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  1. Sometime in September of 2014. That is when I got my PS4 and haven't touched it since, sadly!! Don't own any of the old games, other than digital copies I purchased. Mostly due to GameFly, but also from trading the ones I owned in. Long story short, my completion percentage is shite and will definitely be staying that way 😁😂 Just glad that doesn't bother me like it does for many!!
  2. Ah okay, I was under the impression you could drop down from the Ice Castle, hang left on the wall, and land on top of the platform with the GC. But I stand corrected! Like I said, been a few months so it's a bit foggy in my brain. That and the fact that not everywhere is accessible (not easily, anyway) without having double jump and some of the other items, so it very well could be that it's not doable on that run. I will check it out this evening when I get home from work just to be safe, but sounds like it may be inaccessible without items/upgrades per your attempts.
  3. I am under the impression, from personal experience as well as Steam message boards research, that the only items you are allowed to have on the 0% run are the Bunny Amulet, the Rumi Cake, Rumi Donuts, and Cocoa Bombs. You can also buy any of the buffs in town but I can't say for certain if the Golden Carrot negates the run! If you want to test it out, IIRC there is a pathway that drops you down from above that you can reach it? I could be mistaken tho, as it's been a few months since I played it. You would be able to tell immediately as your item % would increase, and you could theoretically quit out and reload your save if it counts against you. Or just to be safe, store your save file to the cloud before attempting just to be safe!! It would be extremely helpful for that run, so if you can confirm it works I will update my trophy guide to reflect this 😉
  4. Hey @GTAJJ, I don't play this game at all but just wanted to point out: it may be helpful for others if you edit the title of the post to now include that the issue was fixed with the date!! I'm sure future players would be thankful for the info 😉 This happened for a game on a post I made, so I just did something simple like: Original title (now obtainable as of 10/10/2020!)
  5. #177: Pier Solar and the Great Architects A long hard road Difficulty: 6/10 for the main game, 10/10 for the dreaded Eternal Slip minigame Enjoyment: 10/10 for the first 3 playthroughs, 5/10 thereafter and also for Eternal Slip! See explanation below 😉 What a wonderful game this was, a hearken back to the JRPG era of the mid-late 90's! If you were from North America like me, back on Super Nintendo there was a game called Final Fantasy 3. The rest of the world will know this as FFVI, because stupid America needs to make things confusing for whatever reason at times! Anyway, FF3 is one of my all time favorites, and part of what got me into RPGs to begin with. This game hit those feels on so many levels, from the combat to the graphics, music, storyline... I felt like I went back to my beloved childhood there for a while! The base game itself was a decent challenge. The difficulty curve spikes pretty sharply at the beginning of the game, but as long as you spend a little extra time grinding, you will be good to go! Besides, you are going to need all that gold to purchase every single item available in the shops for one terrible trophy! I'll elaborate more momentarily here... Anyone who has attempted to play this game and go for plat will be sure to tell you: Eternal Slip FUCKING SUCKS!! It is without a doubt the plat blocker for most people, as the rarity indicates. It is 6.5 minutes of torture each way, and I am soooooooooooooo glad I never have to do that BS again! Look it up on YT, if you are curious. What was actually almost the plat killer for me was said trophy for purchasing all the equipment from the shops. There are loads of items to buy, quite a few that are from missable areas you can never return to once you leave! I had to make 3 additional playthroughs (for a total of 5) for this damn trophy only to find out it is impossible to acquire on NG+, can only be done on a fresh playthrough. Fair warning to anyone who tries this! Synopsis: Extremely enjoyable JRPG and well worth the lower price! Beware the Eternal Slip minigame if you are a true completionist, as it may be the only thing blocking you from plat! Oh yeah, and make sure you are extremely meticulous with keeping track of the items you need on your 1st playthrough.
