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  1. I got it. With the card "And Again" i duplicated my hounds... Thnks for the help I did a vídeo to help the people! Take a look
  2. Someone can help me with a easy tip to pick or duplicate thats dogs?
  3. unobtainable again???
  4. Another one conquered the trophy... Me: Hi bro, do you have some tip to conquer the gitched trophy of The Division 2? Kakoo25: Hey dude, funny i got that trophy without knowing A friend of mine liked the activity and i was so confused. I got the trophy and it didn't popped but did got it I was roaming in the dark zone ( south of the map). I extracted 2 times, cleared 2 landmarks and revive a fellow random agent. And that's when i got the trophy i guess. Really man weird
  5. I know this guy, he is a subscriber of my channel on youtube, he is not a Hacker. He don't know what exactly make the trophy pop... His Words: - since I commented here on your channel, almost all day I tried to do the speedrun accessing the 10 terminals and turning the traitor to see if the hiding place returned. Today I did the same thing, but nothing happened. I found a group of 3 agents, we were kidding, becoming a traitor, attacking references, after I left the team, I entered the room to leave the DZone, just like the trophy fell, and then the platinum because I only needed this one. I even have the photo. And that isnt the first that i saw with this trophy after 2 March. In 13 March. But this disapeared... The first guy conversation: Met someone online who knows how to get it even though its glitched sry dont remember name...
  6. Looking for players who speak Portuguese or have patience with weak English. The focus is on Draft, but other online trophies can be made too.
  7. If the servers close, all the trophies about ultimate team become impossible?
  8. Anyone can confirm? Woman fight on Ultimate Team is hard to find...