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  1. Good news: the trophy guide has been submitted today!! No clue what the guide queue looks like tho, so not sure how long til it gets published... Yeah what we learned is the bigger, slower chars are trash!! They may hit harder, but the lack of mobility is a serious issue when going for some of those trophies 😅 Honestly IMO, the spear is the best weapon. The long range poke heavy attack is OP!! Although I believe my counterpart @Fleks_Mhteam preferred dual maces or dual axes. At least it doesn't take terribly long to play through them all again... I had to restart as well because I messed up stashing my save about halfway through 😅 It will totally be worth it to get Evasive Master!! Good luck tho on your quest and feel free to hit me up if you need any help or have questions or whatever!! Glad to assist if I can 😁
  2. Vice is out here killing it!! Get it broooooooo!! I def want to echo both Shrooba and Smev's comments... You are crushing some absolutely challenging games out here! Regardless of if it's Crypt, N++, or whatever... It really does come down to perseverance with these extremely hard games! You should be extremely proud of yourself for knocking all those out my dude 💪 Before I started in the UR challenge last year, I didn't really have a ton of difficult challenges under my belt. But something about that competition lit a fire under me and I've been pleasantly surprised at the games I finished that I thought I never could! Something about that challenge was helping to keep me motivated and accountable for following things through. At any rate, very enjoyable read here! I am very much looking forward to following along with your future progress, as well as participating in the UR Challenge with you again next year, should you choose to do so again!
  3. Yay, glad to help! And congrats, she is without a doubt a challenge... I swear it's just nerves that wreck it for me most of the time, despite having cleared like 4 times with her at this point!
  4. Nice!! He is def a challenge with such low health. This should make things quite a bit easier, between that and the enemies! (well hopefully PSN gets the update at some point) Now, if I could only get a roll going on an All Chars run... Aria really is the hardest just to get a clear with period!! It's really 95% playing Aria runs over and over again 😅
  5. Eh no map, unfortunately enough. You have to just try your best to find your way and remember!! Honestly dude, probably the biggest help to me is to find a character with the Evasive Master trait. It really opens up the timing for being able to parry properly! Some characters will randomly start with it if you're lucky (you can see what traits they have on the right before entering a dungeon), but if not, it is sometimes awarded from a boss for defeating them. If you aren't too far into the game yet, you could just keep restarting a new file until a char with it pops up. Another big tip, if you are still playing your original file that you did the tutorial cave on, start over immediately!! The item they make you use in the tutorial cave will void the Keep It Simple trophy. Using an item in any fashion, such as trading with the Barrow Hag, putting an item in the well, etc. will all void that trophy. Just avoid items altogether in your initial run! It's also helpful to just stash your save to the cloud after every boss fight. That way you can get your lost character back if you want. @Fleks_Mhteam and I are almost finished with a trophy guide as a matter of fact! May be a week or so before we can submit it, so you can keep your eye out for that 😁 We chose a very specific order for the bosses, but also keep in mind their stats are randomized each time! In case you wanna go our route, here it is: Belenos Boadannu Krannus Osseus Carnoccus Lochlannarg Ogmios Methir-Shirraidh Breith-Dorcha Morrigan I hope this helps bud. Feel free to ask tho if you had any other specific questions!
  6. Kind of a bummer! I'm all for accessibility, don't get me wrong. But in a game like this that is renowned for its challenge, it's completely trivialized by an option like that! And Coda?! Not gonna be hard without the DBPM aspect of it IMO. Ah well, I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. I'm just gonna keep enjoying it the way it is for now and try to resist the temptation to do that if it becomes available!
  7. Welcome back Ex!! Good to see you my dude. I like the sound of your new approach here! The only thing off the top of my head that comes to mind is Attacking Zegeta 2?? I really do think that one is broken and unobtainable. Just wanted to throw something out there for you!
  8. Wow... Geezus and I thought DBPM was fast! I was having a hard time just keeping up with any of that! Not to mention they did that insanely fast Bard run without taking any hits. That was most impressive! That dude could prob clear the game in like 2 minutes if he tried 😂
  9. Wait, so this means everybody plays like Bard essentially? How disappointing... What would be the point of playing as Aria or Bolt then??! Kinda defeats the whole purpose of the game that way.
  10. I've been having a ton of fun with the Amplified DLC for Crypt!! Had a pretty successful first few days... I haven't even had it installed a full week and I've gotten all but 5 trophies done for it!


