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  1. Hey, a very hearty congratulations to everyone!! You are all amazing and these guides are second to none. A very special congrats to @CelestialRequiem for GOTY!! Very happy for you bro and a well deserved win. I will say one more time how much I enjoy being a part of this community with so many skilled players and writers! You are all awesome and looking forward to many more exceptional guides from you all this year 😁
  2. Okay, I figured I'd check back in here. I've put in probably 10 hours at least since my last comment here. And I have had.... 0 issues with crashes!! I'm not sure if changing to 1080p on my PS5 helped, or mayhaps it was just that one area outside of Mudtooth's hut. Either way, been running beautifully otherwise since then. I updated the OP to reflect this as well.
  3. Okay right, a friend mentioned that being a feature there so that makes sense! Interesting, you are very lucky to not have issues! I have only been playing offline/solo this entire time. Some things I've come to realize so far: It happens most frequently outside of Mudtooth's hut. Like 7x there but I only had it crash two other times. Which were also on Earth just above ground. I've had 0 issues so far with the dungeons interestingly enough! I tried adjusting the resolution settings, as my buddy @Infected Elite mentioned something about 4k possibly being the culprit! So far, running 1080i has worked without issue (no such luck with 1080p sadly). I'll be sure to keep the thread updated as time progresses!
  4. Hey no worries bud. I still appreciate it nonetheless 😊 Trying to toggle different resolutions to see if that helps. No luck so far tho...
  5. @Dark_Overlord any idea how one can access said boost mode? I was looking through the game options, but didn't see it. Maybe it's a PS5 feature? Couldn't find anything useful in those settings tho either.
  6. I did not realize there was one!! I'll give that a try later when I'm on and report back afterwards. It kept crashing in the same overworld area on Earth last night, so shouldn't be hard to do lol. Thx for the tip!
  7. Okay cool, thanks!! Def seems like that is the culprit, seeing as it seems to happen to everyone playing on ps5 so far! Right on dude!! Been keeping it offline but I was gonna flip it over sooner or later... Mayhaps we shall meet out in the wild!!! Cheers and thanks again my friend I'm gonna add an edit to the OP just stating it's most likely a backwards compatibility issue, given the feedback thus far.
  8. Thank you kindly for the feedback here! So weird, makes you wonder why it's worse for some of us than others!! At any rate, the game is mad fun so if it keeps up, I'm just gonna bust out the ol' ps4 from retirement for a bit lol. Thanks for your input bud!
  9. I appreciate the input bud! I may have to dust my PS4 off then and bring it back downstairs... Much to my wife's chagrin 😂
  10. I just started this game a few days ago. Absolutely love it, save for so much crashing! We are talking like 6 crashes over a 3 hour period. Nothing crazy is happening onscreen, I'm just walking through the overworld, then without warning it's gone... I'm playing the PS4 version (only one currently available) on PS5, so that's the only thing I can think of that might be an issue? EDIT: From the feedback we've gathered here, it seems just about everyone playing on ps5 has dealt with crashing issues (albeit some of us more than others!). You may want to consider playing on ps4 if you plan to start this soon. EDIT 2: Changing your PS5 settings to 1080p may help. I've also not had any issues other than the area outside of Mudtooth's hut. The crashes I was having seemed to be focused on that area in particular.
  11. Another year, another UR Challenge and YOU KNOW I'M IN!! When you have hosts as awesome as @Copanele & @Arcesius (can't forget about @Mori too 😁), how could I say no??! I'm hoping to have a better year this go around. I was dealing with alot of shit last year, including the death of my younger brother, so I just wasn't feeling the UR hunting quite like I did previously. I think I only completed 3 or 4 UR games last year total (not counting rarity, it was 6 plats altogether 😬), so I'm aiming to make this year a much better one!! Still been working my way through Crypt of the Necrodancer of course, but took a bit of a hiatus the last month or so, as I often do with hard games at year's end. I'll def be working on that throughout the course of the year. Also started playing Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain with my boiiiiiiii @Fleks_Mhteam! So that will def go on the list. I see a few of those bounties this quarter are partially completed on my account, so might as well add those in too! Without further ado, here's my Tier 1 list: Crypt of the Necrodancer (0.06%;0.05%) 74% Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain (2.03%) 11% Nex Machina (3.66%) 23% Void Bastards (2.85%) 41% game 5 TBD Alrighty then, looking forward to another year of crushing these URs with all of you very fine and skilled peeps! Cheers and LET'S GOOOOOOOOO 💪
  12. Wow, another year down and so many great guides crafted on this site!! PSNP continues to be the best site for trophy guides out there period. I know I have used many of them myself! Congrats to everyone who made the cut here. It's gonna be hard to pick but here goes nothing: GOTY: Sol Cresta by CelestialRequiem Trophy Guides: Sol Cresta by CelestialRequiem Elden Ring by ZOLANTON Gameplay Guides: Elden Ring platinum walkthrough by Optinooby Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by Argandalf_01 DLC Guides: Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course by MohandGamer7 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Repentance by BalefulFrog New Author Excellence: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 by hishomie1 Cult of the Lamb by Septomor and OFFICER_OILDAB Retro Enthusiasts: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair by angelbless45 Darkstalkers Resurrection by Sarsky Exceptional Use of Original Content: Ender Lillies: Quietus of the Knights by guyblade Webbed by Blood_Velvet Exceptional Use of Formatting: Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town by Jelloycat DragonFang Z by AihaLoveleaf Okay, I think that about covers everything!! Kudos to all of you stellar writers out there. Having written a few guides myself, I know how much time and effort it takes, even more so to make it something special! Cheers guide writers and looking forward to all of your fine work for this year too 😁
  13. :platinum: #214 +100%



