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  1. Now you can enjoy playing all your PS4 games with a worse UI lol People who can't get one are only really missing out on Demon's Souls and Astro's Playroom tbh. Nothing much out in terms of exclusives for PS5. I've used the controller more than the PS5.
  2. It seems like terrible casting but I will try reserve judgement for now lol
  3. I had the same problem a year back or so and the password generation thingy fixed it so +1 to that method for others who are struggling even with a solid internet connection
  4. So many pedantic people in this topic jesus christ lol This game looks like it should have been £15.99 max, it's quite funny they wanted £70 for it. I said it as soon as it was announced that it wouldn't be able to compete with F2P games for a player base so it makes sense its a PS+ game as it would have been dead on arrival without this but yeah.. Not looking great so far. Sony need to really drop the whole £70 thing, they can't pull it off.
  5. Better to have loved and lost and all that? lol Seems silly to deprive yourself of things that could potentially become your favourite games ever just in case they deprived you of it eventually. Nothing lasts forever eh? At least you would have enjoyed it while it was around.
  6. Pretty sure it did... That post you linked is people saying it doesnt work anymore but it used to right? lol.. I got trophies that way I am pretty sure. Maybe I am thinking of it backwards and I got the steam achievements after playing it on PS3?
  7. Portal 2 as well
  8. That's a good point didn't think of that possibility before. I just wish Sony would do something with PS3 though, PS Now isn't the best solution, the resolution is kinda rubbish and I've even had freezing on the xmb on PS now when going into the save data lol. I do have a PS3 super slim I just hate how it can hang on the trophies or freeze completely sometimes. Usually once every 1/2 days I will have to hard reset the PS3 when playing it solidly.
  9. And what about now? RPCS3 has come leaps and bounds, I'd much rather play on my PC than on my PS3, a lot of the games look better on rpcs3 now than they do on my PS3. Nothing illegal about playing my own games either, i have shelves full of them but PS3 runs like shit in 2020 lol constantly hangs and freezes doing the simplest things. If I could earn trophies on my PC, I'd much rather play my PS3 games I own on it than my PS3 which is sitting right next to the PC lol. And wanting to use an emulator is not the same as wanting to cheat trophies. Still not possible or? My dream would be Sony releases a PS3 Pro with better specs and ps1/ps2 compatbility back in there but we all know that will never happen lol
  10. I felt this somewhat, more so in games like RE7 (with and without VR) and control. I had to stop playing control within the first 5 minutes because the camera gave me motion sickness even after trying to change the settings.
  11. It can but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have a VR tag. If someone was looking for cool VR games to play on here this wouldn't even show up as one lol
  12. 2020 97 AI: The Somnium Files 20/01/2020 PS4 98 The Outer Worlds 03/03/2020 PS4 99 Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace 15/03/2020 PS4 100 Steins;Gate Elite 28/03/2020 PS4 101 Resident Evil 3 Remake 08/04/2020 PS4 102 Final Fantasy VIII Remaster 17/06/2020 PS4 103 Chaos;Child 24/06/2020 PSVITA 104 Final Fantasy VII Remake 04/07/2020 PS4 105 Tokyo Xanadu ex+ 14/07/2020 PS4 106 Resogun 18/08/2020 PSVITA 107 Undertale 19/08/2020 PSVITA 108 Persona 4 Dancing All Night 21/08/2020 PSVITA 109 Ghost of Tsushima 05/10/2020 PS4 110 Steins;Gate 0 08/10/2020 PSVITA 111 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch RM 14/11/2020 PS4 112 Astro's Playroom 21/11/2020 PS5 113 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 23/11/2020 PS3 114 Demon's Souls 30/11/2020 PS5 115 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 07/12/2020 PS4 116 Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain 26/12/2020 PS4 YEAR TOTAL: 20
  13. It's a merry go round every few years the big execs hop over the line. One second console gaming is dead the next second its not. One second single player is dead, next second it's not. One second portable gaming is dead, next second it's not lol. Flip a coin and that's what the big talking heads will decide is their opinion until it's proven wrong again.
  14. Also don't make a nuke too early on unless you immediately dispose of it. I didn't even know people could steal your nukes until someone stole mine a couple of hours after making it.. and for some reason it put my nuke on my lowest level fob.. lol
  15. Sure your PS5 is okay? That all sounds like graphics card failing.