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  1. I want to know about question 2
  2. Well new DLC says reach level 1000 wich i was scared off.
  3. Don't know about it. Just saw this DLC listed.
  4. #4 My Name Is Mayo Why did i do this easy game , just to boost my level and trophies and i did it in more than 2 days , wich means its not for the fast plat i care.
  5. Got my ps3 on midnigth release and git Motorstorm
  6. Well its just because im wondering if its still doable 2 plat it even when starting next month.
  7. Are the events with our without dlc?
  8. Im starting back @ this game so feel free to add me.
  9. Easy like always. But very fun.
  10. Thx for the warning.
  11. Hi my question is you need several 10 wins but you can choose 2 game types. As for Lone Wolf you can do it free for all and Tag And Bag but i don't see Tag And Bag?
  12. Warface wich will be ultra rare i think.
  13. Well i think all is doable with a good group. Ive did not finish it even on easy because only have randoms....
  14. Seems a hard list and not much intrest from them in the story mode. All they want is zombies....
  15. Thx for mentioning about the heavy gunners because i had no clue about how to get it. Well at least i know about the final kill. Where to find it easy?