    Most notably I think was getting a Nocturna Hard Mode clear... On my very first attempt!! I couldn't believe it; RNGeezus Herself must have been watching over me that run 🙌 


    I have to say, I feel like it was a smart choice to get through almost everything on the base game first, Aria low% included. It really did help hone my skills so that the rest of the stuff isn't so bad in comparison! Here's a video of my run:



    What can I say man?? Nocturna is a frickin BEAST! Her scimitar is by far my favorite weapon up to this point... Not only does it have range, but anytime you are attacking, you are also parrying... You won't take damage as long as you are hitting an enemy! It was extremely helpful here in Hard Mode, because as you can plainly see, that shit gets chaotic REAL QUICK :giggle:


    Also, how about those 2 exclusive bosses at the end of Nocturna's run? They are, IMO, the hardest bosses the game has to offer... Okay, the precision needed for Golden Lute is also way up there, but once you get the quick kill method down to a science, it ain't so bad! There is no quick killing these 2 fucks 😂


    Well then, what's next? No Return Mode with Cadence (you take damage if you jump back to the tile you just left), a speedrun with Nocturna, or perhaps Story Mode. The latter is just an all chars lite run, as you need to clear with Nocturna, Cadence, Melody, then Aria back to back. I think that is what I'll be focusing on in the near future. 


    Anyway, cheers and thanks for stopping by! Catch yinz later 😁

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      Well done!

    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      @ixcoh thank you kindly my friend 🙏😁

  11. Waddup everyone!! Just a quick update for me... It has only been 6 months since my last UR plat pop with Trials Rising, but I was able to finish off Gods Will Fall last week. It's a fun an interesting take on the hack n slash genre! You start off on a map with 10 boss arenas to choose from. Fortunately for me, I had @Fleks_Mhteam explaining to me the best order to take, as some of them are way easier than others! We do have a trophy guide in the works as well, so stay tuned for that. Anyway, you pick a boss then travel through their realm, fighting minions along the way. One of the catches with this game is that, by killing minions, you actually weaken the boss a tad. But since you are likely gonna need to restart multiple times to get the weird, missable, miscellaneous trophies out of the way, it's actually easier to just run past them 😜 It was a pretty good challenge, but nothing too crazy. We both agreed it's 5/10, but we're gonna set the guide at a 6, for all intents and purposes of course. Here's a video of a random boss fight, in case you're interested. For this one, the miscellaneous trophy is to avoid those lightning strikes on the ground: So here we are at my current progress: Crypt of the Necrodancer (0.06%/0.06%) 69% Dead Cells (3.86%/0%!) 58% Death Road to Canada (HK stack; 2.63%) 81% Gods Will Fall (3.73%) 100% Hyper Light Drifter (2.57%/1.67%) 9% Nuclear Throne (0.39%) 62% Slime San (EU stack; 3.13%) 100% Trials Fusion (0.1%) 100% Trials Rising (3.73%) 100% Velocity 2X (1.44%/0/33%) 8% As for some Crypt news, I've been making pretty good progress there. I was able to get my Aria low% run done, which took roughly 6 weeks of exclusive practice to pull off. If there's one thing about this game, it's all about perseverance. I can't even tell you how many times I died, or was so close to the end and just botched it after a dumb mistake, or had some incredibly bad RNG ruin everything! It's extremely enjoyable to me tho, so it really doesn't feel like a hassle or a chore or anything. I have since then been practicing towards an all chars run. I also decided, hey now seems as good a time as any to see what the DLC is about! It's been a shit tonne of fun, lots of new items, new characters, and new game modes to play. I actually just got my first Nocturna clear a few minutes ago. Geezus man, her 2 unique bosses at the very end have probably been the hardest ones in the entire game IMO! No way to cheese or quick kill them (that I've noticed anyway lol!). I think for now, I'll just stick with the DLC stuff (I'll remove it for the all chars runs, as it adds an extra zone which I don't wanna have to do for that!). There's a story mode in there too, where you have to complete Nocturna, Cadence, Melody, and Aria back to back. So it's like an all chars lite run if anything! That will most likely be my next focus. I'll prob find something a little more Zenlike too in the interim, just haven't decided what yet. I'll keep yinz posted! Anyway, cheers and keep on popping those URs my friends!
  12. Whoop whoop, Aria low% run is in the books!! Sadly enough, I had a very long pause in the middle... Yano, on the clock at work but popping trophies 😜 So no video on this one!


