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  1. The dialogue is pretty bad in this game honestly from my own experience
  2. So why does it work on xbox then?
  3. I dont mind the difficulty but losing progress twice because of the climbing is bs lol
  4. As i was planning to preorder this, I AM HAPPY.
  5. I just wished they would have allowed trophies in private games, haha!
  6. because you havent the played other, what a lame post lol. As someone that has both and played both, i agree while that i had a lot more fun with spiderman. God of War just elevates gaming on every step, Bad ass soundtrack? Check Great story? Check Innovative gameplay AND stepping out of their comfort zone? Check So far from what i have played this year god of war is the game to beat, while spiderman is in top 3( for me)
  7. Cept for the one wich requires everyone to escape at the hatch at the same time, and maybe the huntress axe throw
  8. A 7 is WAY too generous for a game that's boring and generic, No variation in ost, enemies all look the same, the guns all look and feel the same, do you like green because i got a whole batch of green just for you! Bosses all look the same and enemies ai are downright laughable, this game deserves a 5 nothing more nothing less. For a first game it is a nice attempt but just because it is their first game doesnt mean you should give them a 7, LOL! And from what i have seen snipers are downright broken in the game
  9. I see so many people complaining about multiple games but i have a game wich is an xbox game and a bundle xd... The master chief collection ; Beat every halo game on legendary difficulty with skulls ON!!!! (h1 h2 h3 h4 and odst) Beat every halo on legendary difficulty IN 3 hours!!! (H1 h2 h3 h4 and odst) And the countless multiplayer based cheevo's... I'd bet everyone would start bitching that this shit isn't possible to beat or has too many cheevos Edit; i do know that you pretty much skip the entirety of the laso difficulty, but good luck finding someone that's willing to share it...
  10. This basicly confirms the servers are very unstable and i highly doubt they will let this stay on for a while longer... For those that are interested, i am holding a session on saturday to do all of the annoying trophies and some character progress aswell
  11. No lol, they are adding 7 dlc contents over a time span of 7 months hence they call it season pass and not preorder bonus
  12. Idk, it's certainly boring that's for sure from my own experience. But it saves a lot of time
  13. I thought so, dont forget that other xbox 360 exclusive wich was pretty good... Cant remember the name but i think square made the game
  14. You dont need to wait for 'hours' all you actually need to do is do one playthrough of legend ironman difficulty and you're done. Second playthrough is mainly for unlocking the regions
  15. Kurwa mac, they did it!