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  1. Howdy my peeps, long time time no speak!! I've just been busy grinding my ass off for the last 2 months and 2 days to platinum Super Meat Boy Forever! This was my 200th milestone plat and quite the fitting one at that 😁 You may have heard of it and been turned off by the auto-runner style like me. Well I'm here to tell you this has that Super Meat Boy flavor through and through! The tight controls it's known for are there in full swing. This time you have a shit tonne of mechanics to learn and master, so let me tell you this... Super Meat Boy is a CANDLE compared to the BONFIRE that is Super Meat Boy Forever! This game is an absolute BEAST in every sense of the word. It has the infamous deathless runs for each world, both Light and Dark ones like the original. But man, this one is 100x harder IMO. It is so freakishly fast paced and having to learn and perfect all these new mechanics on top of that... It is tough. 10/10 difficulty, no 2 ways about it. I actually just submitted a trophy guide yesterday, so if anyone else is brave enough to take this challenge on, stay tuned! My apologies for the redundancy here guys, as I already thanked you in my status update... But I would be completely remiss not to thank both @Arcesius & @Kcrack_Km for sticking with me through the journey. I seriously had my doubts after making it to the Dark Worlds that I would be able to finish this, at least with my sanity intact! But you guys helped to keep me motivated to stick it out and hot damn, IT FEELS SO GOOD! Here is a video of my deathless run on the absolute worst world for me, The Clinic Dark World. It's actually world 2 out of 6, and believe it or not the last world, The Other Side, didn't give me nearly as much of a headache as this one! Here you go, enjoy: This world alone took me roughly 15 hours of "practice" to get done, whereas the last one only took maybe 6 or 7! The difficulty between them is definitely not linear. Oh yes, and just for funsies, here is a video of me grabbing the last pacifier to pop the plat, coupled with a victory lap with the last character I unlocked. Mind you, this is the very 1st level on the very 1st world, albeit the dark version on NG+: Alright blah blah blah, I've been rambling for days now! Sorry, still super pumped and the adrenaline is finally fading from my veins 😂💪 My current tier progress: Tier 4: Hyper Light Drifter (2.42%/1.5%) 9% Slain: Back from Hell (3.82%) 0% Super Meat Boy Forever (3.47%) 100% The Escapists 2 (2.91%/0.91%) 0% Velocity 2X (1.45%/0.33%) 8% I think I may still have enough time left in the year after all that to finish these off and reach ultimate Tier 5 status! Wish me luck anyway. Happy UR hunting my peeps, talk to you again soon!
  2. Milestone Plat #200:

    Super Meat Boy Forever

    Ultimate God



    Wooooooooo boy, what a journey this has been! 10/10 would never ever EVER do that again 😂 In a fun turn of events, my 100th plat was from Flame Over, entitled "I Am the God of Hellfire"! I didn't notice it until about a week ago, but now I feel like every 100th plat from here on out must have "God" in the title 😆


    Here is a video of grabbing my final pacifier, followed shortly thereafter by my victory lap with the ultimate couple; this is the very 1st level on Chipper Grove Dark World, just to give an idea of how ridiculous it gets:


    I must say, I am sooooooo glad it wasn't necessary to do deathless runs on NG+... No way in hell I would have stuck this out if so, this game is absolutely BRUTAL at that point!!


    Even for the Light Worlds. I ended up saying fuck the pacifiers on the Dark Worlds altogether, which meant I needed almost 5 playthroughs to get all 90 of them by only doing the Light Worlds. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, TRUST ME... Honestly I feel like it would have taken me twice as long, and 1000x the aggravation trying to do the Dark Worlds to get it done in 3!