    Resident Evil: Village + Winters' Expansion DLC


    Howdy PSNP, and a Happy New Year to everyone! Hope your collective years are off to a great start, with all of your resolutions still intact :D


    I was able to sneak one more plat in there before year's end and finished of RE: Village! I also opted to buy the DLC and finished that side story off too... It was a means to an end mostly, but more on that later!


    My initial thoughts on the game, you ask??! Well I shan't keep yinz waiting then!! I very very much enjoyed this game; the combat was excellent, the setting was fun... I really enjoyed the new theme, where you keep returning back to the main Village which serves as a hub of sorts before each new area! As far as the story goes... Kinda meh for an RE story?? But it's whatever. It wasn't horrible or anything, just didn't care a ton for it. 


    I really breezed through the main campaign stuff! Once you unlock the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum with unlimited ammo, it really does make Shadows of the Village (hard) mode a joke.


    But then there's Mercenaries... A mode whose inception I think started with RE3? Anyway, I had some experience playing it on RE5 and 6, but that was like a decade ago pretty much! You basically just need to chain together kills to increase your combo counter, netting you a higher score. You have to follow a certain path through tho, based on where the next enemies spawn! 


    The plat blocker I think for most was getting S ranks in every stage in Mercs. I got them all done except the last 2, which were exceptionally challenging for me! So I opted to buy the DLC, which allows you to use Lady Dimitrescu's sexy, gargantuan ass for Mercs mode! It seriously made it such a breeze, she just does this charge attack that OSKs most enemies except for the toughest ones. 


    As for the DLC itself, it includes a separate game mode that was enjoyable, albeit kinda short. All I will say about that is... The Duke is a fucking SAVAGE!! 


    Moving along here, after finishing that, I opted to do the only obvious choice... Playing RE7!! Yano, why not go backwards, even more so when the events of 7 preceded 8 😜 Initial thoughts there? I am enjoying the creepy, Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes so far. Although admittedly, kinda missing a few of things they refined with 8... Like letting me skip cutscenes, FFS!! Ugh so annoying having to watch them repeatedly, esp when the game needs like 3 playthroughs at least. 


    Alright, that's a wrap! Cheers my peeps and keep killing it out there in 2023!

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  14. Nicely done MD!! Not only did you need to figure out the game, but you also had to account for the translation challenge too. Kudos to you my friend, and bravo 👏
  15. Definitely looking forward to this! Gives me some serious Chrono Trigger/old school JRPG vibes 😍 Trophy list looks solid, but agreed it's probably gonna be a decent challenge! Here's to hoping anyway.