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  1. i think was august 30th.
  2. i dont remember the exact day but was meanwhile was playing batman, do you need the exact date? ?
  3. i changed my hdd from 60gb to 500 gb and forgot to sync before install the new one
  4. Jeankarlo Batman: Arkham Asylum i upgraded my HDD from my 60gb ps3 and i forgot to sync the trophies then i finished my first playtrough, thats why the last trophies are not in order, all those trophies were earned in a 2nd playtrough
  5. Just saying hi and your troply list sucks, I just thought I'd let you know :P

    1. Jeankarlo


      lol np i feel the same about your list too xD

  6. some people make accounts for other countries, for example im from Peru, but my account is from US, i know a lot of ppl do this, specially from places where there isnt PSN store
  7. Probably after the last dlc is released, oct.2nd if im right
  8. about the 1970 timstamps, i have 1 single tophy with that, it happend when i get YLOD and after fixed it, i forgot to set the clock again so it didnt have a timestamp, (the game is dynasty Warriors 6), i wish sly could manually enter a date for that trophy lol
  9. i think this is a good idea and cant wait to be implement, in other side what will happend with the people that unlock a few trophies and then hack the rest the interval gonna be more than 5 min?, i think ppl that get 15+ trophies in a few minutes should be pinned as cheaters too.
  10. I have a couple of ideas, you could add a new button next to the "Trophies / Trophy Guide / Leaderboard / 100% Club / Platinum Club / Forum" and link it to a page like the leaderboard one, showing just Friends OR just add a filter in the leaderboard page to make things easier lol i dont know whats easier to you since i dont have the code, these are just a couple of ideas for a design.
  11. Would be nice if we can click the game and then we can see wich friends (PSN) have that game too. So we dont have to go friend by friend in our lists to check what games they have
  12. a very few quests dont show the path, maggie is in the lighthouse, to the right of the door that take you to james