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  1. Why has the Globetrotter trophy not unlocked for me? I’ve mastered every track including the DLC and still I have no trophy. I boosted with a friend online and with my other console to master each track. I also downloaded the save to another console but popped both the Day Walkerand Night Walker trophies with no problem. I have yet to do all the single player races so maybe that could be the problem? If anyone give some helpful advice or share similar experiences it would be much appreciated.
  2. Looking to do the Platinum before the server closure and just wanted to know if I can still purchase the game.
  3. I always assumed the game was much longer than 3 hours.
  4. Can anyone tell me if this game depends on servers or does it have peer-to-peer connection? Really would like to know this as I have so many games to get done that are online.
  5. I’m interested in starting Titanfall 2, but I’m curious how so many people have got the 100% in less than 5 hours? This just sounds like such a unrealistically short time to complete the whole game, surely there is method to basically skip all of it somehow. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  6. I’ve five stared The Timefall Farmer and he doesn’t seem to allow me to enter his shelter, is there a reason for this? I see there is door leading down suggesting that he should allow me to rest there. I am also worried this might affect the trophy for 5 staring each facility as you obtain the star on the leg when you unlock the shelter. PS I have delivered many items after 5 staring him but I am still yet to see any shelter from him.
  7. Just to let everyone know, that I loaded my save and did it over and achieved the star and am now able to rest at his shelter. The only worrying thing is that this might have happened earlier without me knowing, so the question is still valid, does anyone know if you don’t receive the star on the leg do you not unlock the trophy for five staring all Facilities?
  8. I levelled up the Veteran Porter and he was left on four and half stars, I went to go rest in my private room and when I got a email from the Veteran Porter, it said I was level five. Does this mean I am glitched? The reason I ask this is that when you achieve level 5 you get a star on your leg, obviously I didn’t receive any for this. I also checked many other locations for a delivery for him, but no luck. I am really hoping this hasn’t glitched, as I’m roughly 80 hours into the game.
  9. I’m interested in starting this game but all the dlc is a little intimidating, I also saw there was dlc that took over a 100 hours to complete. If anyone can tell me a sufficient way of boosting some of these grindy trophies it will be much appreciated.
  10. The Shift 1 Servers are back and running again. If you have trouble searching or creating a game, keep trying as the servers are still incredibly buggy and take a lot off persistence to connect to one another. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had another problem in the near future with the servers. I would highly advise getting the Exotica trophy and the 5 online epic badges done while you can.
  11. Just earned the Exotica trophy last night. Anyone who doesn’t have this trophy go do it now.
  12. Cannot wait to play this game, anyone who has it preordered send me a message as well play it on release.
  13. Me and my friend want to do Top Gun Hard Lock but the online pass has been delisted. Does anyone know from recent use if you buy a new copy, do the codes inside still work?
  14. Thank you I will do what you both said just never had this trouble bf1.
  15. So my first game I got a trophy for on my account was Minecraft and when I started trophy hunting I thought I was never going to get the platinum for Minecraft because I wasn’t interested. Now I am going to through games I’ve hid and getting the 100% completion for them. I’ve unhide games before both ps3 and PS4 and the psn profiles site updated them within the hour but with Minecraft it seems it just won’t show on my profile can anyone help me? Note I have unhide the game on both my ps3 and PS4 but it seems nothing happens.