    Wowzers, that was TOUGH!! I was thinking initially, "eh, this can't be that much harder, right??!" WRONG! A big fat WRONG!! lol


    It really is tricky, because you get no damage upgrades, you don't have a chance at extra potions for extra lives, and you can't pick up any extra bombs or spells... The latter probably being the hardest part, because you then, in turn, can't quick kill the bosses. You get 1 bomb and that's it... So it always ends up being saved for Deep Blues because that chess match boss is such a pain in the arse with just a dagger!!


    So then, on to practicing for an All Chars run. This should be fun. I don't expect to be making another update for sometime now. I'd be super surprised if I was able to pull this off before year's end... But here's to hoping and trying! I'm gonna start by getting at least 1 clear with everyone again individually, then maybe give it the old college try. 


    Thanks for stopping by and catch yinz later 😁

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      Thanks tho dude!! It's all about perseverance with this one!!

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      I saw you got this earlier nice going!

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  13. That screenshot is just PRICELESS!! 😻 Congrats MD, so glad you finally took the plunge!! I was thinking maybe you were saving this for a milestone or something... Need to get my wife back on board so we can finish it too!
  14. Woohoo, very happy for you dude!! I knew you had it in you. Glad to see you joining too, looks like a pretty fun list you picked!! As was already mentioned to you, I was quite partial to RAD myself... Hence why my good pal @Fleks_Mhteam and I decided to do the guide!! Good luck and of course don't hesitate to hit me up with any questions or whatever.
  15. @Copanele, I do like @Baker's option as well, but already voted! If you could please mark me down for that one instead, thx my dude 😁 As for me, figured I'd give a quick update and would like to make a swap or two... As mentioned previously, I have been balls deep Necrodancing in the Crypt since July! I wanna say I have about 300 hours logged in so far? Anyway, that has been eating up a majority of my time. That and the amazing Mrs. Dubz bought me a PS5 for my bday in September! So I have been playing a few non-UR games over there. I am gonna make a swap here and put Gods Will Fall on in place of Earthnight. Just wasn't really feeling the latter enough to stick out the plat journey! GWF is a fun little game that was recommended by my good pal @Fleks_Mhteam and I have been having a blast with it so far! Think like Diablo lite or something like that, but it mostly just involves killing the 10 bosses in the game. We are actually working on a trophy guide for it too, so keep your eyes peeled for that to come sometime soon! Even tho there's no way in hell I will finish this before the year's end, if ever for that matter, I might as well swap in Crypt of the Necrodancer while we're at it. Gonna do that in place of Bleed, since the bounty has been up for a long while now. (please note it's been so long since my last update, it took me a minute to find this copy of my current progress... Hopefully it is the most up to date one anyway!) Bleed (1.02%) 70% > Crypt of the Necrodancer (0.06%/0.06%) 59% Dead Cells (3.86%/0%!) 58% Death Road to Canada (HK stack; 2.63%) 81% EarthNight (1.52%) 45% > Gods Will Fall (3.73%) 26% Hyper Light Drifter (2.57%/1.67%) 9% Nuclear Throne (0.39%) 62% Slime San (EU stack; 3.13%) 100% Trials Fusion (0.1%) 100% Trials Rising (3.73%) 100% Velocity 2X (1.44%/0/33%) 8% Even tho I haven't been posting much, I have been enjoying watching all you mad lads and lassies crush these crazy hard games!! Keep killing it out there folks, talk to yinz soon