    I actually finished my guide yesterday and submitted it 😁 I hope you all like it when it's published and if it helps even 1 person to finish the game, I am happy 😊 I set it at 5 playthroughs like I did, but also mentioned that you can still do it in 3... If you are a true masochist 😜


    After finishing the game out, as well as discussing with others who have platted it too, or at least spent a good deal of time with it, I opted to set the difficulty at 10/10. It is really that hard and this is without a doubt the most difficult game I've ever completed! I stand firmly by my decision to do so, whatever... FIGHT ME 🖕💪👊😂


    I hope it goes without saying that @Arcesius & @Kcrack_Km were instrumental at helping me keep my head in the game and see this through! Couldn't have done it without you both and I am grateful for that 😀


    Speaking of Arc, very excited to follow along with your progress! You've got this too, it's just a matter of time 💪 It is also very interesting to see the different chunks you have, versus what they gave me! Very much looking forward to celebrating victory with you at the finish line... Plus we will be milestone bros if you make it your 100th too 😝


    Anyway, that is all for now... Time to go find something easy to play for a spell to give my heart and brain a break! Cheers PSNP, talk to you soon 👋



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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      💪💪💪 @DogFoRaw5 hell yessss, thank you buddy! I'm now open to suggestions, but it's mandatory to have "God" in the title to keep the theme going 😆 Ah well, got plenty of time til that rolls around anyway to parse it out.

    3. Don_carlito94


      Huge congrats in becoming one of the ultimate gods, you’re a beast! 😆


      It’s nice to hear about the guide being nearly there. Your write up definitely make me want to tackle this game, but it’ll be in the late future. This and Splasher will be some of my long term platforming projects and I will be sure to study your SMBF guide once I get to it. Now.... you deserve a drink 🥃 and a break from very hard games. Enjoy the achievement 👍😉

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Ha why thank you @Don_carlito94! *Takes bow* 


      Agreed, I think I nice cold beer sounds righteous after that endeavor 🍺 Then we can cheers at the finish line when you eventually take this beast on and crush it 🍻

  3. Pretty excited for this one, saw a few gameplay vids and it looks mad fun! As for the trophy list, looks not too difficult. Not getting hit might be tricky, but as with any good roguelike, it could be super easy depending on how RNGeezus treats you 😜 Edit: on further review, the one with beating the first hero with little bone might be tough, assuming that's the starting weapon or something?!
  4. The nightmare is finally over!! Very happy to say I completed the final deathless run on SMBF, for The Other Side Dark World! Those levels were definitely a solid challenge...


    However, as I recently mentioned on @Arcesius's brilliant Trophy Checklist thread, this one didn't pose me nearly as much trouble as both The Clinic & The Lab Dark Worlds! Maybe it's that my skills have been honed enough from all this practice, maybe it was my will to push through and finish the last one off so I can proceed with the rest of the game to finally claim my #200 :platinum: milestone  victory... Maybe somewhere in between?! 😆


    At any rate, very glad to put that all behind me now. I think @Kcrack_Km said it best when he told me that I would feel invincible after conquering this one... My dude you were right on the money with that statement! That is certainly how it feels 💪 Again a big thanks to both you and Arcesius for keeping me motivated throughout the journey ☺️


    Now that we are past the most difficult part of the journey, all that's left is NG+, then NG++ (and possibly NG+++ if some of the pacifiers are too tricky to grab?!) in order to grab more pacifiers to unlock the last few characters. 


    I am pleased to say the SMBF guide is also coming along swimmingly! I have a majority of it done, just need to add the boss trophy descriptions, as well as to hash out a good plan for the Tips & Strategies section, then we will be good to go. I was thinking to add a sort of "Advanced Techniques" part of it, to better lay out some of the more tricky maneuvers. I have all my videos recorded too, except for 2 characters: Brownie & Tofu Boy. At this point tho, if I finish the guide before grabbing those I will just submit it. The info for them is in there and I could very easily edit the videos in once I have them! (thx again KCrack_Km for explaining those processes to me!)


    As always, just for posterity's sake, here is a video of my epic deathless run on The Other Side Dark World:


    Thanks as always for stopping by, cheers, and happy 🏆 hunting everyone!

