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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! Never won any of these but still feel like listing my choices 1. Anything that has to do with Tomba. Remaster, Collection, a new game whatever I just miss this series. 2. For tekken x street fighter to finally happen.
  2. I'm not going for this plat but I hope not.
  3. Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni does the same thing
  4. Kingdom hearts re:chain of memories
  5. In terms of rarity and general difficulty I guess Street Fighter V
  6. I'm gonna pick up this for sure
  7. idunno, the fps trend had more of an impact than the battle royale trend and other genres still did pretty well.
  8. That explanation was perfect already, thanks man.
  9. I've missed a class or 2 in the game and was wondering if it's still possible to get the all 5 classes completed?