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  1. Is this the new tiny Tina wonderlands game or is it the bl2 dlc
  2. Doesn’t look like there is any complete story trophies
  3. Batman arkame origins
  4. Friday the 13th
  5. Do I need another remote for the frenemies trophy or can I have a friend on a different console
  6. I have one trial to do then I have the platinum but there is a mini event on which makes the last one close to impossible. Does the next event stop this current one
  7. Battlefield v and stranded deep will be on ps plus for PS4. Wreckfest will be PS5
  8. It looks like a fairly decent list. Only one that seems strange is kill the only snake in Ireland
  9. I’ve been thinking about picking this game up. Is the glitches fixed and is the missable stuff fixed
  10. Worms rumble
  11. I managed to get it. It appeared near end game
  12. The gig: family heirloom won’t appear and the crime at the stadium in Pacifica won’t appear. If there any fix. I’m street cred 50
  13. I’ll try but if it doesn’t work it looks like I need to replay until I sequence 7
  14. I’ve just went back out of a memory and it shows I’ve bought them all