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    2. Kcrack_Km


      Good stuff mate,  EZPZ 👍

    3. Destructor-8


      Congrats dude! That was yet another brilliant run & it looks like you are almost there!

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Thank you kindly, gentleman! Now please excuse me while I do some pacifier cleanup and grab this :platinum:! 💪😆

  5. I am quite happy to hear that you felt similar to me; initial impressions were not very high, but after playing the game it sounds like you are having a ton of fun with it too! I really cannot stress enough how much I agree with your thought process coming into the game. Team Meat really did manage to pull something fun and unique off here! The original Super Meat Boy to me had such charm IMO; just a fun, vibrant world with an interesting cast of characters, tons of throwbacks to fun games from days yonder... I feel like Team Meat still managed to hit all those notes, despite Edmund jumping ship! I must say I am very much interested to check out the video you shared. Already having been a huge fan of TBoI myself before I jumped into the Meat Boy universe, I'm very intrigued to see what that dude is all about! I may have to tag along with @Baker here and give The End is Nigh a shot too. Although with that being said, after this beast of a game I really feel like I need a break from all the bone-crushing fun for a while and play stuff a lil more easy breezy 😅 I was really hoping to reach Tier 5 on the challenge, so I think I'll stick with what I have on my current tier, at least in the short term! I was actually creeping on your profile last night & I am pretty impressed with how quickly you are progressing, Arc! I'm also very much curious to check out your videos to see how different the seeds look. I haven't had a chance to just yet but am planning to do so soon 😁 Woooo boy, I have finally reached the peak of the mountain! I must say it feels really good to have all that behind me 😅💪 I know those levels were pretty rough, but in all honesty I still think The Clinic DW & to an even lesser degree The Lab DW may have been slightly harder? I dunno if it's just that my skills are sharpened enough that the last one just didn't feel as rough or what, but even playing through The Other Side levels initially I thought to myself: "I feel like I can knock these out pretty quickly"! Once it clicked, it just clicked yano?! Anyway, I appreciate your kind words man, thank you for helping to keep me motivated here through the journey. Loving your review so far, brilliant writing as usual (you really have a way with words, my dude 😉), and very much looking forward to your future updates and eventual milestone victory!! Cheers mate!
  6. Sounds like you were kicking ass and taking names, that sounds like a pretty solid amount of time to finish, given the setup! Well played my dude 💪 Funny you mention this, because this had definitely screwed me over once or twice, having to go through the same sections and then botching it on the 2nd attempt 😅 I guess that's the name of the Meat Boy game tho! It is not for the faint of heart, that's for damn sure 😝 Thanks my man, I will be cracking away at it again today. It will just be missing 2 or 3 videos from my estimation, until I can finish this run then get the last 2 character unlock videos I want. But I know how to get them, so all the info will be there at least in text form 👍 I did pretty much the same you are suggesting, just play through casually initially to get a feel for the speed, jump arcs, dash distance, etc. IIRC, I didn't start the deathless runs til I had all the Light World levels unlocked at least. As for what to keep your eye out for, try to get all the pacifiers and warp zones you find (30 pacifiers total on your initial run, +5 warp zones, 1 on each of the first 5 worlds). Those are both tied to character unlocks, so it's best to get them out of the way if you can. Plus it gives you different characters to play with... Best I can tell, they are all just cosmetic anyway, but still better than using Meat Boy or Bandage Girl the whole time! You can always double back later tho, some of those pacifiers are tricky to grab anyway. Once you complete a level, back at the World Map menu you can see an icon next to the level name, indicating if you may have missed a pacifier there. The warp zones are pretty obvious, but sometimes tricky to find. The screen and sound start glitching out if you're close. All my warp zones were on the Light World levels, but I think others have mentioned sometimes they are in Dark World. This post is very helpful to tell you what requirements are needed for the character unlocks: But yeah, to unlock Dark World variants, you need to beat the par time for each level, then complete a deathless run to "S" Rank. Can be done on separate runs, although usually getting the deathless run also nets you the par time, in my experience! So yes, essentially going for the Light World deathless runs will get you there. Good luck and very much intrigued to hear your thoughts once you start it up!
  7. Well done Arc! I feel like you knocked this one out of the park pretty quickly, considering how beastly of a challenge this appears to be. I will certainly keep this high up on the list when I am in the mood for some shmup punishment 😆 Brilliant write-up as always, might I add! Ooooooooh boy, I'm very excited to hear your take on this one too! It's so much fun, despite the deathless runs being such an extreme challenge. It just feels 100x harder to get a good streak going, as compared to SMB. But you are no stranger to challenge, so I'm sure you will emerge on top victorious 💪 My guide is about 1/2 way complete at this point, but of course I'm always glad to give you advice if you need it. Feel free to PM me if so! I think it's a shame more people haven't played this yet. I can only assume they may be turned off by the auto-runner style, much like I was before I took the initial plunge! It's such a well made game and the extremely precise controls the franchise is known for are definitely back. Just reading your take on how bad Trials of the Blood Dragon's platforming sections are made me appreciate this that much more! Esp the way you described the arc of your jumps and such being dismal with that one. Not at all the case here!
  8. Woohoo, the next to last deathless run crossed off the list for SMBF, as I conquered The Lab Dark World last night! And boy oh boy, this one was a doozy 😅


