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  1. Understandable swap my friend, I can't say I blame you! It took me more than 9 months to get that plat, it is a real grind. I am very interested to hear about SMBF, looking forward to the change 👍
  2. Ooooo, another SMB challenge?! 🤤 Count me in for the punishment!! 😁
  3. Loving the update so far!! Yep, if you go into the Weapons tab in the main hall, you now have the option to banish any weapons you have unlocked. I am also digging the new looks for all the Relics! Looks like they've even added a few new ones, as well as a few new curses that I've found so far.
  4. Agreed with @DrBloodmoney and @mataningo... While single player games can be challenging, you can eventually learn them well with enough practice. There are few things in gaming that compare to say, being a defenseless Survivor and trying to outsmart the Killer on Dead by Daylight (or vice versa playing as the Killer), or trying your best to survive through an MP match on Call of Duty and the like! Those are without a doubt the truest challenges in gaming.
  5. As always, difficulty is something objective as everyone has different skill levels in different genres. Of course you see the same few games being tossed around on here, a la Super Meat Boy and Crypt of the Necrodancer, which comes as no surprise! Here are my top 3 from personal experience that I can recall from recent times: Super Meat Boy Flame Over I am Bread SMB just requires an incredible amount of patience and practice. Flame Over is one where skill + RNG luck are needed to come out on top!! I am Bread... that one is just tricky on so many different levels, mostly due to the wonky and unconventional controls across several different game modes! That's just me personally tho, I'm sure there were others who didn't struggle nearly as much as I did with said games.
  6. Sorry to say I'm not sure about this particular iteration. I played this a long time ago and I don't remember the specifics! In most cases, you would be given a one-time download code to acquire a separate game when included. Not sure if you were aware of this, probably doesn't help with your situation, but they did release the remastered collection, of which includes BS1, BS2, and BSI. I'm not sure if this was only released for PS4 tho, but it includes all the DLCs that were released as well. The only downside is no MP for BS2 anymore.
  7. Not sure why other people care so much. If the man wants to block people then let him ffs! It's a bummer that it's a mod and you can't do so, OP. Dunno what to tell you in that event.
  8. Yep, you would think the better stuff would get unlocked later on? I was lucky enough to have @iGGTheEnd warn me about this early on, so I only unlocked a few things fortunately.
  9. Just my 2 cents but I don't think how long a plat takes should have any bearing on the stated difficulty! Time consuming does not equal difficult.
  10. Oh yeah, that's right! The useless tears but I kind of liked the Brimstone-type one; I think I got a pretty good run with that one! Definitely a trend it seems with this genre and I love it 😂 Keep em coming!!
  11. What, that is awesome!! I loooooooved Dead Cells and as you already know am currently enjoying CotDG (ty for the tips, helping immensely 😁). This is very cool and I as well have been a huge fan of cameo-type appearances from other beloved games! I think that's partly why I enjoyed Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon so much, from all the hilarious references and such.
  12. This was the perfect example I was looking for!! The rest of Pier Solar feels like a cakewalk compared to Eternal Slip! Had a written a guide for that, I definitely would have rated the difficulty based on Eternal Slip alone, since that is the plat blocker for most. OP having written several guides myself, I always debate with myself on what difficulty to pick. I don't think it makes sense to average the difficulty, but to choose the difficulty based on the hardest trophy or trophies, when you can breeze through the majority of most games otherwise. With that being said, I try to consider how difficult said trophies would be for the average gamer, not myself personally. Either way, it never fails and someone disagrees with what I decide on! I am always open to adjust it a notch or two tho, depending on how others perceive it as well.
  13. Agreed, I don't know of any cheats that exist for this game. Just use save scum if you are struggling!
  14. Ah drats, I totally missed the fact that it is that new!! Okay fair enough @Arcesius. I feel like the plat is going to take me at least that long anyway, but I will plan to swap it out in a few weeks if the UR status holds up at the 2 month mark 😁 It looks to only be ~3 weeks from now anyway.