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  1. My rarest trophy is from Ninja Senki DX: (0.33% rarity) Speed Run Clear the game in 25 minutes or less in "Hardcore" mode. Very proud of this one, as it took a lot of practice, patience, and skill to make this happen! I'm equally proud of my rarest plat for Flame Over: (0.76% rarity) I Am the God of Hell FireUnlock all Trophies. This one also took some serious skill and patience, although it wasn't as difficult as some people make it out to be!
  2. Thank you for clarifying folks! I have obviously been out of the Destiny game too long 🙃
  3. Disclaimer: I just copied this from the trophy guide here on psnp, written by NCSFan001, which you can find here. "Flashpoints are a new feature in Destiny 2 that tie into public events. The first step is to complete the story mission "Fury", which will allow you to talk to Cayde-6 at the Farm. He will give you the quest "Patrols" in the EDZ. Once you complete this quest, which involves setting up patrol beacons in the EDZ, it will open up the ability to do patrols on all worlds.Next, complete any three patrols in the EDZ; they are very similar to the patrols from the first game, requiring you to kill enemies, collect items, scout regions, etc. Once three have been completed, return to Cayde and he will give you the "Flashpoint" quest. Each week, the flashpoint will be on a different world (for week 1 it was in the EDZ), and will reset at the end of the week.The flashpoint is not a specific new event, but rather a culmination of the already available public events. Completing a regular or heroic public event will complete part of the Flashpoint quest/milestone. Different flashpoint locations give different progress toward the milestone (for example, Titan requires a little less than other worlds). You will gain about 15% completion if you successfully clear a public event, 25% for a heroic event, and about half as much for failing either event. So, you will need to clear around 6-7 regular public events or 4 heroic events to finish this step. Upon completing the milestone, return to Cayde for your reward and the trophy will unlock." I hope this helps!
  4. This is a very interesting perspective to view things from! If I'm doing this correctly, I have 1,424 with under 1000 achieved. This gives me an Obscurity rating of 15.7%! I do tend to play more obscure things I suppose.
  5. 😂 Same here, they certainly keep things interesting 😂 I thought I heard somewhere recently that there would be an extra game with the usual free stuff for June? Although I honestly can't remember where I saw this, so it is just speculation.
  6. If we are going percentage-wise, my rarest plat would be Flame Over (0.75%). Honestly tho, I did not have a very difficult time with that and didn't struggle as much as most others seemed to! It was just a matter of manipulating things to give me the best advantage I could for the full combo run. In my opinion, my hardest plat was probably Death Road to Canada. The game is extremely RNG-based and some of those game modes and trophies were incredibly difficult! It was once again learning to manipulate the game's mechanics to my advantage. Ninja Senki DX doesn't have a plat, but has my rarest trophies. The level of patience, skill, and precision it took to complete the speed run was like no other challenge I have faced to this day!
  7. The game is functioning beautifully as of today, in case anyone was wondering! Honestly the best way to manipulate things to your advantage is to abuse quitting out and reloading. The game doesn't save until you end your turn. What this means is you can get different cards dealt to you. Or if you don't like the way combat went, just quit out and reload. Any situation where your turn turned shitty and this helps immensely. This method has made getting some of those trickier trophies a breeze thus far 😜
  8. I guess it mostly depends on what genre you're looking for, but here are a few I'd recommend: Flame Over Rad Death Road to Canada Rain World Titan Souls Enter the Gungeon Best of luck bagging your first UR plat! They are very addicting to acquire!
  9. I've been on an Ultra Rare platinum challenge from a friend. So far since lockdown, I've acquired 4 UR plats: Immortal Redneck LittleBigPlanet 3 Rain World Titan Souls If I had to pick a favorite, Rain World was an absolutely incredible game! 10/10, would plat again. Very difficult tho, but so rewarding to pop that plat! Cheers and best of luck, fellow trophy hunters!!
  10. Oh no, that doesn't sound right! If I remember correctly, the wife and I just used the trophy guide on this site. The creator included the location of each legendary brick in each trophy's description, but it sounds like you may have already tried that too.
  11. I appreciate that, thank you! I try to keep an eye on the game's forum posts just in case. But please let me know if you have any other questions, best of luck, and may RNG be on your side my friend!
  12. This game looks absolutely incredible! I was a big fan of Riddled Corpses as well, I have the plat in my collection. I will be looking to add this one as well!
  13. Exactly, that lag if you go too fast is unbearable! I also did the crystal trick for a while too, but it's still pretty painful 😂 I debated trying a turbo controller as well with the security deposit boxes, but I feel like the lag would not let that work either. Okay wonderful! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. Glad to help 😁
  14. I think Jelly Soup explained it as best as can be. My wife and I were struggling with this too at first, but once you get the hang of it it's not so bad. You said you were having trouble entering coordinates on the main map, but there is definitely a way to do it. For me, I go to the Galaxy Map. Next you need to pick Locate a World, which is the fourth choice over from the left. Then you enter the coordinates there. Go to the planet then head to the same exact coordinates there and the legendary brick is huge, so most of them are easier to spot when you get close. I hope this helps! By the way, best of luck grinding out those 1 billion studs. I spent over an hour duping and breaking security deposit boxes, and that only got me about 1.5 million studs. Such a boring grind! Finding those brick elements is a pain too, because getting them out of chests or finding the lil green dude holding them is so random. We were still missing ~70 of those last I checked. Fun game but it is an extreme grind and I don't know if I have it in me to see it through to the plat.
  15. I'm sorry that I just saw this. I mentioned that in the trophy guide we made on this site here, that Daily Challenges do not count towards Tome completion 😞 They should only be used towards the daily challenge trophy. My bad I couldn't warn you sooner!