    I heard an interesting saying recently, that perseverance is a skill that can be taught... I feel like I'm slowly but surely sharpening my skill in that department! SMBF can be quite the demoralizing experience at times...


    Case in point: Monday night, I was breezing right along at the start of the night. I cleared 5 out of 6 levels necessary for the trophy. I saved one of what I would consider 1 of the 2 "easiest" levels for last... By "easiest" I definitely mean relatively speaking, as they all had at least 1 or 2 excruciating sections in them! Anyway, I digress...


    Back on topic, if you care to check out the video below, this is the section starting at 8:20 in the video. It was literally the next to last jump to claim victory, but I didn't hit the left wall high enough and fell short of hitting the floating dude... I even had it paused and could have quit out to retry and keep the streak alive, but NOOOO!! My dumbass thought, "Eh, looks close enough that I can still hit him". NOPE! 


    This led to another 5 hours worth of tries just to get it done! But it's done, and that only leaves me with the nightmare that will be The Other Side DW 👻 I am so determined at this point that I will practice and practice til I know those levels like the back of my hand! I can see the finish line off in the distance... HOWEVER, this is a marathon, not a sprint after all! The rest of the trophies will feel like a breeze after getting that accomplished 😆


    Hardest levels were 3 (starts at 2:45 in the video) and that fkng blue level, level 5 (1st level in the vid). Those 2 took up a majority of my time trying to perfect and get just right. Especially the latter.. Fuck that blue level and I'm so glad I don't need any more perfect runs with that 1!! I would consider The Lab DW at least on par with The Clinic DW in terms of difficulty.


    @Arcesius, @Copanele, & @Mori, I would very much like to state my case about this one being a Most Wanted target for the UR Cleanup Challenge! It may already be a moot point this late in the year, but please hear me out: I'm already 4k deaths higher than when I finished SMB. I'm also 2 weeks longer than it took me to plat that, and this is with double the amount of game time available at my disposal! And we aren't even quite there just yet. I just feel that if SMB is on that list, IMO this is definitely harder so should at least be at the same level?! Just my honest opinion tho, take it or leave it if you will. 


    Like I said tho, it might be kinda pointless this late in the game, but I hope you guys would consider this for next year's Most Wanted at the very least, that is if you guys reboot the challenge (which I really hope you do! 😁). 


