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  1. I’ve been thinking about picking this game up. Is the glitches fixed and is the missable stuff fixed
  2. Worms rumble
  3. I managed to get it. It appeared near end game
  4. The gig: family heirloom won’t appear and the crime at the stadium in Pacifica won’t appear. If there any fix. I’m street cred 50
  5. I’ll try but if it doesn’t work it looks like I need to replay until I sequence 7
  6. I’ve just went back out of a memory and it shows I’ve bought them all
  7. I quit the replay without finishing it
  8. I’ve tried opening and closing the game. Do I need to finish the story for it to pop
  9. I have every book. I even got the cut scene for having all books. The last book I got was during a replay of a sequence. I never got the trophy. What’s the fix update: replayed the game and bought all the books outside of memories and got the trophy
  10. How should I go about getting the platinum. Should I finish the game then do all the side trophies
  11. How hard is this to platinum compared to nfs heat and nfs payback
  12. I level up to division 4 when this event ends. How long will the next event last so I can get division 3
  13. Can I earn the pro clubs trophies in a league myself
  14. Is the bugs remaining game breaking
  15. Is the bugs that prevent platinuming gone.