation.
  12. Аnyone from 6 to 3?))
  13. patch 1.04 was released. Resolution fix??
  14. It will be funny if they give the 5th division :(((
  15. Patch 1.05 has been released. Solves the problem of crashes and search