  6. What is kind of coincidental is I was enjoying that game too! I just picked something up I liked better, so it's fallen to the backburner for now. I will also be interested to see how situations like you describe with the cloud may be improved with the next gen; it just needs to go a little faster for some games like that, where you will be utilizing it frequently! Songbringer: Very interesting game! I played through the whole game to the end, which was enjoyable. I honestly didn't find it appealing enough tho to go for the plat! Good if you were a fan of old top-down Zelda games, with a bit of a twist! Rain World: 10/10, such an amazing game and I would plat it all over again!! Definitely not for the faint of heart tho, some of the more difficult parts made me want to tear my hair out at times! Very unique take, like Metroidvania/Survival hybrid, to some extent. Bug Fables: Interesting game, extremely reminiscent of Super Mario RPG/Paper Mario series. I want to say it may even have been made by the same dev?! Don't quote me on that! Pier Solar: If you have ever played Final Fantasy VI (it was actually FF3 on Super Nintendo, since you're from NA like me!) this game gave me so many feels back to that phenomenal game! Beware the Eternal Slip minigame tho, that is without a doubt the plat killer for most people. I hope you enjoyed my mini-reviews as much as I have been enjoying yours!! I'd love to hear feedback if you end up trying any of these 🙂
  7. I certainly appreciate your honesty in that regard! No worries tho, one look at my completion % and you will quickly realize I have no problems with dropping a game if I don't like it 😉 I am for sure planning on picking it up at some point, I just don't like to have too many games going at once or I quickly lose interest 😁 As for your next one, I say you take the I am Bread challenge with me!! Super-low rarity plat, I think it was 0.33% here on PSNP last time I looked. I am really considering going for it!
  8. NEVER!!! Grind til I die baby, even if it is at my sanity's expense 😂 It may be stressful at the time, but there is something special about popping that Ultra Rare plat that few other people have done! I guess I should clarify a bit, because my completion percentage is shit. I have quit individual games because I got bored with them, but trophy hunting as a whole is something I will never stop! I've come waaaaaaaaaaay too far at this point 🙃
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2. Yeah I said it 😁😉 Just couldn't get into it after the first few missions, even tho I played and enjoyed the original RDR. Honorable mention is Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. After platting Origins, the next sequel just felt like it didn't stack up!
  10. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I really appreciate the detail you go into with your review of the game, you have quite the knack for it 😄 After your thorough review, the game sounds like a good challenge, but fair. Not to mention this is one of my favorite genres in gaming!! Will be picking this up soon without a doubt, thank you kind sir!
  11. Fuggin sweet!! It's been quite a while since I stopped popping EZPZ plats, but I may have to come out of retirement for this one...! 😎
  12. I very much appreciate the heads up! I will make sure to review it a bit more, just to be safe. I'm the type that tends to get bored with repetitive things, but if the game is interesting enough I don't mind the grind! Esp if it is enjoyable. Anyway, cheers mate and looking forward to following along with your progress! 😁
  13. I am in the mood for a new roguelike/lite, and Flinthook looked pretty interesting!! Would love to hear some feedback about that! Also, I have already played it, but you should def check out Death Road to Canada. That game was such a blast, but it is very much a challenge and a bit of a grind for the plat, just a fair warning 😉 Speaking of roguelikes, sounds like you enjoyed this one! Would you also recommend this? (P.S. I must be old too, because I remember Heretic very well 😂)
  14. I know the feeling, as I usually end up juggling a few games/life in general at once! I very much enjoyed it!! As long as you don't need your games to have cutting-edge graphics, it honestly is a pretty decent game for the roguelite genre and for me ticked all the right boxes. The biggest challenge is the Paddy Lock character, but a friend figured out a nice exploit for it that I'd be glad to share if you go for it 😁
  15. In theory, this sounds like it should it work? If you are able to do any testing in this regard, make sure to share your findings here! I won't be able to pick this up until at least the weekend, but I will try to do the same and be sure to share any findings in this regard. I just spent an extra 40 hours trying to pop one stupid trophy for Pier Solar plat, so I'm currently trying to avoid multiple unnecessary playthroughs of things where possible!