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  1. I stand corrected! I did not realize this was a thing. I've purchased stacks for like Ratalaika games from the Hong Kong store and never ran into this problem. Most likely because those games were simple and did not carry this same rating.
  2. Just wanted to point out that you wouldn't necessarily need a Japanese credit card, you can buy PS Store gift cards for the Japan store on 3rd party sites like . Just saying in case anyone did want to go the digital route 👍
  3. Genius, I'm going to give this a shot when I get home. Gotta love working the system! Although I'm with @majob in that it's only a matter of time before this changes anyway. Until then...!
  4. I never realized it worked like that! I wonder if it's too late to change my Pennsylvania address to Alaska... Or just make a new profile for purchasing only 😁👌
  5. Yepp, what these guys said. You start by making a new email account. Then go on your PS and create a new user profile. The trick to it is when you're creating the new profile, you have to use an address that's located in the US (use Google and pick something random, doesn't matter). The last and very crucial step is to go into the new profile settings and set this PS as your primary. Now you'll have access to the US PS Store. As far as putting money into the US account, unless you have a credit card that is registered in the US, you will likely need to purchase a US PS Store gift card through a 3rd-party site. I generally use , they are quite reliable and I've had no issues so far. I've only done this to buy games across regions, never tried with DLC. As long as the account is set as primary to that particular PS, you will have access to anything you download on both accounts. I hope this helps!
  6. @Hokupe & @Ziune, thank you both very much for the tips and suggestions! I figured that the fishing and blue points trophies would be the grindiest of them all. I'll be sure to let you know if I have any other questions down the road here 👌😁
  7. Nice, I guess this means you are the first platinum collector, well played! The input is greatly appreciated regarding how long it took, as well as the trophy concerns. Any tips regarding fishing and/or the best way to nab blue points? I noticed that body parts, most notably the Important Parts, seemed to give me the most bang for my buck in that regard. However since you can only research them once apiece, I'm just trying to figure out what else gives the most points. Also, the cake seems to give a boost in acquiring them, but unless I'm mistaken you only get one extra blue per item researched, which isn't terribly helpful.
  8. Yes and no. I'm definitely not a true completionist, as my sub-60% completion rate would indicate. But I play a lot of games, and tend to have a bit of videogame ADD... Once I get bored with it, that's it and it's on to the next one. That being said, I was on a platinum kick there for a while and am sitting right under 160 plats. I was going for a lot of the EZPZ plats, which tended to be hollow and annoying, and I was just playing for trophies. That got old, so lately I've been trying to challenge myself and opt for more Ultra Rare trophies and plats. Or even more so just playing games to have fun, even if the plat is something I know I won't invest my time in. I would miss out on so many great games if I didn't try them for fear of a shoddy completion percentage! But hey, to each their own. We all play games for our own reasons. As long as we are having fun, who cares if we have 100% completion percentage, only play EZPZ games, or are the king of nabbing Ultra Rares!
  9. It's on sale until tomorrow in the US store, but it's only 10% off 😉 Same here! I bought it yesterday and I really love that it's not dependant on the day/night cycle. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far and am very much pleased with my purchase. I can tell already I'm gonna spend many many hours on this one!
  10. I certainly appreciate all of the suggestions! Solid advice. I just bought the game and I was debating on whether or not to buy that expansion for $4.99. I think I'm gonna try it for a few days without and see how I feel. Thanks everyone for all the input! You are all wonderful ppl!
  11. Right, I was wondering this myself. Hard to gauge just by reading the list. @Mesopithecus @SirusBloodwalker @TragicTravesty, you guys/gals have all played this before. Any idea how long the plat might take to obtain, give or take?
  12. Right, I understand that it might not seem as professional that way. But still enjoyable nonetheless!
  13. Look, I'm not even in to these types of "games", but I absolutely love your humorous suggestions on what to do on those long unskippable breaks 🙃😂
  14. Huh, I had no idea this was the case. I certainly appreciate you letting me know tho! I'll be picking it up over the weekend, so I'll definitely post a thread if I have any issues or if the game seems broken still.
  15. Thank you for letting me know! I love the art style, looks very interesting. It's on sale in the NA store for $17.99, so I do believe I'll be purchasing it this weekend! I appreciate the input 👌