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  1. This is now my last trophy until the platinum however I can't seem to get any new items. Is there certain players I should be farming for certain items? I am currently 8 pieces away from 116
  2. Can anyone help me get to the end world please?
  3. I only need the end portal, killing the enderdragon and the long range archery. Can anyone help me with that please?
  4. nah this is never going to happen, ridiculous luck based trophy
  5. Literally been trying this for hours. Feel like its never going to happen
  6. Mine also popped after 12, cheers
  7. I have done 10 correctly after deleting the save data so only play 8 each time. Are we sure this works?
  8. I'm after help with terra. Add me it's the same as here
  9. Hi all I am wanting to boost all non DLC online trophies for the platiunum as the online is pretty much non existant right now. I am UK based and avaialble regularly. My PSN is Aarong222 Thanks in advance
  10. Anyone fancy playing to get the MP trophies, add me on PSN - Aarong222
  11. Can anyone help me get to the end world and kill the enderdragon? Final one that I need