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  1. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of playing the originals. My first foray was Katamari Forever on PS3. I have yet to play Reroll on PS4, but the wife and I played quite a bit on Switch, as it has been out there for a while now. I completely agree OP that this game felt very underwhelming compared to the majesty that was Katamari Forever!! Let's just hope that if enough people buy this and show interest, then this will spark them to create a brand new Katamari experience!! That being said, I still plan on picking this one up and adding another Katamari plat to my collection 😁
  2. I am just elated to once again point out that this game is still in the Popular Games this Week, now at #5 😁😘 C'mon gang, let's make it #1!! 😂
  3. This has actually been out for awhile now on Switch, so I've played a bit with the wife over there. I never played the original previously, but I do believe this is a remaster of that if I'm not mistaken! It almost felt like a dumbed down version of KF, so to speak, which leads me to believe this with no prior research 😁😜
  4. Anybody know of a release date for this? I'm looking now and it's not on the NA store.
  5. I have the plat for Katamari Forever. I can say with most certainty that, if rolling every item is comparable to that game, this will not necessarily be an easy one to get! Just to give you some perspective, the current rarity here on PSNP for the KF plat sits at 5.16%. Although with that being said, this list looks a bit more straightforward and I'm also bummed there are no miscellaneous ones to get. At any rate, I'm super stoked that this is out and I will most definitely be going for this one too 😉 Katamari is such a fantastic series and I only hope more peeps can experience its zany majesty!
  6. I was such a huge fan of the original Gungeon 😁 This makes me happy to hear I don't need to go for any Lead God-type trophies this time around!!
  7. Agreed, it would be one thing to keep the conversation cordial, but the name calling and shaming is a bit ridiculous at this point! Nobody likes an elitist on either side of the spectrum!
  8. What a lovely shit-show this has become! Not surprised or anything given past experiences on this site, but this is very entertaining to me how bent out of shape both sides are on the matter. Just play to have fun, whatever that means to you, and don't worry about what others are doing, ffs! P.S. I loooooooove the fact that this game is in the Top 10 Most Popular this week 😂
  9. Seriously tho, I took such advantage of that system and probably racked up $100 in free psn cards 😝
  10. Sure, the game is stupid easy! I platted the 1st one but it was very much entertaining during the 5 minutes spent playing it 😉 The whole point of gaming is to have fun and there's no right or wrong way to do it. If people want their EZPZ plats for leaderboard gratification, then that is their prerogative as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Thank you for clarifying! I'm still pretty new to the game (only like 4 or 5 weeks since I started) and there is so much to learn, so with that being said I am eternally grateful for the exquisite and all-encompasing trophy guide yourself and company have provided 😁 I am currently without a mic, but if the wife doesn't get me one for Christmas, I just plan on buying a cheap one. I will be sure to keep you in mind when I'm prepared to give it a go and thanks in advance!
  12. Hello from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 😃 I can confirm that you don't necessarily need PSPlus for the coop trophy. My wife and I acquired this one playing locally with 2 controllers 😉 Ciao!!
  13. I would be curious to know about this as well. It is a very tricky trophy to get without previously coordinating with a group! If the glitch does not work like that anymore, we could always make a boost session on here so that at the very least we have 4 people who have that goal set in mind; I actually have 3 keys and 2 maps on one of my characters, so that would be a good start towards it anyway.
  14. Very highly recommend the Guacamelee series. You can play couch coop but it's not split-screen, IIRC. It's a metroidvania/beat-em-up type of game that is fantastic on every level! It's a decent challenge if you are going for platinum, maybe 5/10 IMO, only due to it being more difficult playing through on hard difficulty. I can't say for certain tho if both players earn the trophies, as my wife was just playing with me on a guest acct.
  15. The new killer looks pretty mean and should add some more challenging strategies to play with adding Oppression to the mix. Looks intriguing enough!