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  1. Same here, never heard of it but I'm intrigued! Very glad it's not just the same image for every trophy like some devs do. Hard to say tho how difficult it will be, judging by the descriptions.
  2. Definitely going to agree with the majority here that Dead Cells is absolutely fantastic! I've also very much enjoyed Enter the Gungeon, and I'm currently working on Moonlighter. Those are probably my top 3 off the top of my head. Also following this post, because I saw a few other great suggestions in here!
  3. I just wanted to point out, for anyone attempting this beast, that there is a trick that lets you have any or all of the upgrades you want directly at the start. If you've noticed when you die, your money and upgrades you've acquired up to that point will be dropped for you to pick up on your next run. What I did was just play through the first 3 levels, picking up all upgrades I could. Then obviously you need to die. Do the same thing on the next run, picking up any upgrades you want. When you get back to the level you died on, you can pick up all the gear you grabbed on your previous run. Rinse and repeat as many times as you need to, until you have everything you need! I then uploaded my save file to the cloud, so I could retry as many times as needed with all the good stuff. That's right, there is both luck and RNG involved. A few things that were a must IMO were the upgraded hose and extinguisher, as well as the heartbeat sensor to see where everyone was at. I'd always make shutting off electricity a priority. You can open a door to get a peek in the next room, but until you cross the door's threshold, the people or animals inside won't start to take damage. Try to clear as much fire as you can from the doorway before stepping into the room. I'd also make it a point to spray my hose directly at the people/animals, just in case that super-annoying wall of fire decided to bust through the room. I'd make them a priority and take them at least 2 rooms away before clearing the fire out, making sure to turn around and spray at them while leading them to safety. Good luck to anyone trying for this one, and I hope this helps!
  4. Best of luck to you! I see a ton of games on here that make me miss having a PS3. In other words, my tremendous backlog is full of games that I'll never have a chance to complete (unless I strike it rich and can repurchase all of them)! Oh well, doesn't really bother me anyway. And yes, I certainly wish you the best with the gargantuan Star Ocean plat! I got 41% complete and just lost any desire to want to finish that, those battle trophies and such are quite the undertaking. I swear, that's gotta be a 200 hour plat by itself easily!
  5. Like the title says. I'm just wondering when I start a new game to do the speedrun if the kills I netted on my first playthrough are cumulative? Or do they all need to be on the same save? It would be nice not to worry about finishing it on my first run, if kills in subsequent runs also count! Sidenote: this is such a phenomenal game, and I'm very much enjoying it! Definitely worth checking out, IMO.
  6. I think the fastest way is using the Mapmaker quests, you can buy new ones from him and make sure you choose ones that are the same level or higher than your current level. IMO, that got boring really quickly, so I just started NG+ and have been playing my way through the campaign again.
  7. Yeah, not a good season to be a Steeler's fan, like me 😞 Oh well, better luck next season! 😂 I'll still be watching them get their asses handed to them, so it's okay 👌
  8. Yes, this had to be the most gratifying plat I've obtained to this day! Getting that perfect run was quite the adrenaline rush 💪😁 If I remember correctly, I think the game is cross-buy, so it's 2 UR plats for the price of one. With the Vita version being easier, due to more lax trophy requirements. Sidenote, I agree 1000% that we need more Bioshock!!! I've got 2 of the 3 plats in my collection, only one I didn't get yet was the original.
  9. Flame Over (PS4, 0.77%) could potentially fall into the short category, but it's definitely a bit of a challenge! There is a trick to acquire all the upgraded equipment, then stash a save file to keep it for each run. But even with that, it's still a bitch to try and save every person and cat, in addition to completing every challenge in one run.
  10. Alright, @breathofwater! I've been patiently waiting for your new game, and am super excited to check this out! I love it that you threw a Perils of Baking easter egg in there, very curious to see what it is.
  11. Bus Sim trophy list literally just got posted!
  12. Indeed it does. I appreciate the heads up from everyone. Stashing the save file before NG+ sounds like a necessity, until it is patched. Otherwise, loving this game so far!
  13. Quite livid to find out that this trophy is missable. Just make sure to complete the sidequest for the Craftmaster before activating the Crucible. Otherwise the quest disappears and there's no way to finish it. What really chaps my ass about it is the stupid mission isn't even available until 75% of the way through the game. So in other words, I have this one dumbass trophy that I'm not gonna play an extra 15 hours to get for the plat. This is exactly why I don't normally do a blind playthrough and usually at least check for missables, not to mention I should have at least stashed a save file halfway through. Oh well, no one to blame but myself I guess. You've been warned!
  14. No doubt about that! Some of those enemies were dumb, but those spiders were suuuuuuuch a pain in the arse. I'm just debating with myself, was this enough to up the difficulty on the guide? I'd be okay with doing so, if that's what the general consensus is.
  15. This is spectacular news, thanks for the tip @TheYuriG! I just picked up this gem of a game and am digging it so far. I'm with you tho, if it's something the developers added in and is not technically cheating, then why the hell not utilize it!