    As promised, here is the video of my run last night:


    Cheers gang, a special thank you to both Arcesius and @Kcrack_Km for helping to keep me encouraged and motivated during this endeavour! Thanks for reading 😊


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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Hell yes @Kcrack_Km, that's what I'm talking about 💪💪💪

    3. Arcesius


      Yeah none of these levels look "easy" in any way whatsoever 😂 I am really curious to see how much time it will take me to figure out how to even beat some of the chunks. They don't all look straightforward or intuitive in the first place... 


      But hey, very well done! The demoralizing thing about a choke such as the one you had is that you start thinking "this could have been it... and now who knows how many more hours I'll be stuck on this challenge". That happens... to all of us I'm sure 😅 But you kept at it and here you are! One no-deat run away from having this beast conquered! (or... at least virtually... eveything else should be kid's play after those runs). You got this! 


      As for the Most Wanted... I absolutely agree with both you and @Copanele. This game definitely should replace the original SMB on our current list, but it's a bit too late in the year for such changes. We have not yet discussed whether we will host a similar event next year or what it would include, but this game would definitely get on any sort of Bounty List if there is one :)  

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      I do appreciate you guys considering it in the future @Arcesius, if you decide to bring the challenge back! I've met quite a few cool people from that and practically doubled my UR count, so I really hope you do anyway. Not to mention you guys are such an excellent group of hosts 😁


      But yes, one more perilous journey through the mindfuck that is The Other Side 😆 Nothing I can't handle at this point, considering the other craziness I've conquered 💪 Honestly man, I "S" ranked the 1st 4 levels last night, and they don't seem any more difficult that the last set of stuff, just pretty complex is all. I'm hoping with a solid week or 2 of practice, I'll be posting another victory run right here! Wish me luck ☺️

  9. Out of curiosity, when you hear this, does it bring back nightmare-inducing vibes?!!



    Not for me, this was without a doubt my favorite track on SMB, followed closely by the Light World version of Cotton Alley:



    Definitely one of my favorite game soundtracks in recent memory 😊 Not to mention, I feel like neither of these fit the rage-inducing vibes one gets whilst playing through Cotton Alley!! Mayhaps that was the idea, to play a calmer melody while you are losing your shit 😂


    It makes me sad that the SMBF soundtrack is pretty dull and drab by comparison 🙄 Nothing worth noting in that regard, IMO. Just some weird metal riff and I need to listen again to be sure, but I think it might be the same from one Dark World to the next! At least in my brain it was dull enough that I didn't even notice a difference 😝

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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      @Don_carlito94 yep I concur with you there completely! I found myself humming along to both Cotton Alley tunes in the midst of the no death runs too, even well after the fact 😆 But yeah, I think it took me at least as long, if not longer to finally pop Dark Rapture 😅


      I know alotta ppl struggled with it, but in retrospect I gave SMB a 7/10. Now SMBF, on the other hand... Sheesh! Easily a 9 or 10/10 for me... You'll see what I mean when you eventually take the plunge! You've conquered some beastly stuff tho, so I'm sure you can handle that too 💪 I made good progress on the trophy guide today as well, so stay tuned 😁


      P.S. that Assetto Corsa plat looks lovely at the top of your rarest 🤩 Well played my dude! 

    3. Don_carlito94


      The only pure 2D platformer I’ve played is SMB, so I’ll probably struggle even more with SMBF - but the challenge does seem intriguing. It’s definitely on my to-play list, although I plan on playing Splasher before I do SMBF. Do you have any plans on attempting Splasher as well?

      Anyways I really am looking forward to your guide in the future and best of luck with the remaining runs👍

      Thanks for the compliment as well! Definitely a plat I’m very happy with 😄

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Ah, the infamous Splasher... If there's a similar game that's likely harder than SMBF, I think that might be it!! Hearing others talk about it in the UR Cleanup Challenge makes me want to stay far, far away...! 😂


      Honestly man, I think after I'm done with this one, I'm going to hang up my difficult games crown for a while... Maybe someday, but I need a break from all the extreme challenges like these!


