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  1. When you talk to the commander near the mech it's one of the top dialogue choices. He will give it to you, wouldn't suggest getting this trophy if you are going for the good ending
  2. If you can find it for cheap it's worth it. They have made the game easier to play by adding an easy mode. The way the game works in regards to difficulty is that you play the lower difficulty to get perks to help out in the higher difficulties. It's a weird way of doing things but for a bargain bin game you could worse... full price I would dare not touch it.
  3. Right now an old favourite of mine
  4. MIne is.... ummmmmm... It's not great. I'm getting through it though.
  5. Honestly never thought about getting that Platinum and it's been in my back log for ages. This seems like the best excuse to do so
  6. My Big Sister or Persona Dancing All night. One's easy as hell and can be done in a hour, the other is fun and easy.... just can get a bit repetitive at times
  7. Something tells me you watch a bit of anime
  8. I hate the BP trophy. Get some points... get thrashed and lose them. I'm all for boosting but if you start a fight and they win just take the L. I'm all ok for trophy hunting but let's not ruin it for the people just playing the game for fun.
  9. I use reviews and the game's story to figure out if I want to make a purchase. I love character development or weird story telling in games and movies, and I'll play a bad game of it's got a good story. Also I tend to pay more attention to what my friends recommend
  10. Platinum Ace Combat 7 and another Yakuza game. I'm thinking Zero. But wouldn't mind getting to 130 platinums for the year as well
  11. Persona 3 FES: Played that game all through highschool and has become sort of a comfort food when I need a bit of cheering up. I just love it Deadly Premonition: Twin Peaks inspired jank is my cup of coffee Final Fantasy X: It's a classic for good reason Yakuza: Love everything about it Resident Evil 2 Remake: Couldn't put it down when I first got it. I'm afraid to get sucked in again by playing the DLC
  12. Left Alive because I am actually digging it and Sexy Brutale due to a recommendation