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  1. I’ve been thinking about picking this game up. Is the glitches fixed and is the missable stuff fixed
  2. I have one trial to do then I have the platinum but there is a mini event on which makes the last one close to impossible. Does the next event stop this current one
  3. Batman arkame origins
  4. Friday the 13th
  5. Do I need another remote for the frenemies trophy or can I have a friend on a different console
  6. Battlefield v and stranded deep will be on ps plus for PS4. Wreckfest will be PS5
  7. It looks like a fairly decent list. Only one that seems strange is kill the only snake in Ireland
  8. Worms rumble
  9. The gig: family heirloom won’t appear and the crime at the stadium in Pacifica won’t appear. If there any fix. I’m street cred 50
  10. I managed to get it. It appeared near end game
  11. I’ll try but if it doesn’t work it looks like I need to replay until I sequence 7
  12. I have every book. I even got the cut scene for having all books. The last book I got was during a replay of a sequence. I never got the trophy. What’s the fix update: replayed the game and bought all the books outside of memories and got the trophy
  13. I’ve just went back out of a memory and it shows I’ve bought them all
  14. I quit the replay without finishing it
  15. I’ve tried opening and closing the game. Do I need to finish the story for it to pop
  16. How hard is this to platinum compared to nfs heat and nfs payback
  17. How should I go about getting the platinum. Should I finish the game then do all the side trophies
  18. Is the bugs that prevent platinuming gone.
  19. I level up to division 4 when this event ends. How long will the next event last so I can get division 3
  20. Can I earn the pro clubs trophies in a league myself
  21. Is the bugs remaining game breaking
  22. Borderlands 2
  23. You can start it instantly
  24. Is it possible to platinum. Is the online dead and how long roughly do the online trophies take