      Best of luck to you my friend, in attempting that beast of a game! It does look like mad fun tho, I just don't think my brain can handle more stress of that magnitude at this point in time 😅

  10. If they are rage-quitting, you know you did a good job! Although I imagine this is probably screwing you over on those online wins... Never played this version, so I dunno for sure!! Sore-ass losers are the worst 🖕
  11. Sounds like you are making great progress Ex, keep up the great work! Love the updates as usual ☺️ Funny enough, IRL I drive a manual, always have for my last 20 years of driving! I feel similarly to what you're saying about the way it handles 1000x better... However, when it comes to racing games, I never was able to get it down for the life of me! It sounds like mastery of that is pretty much mandatory for something as strict as Assetto Corsa seems to be. Then again this is prob why I never platted any of the real deal racing sims 😅
  12. Another deathless run completed on SMBF! Tetanusville, A.K.A. Tetanus City Dark World is in the books... And a much quicker turnaround time for this one!


    By far IMO the easiest of the Dark Worlds, which is interesting to me. Although @Kcrack_Km, who went beastmode and already platted the game, did inform me the difficulty curve is not necessarily linear between these worlds! Thank goodness for that, because The Clinic was absolutely brutal 😆 I'm glad I stuck it out tho, because I was hoping that might make the next few seem not so bad. So far so good in that regard. 


    Don't get me wrong, it still was no pushover to get this done! Took maybe 5 or so hours of practice to get it right. Most of the time with this is spent figuring out the best way to approach each section, as oftentimes if I found myself struggling with a certain chunk, there was likely a safer way to get through. It's a pretty fun process actually!


    That only leaves me with 2 Dark Worlds left, The Lab & The Other Side. I don't think these will be easier necessarily, as I S ranked the first 2 levels on The Lab last night and they weren't exactly a walk in the park! But as usual, practice makes perfect and perseverance is key 💪


    I've actually started working on a trophy guide for the game! I'd like to add videos for everything tho, and obviously I'm not that far to be able to add all of them just yet. I'm debating how to approach it, because essentially I need to enter NG+ to collect enough pacifiers to unlock the rest of the characters... If I finish the guide before I finish the game, should I wait to submit it til I have all the videos? Or just add them in after the fact? Oh well, that's for me to figure out, not you 😂 We will cross that bridge when we get there!


    As usual, here is a video of my run in case yinz are interested:


    Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone! Until next time...! :wave:

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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Right on @Kcrack_Km my man! I was actually kinda curious as to which one was the hardest for you? 


      Agreed tho about the gimmicky part, I say you are right on the money with that assessment 🤑 Precision still needed, but not nearly to the degree of the ones prior.

    3. Kcrack_Km


      Hardest would be Heat Death Girl. If I had to make a tier list for no death runs, it would probably look something like:


      Dark Other Side


      Dark Lab/Dark Clinic



      Dark Chipper Grove


      Dark Tetanus

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Okay gotcha. I had a feeling the hardest ones were left, just making sure 😅 Nothing a shit tonne of practice can't overcome tho! Well played finishing that bad boy off so quickly 💪

  13. I think they should rename it "Trails of the Butt Dragon" 😁 Since it sounds like straight crap 💩
  14. Yikes, sounds like Trials of the Blood Dragon should be avoided like the COVID plague... If I ever decide to jump into this series, I am definitely going to avoid this one! Ah well, now that you conquered that shitty game, you can focus on something actually fun!! Excellent write up man, even if the game was straight garbage 😂
  15. Excellent write-up as usual my friend! You really are the King of Fighters @Copanele, IMHO 💪 I don't really play fighting games much as of late, but the good old arcade near where I grew up in the early 90's had a KoF game! I can't remember which one tho, this was probably circa '94 or '95... But it does bring back fond memories to see you talk about them! Well played as always, looking forward to the next batch 🙂