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  1. L2 R2 switches between characters
  2. I feel like I've searched everywhere 6 or 7 times now and I'm still missing 14 35 & 48. Look on each areas map for any doors or vents you may have missed once you have all characters unlocked.
  3. @Frozen_Guardian eu accounts cant use the store.
  4. Can confirm you will get the trophy from the potion of polish. Got mine yesterday from the c team event. It didnt pop straight away, it popped after I finished the run I was in and then started a new one.
  5. The elder scrolls 4 oblivion is the first game that comes to mind. When I first left emperor Patrick Stewart behind in those sewers I was gobsmacked by how large the world was, you could literally pick a direction and just walk for ages. After that fallout 3 was the next that blew my mind with the world then obviously you have to mention skyrim, I've played that game so many times now and I still find new places I've never been with each playthrough.
  6. I'm just happy it's not all digital like the xbox SAD.
  7. The trophy list doesn't show up until you earn a trophy on this game afaik.
  8. Please remove me from this competition.
  9. I struggled for ages on level 9, tried all the different movement options and settled on moving head. The moving floors became my bane, just keep trying and eventually you'll get a good run. I know that's cliche but it worked for me.
  10. Has more in common with hex tunnel than beat saber. It's quite fun. One or two levels it got frustrating when I kept dying. The levels are random with a new enemy or environmental challenge added each new level. I had to complete level 29 twice as the trophy didnt pop first time.
  11. Sign me up please. I'll be GMT+1 when it starts.
  12. Code sent
  13. Having watched the last 2 streams I'd just like to throw my recommendation out there. Looking forward to seeing this weeks with a camera thrown into the mix. Keep up the good work mate.
  14. Dude I've had the card since 31st January 😂
  15. I've been working on farm together, which is great fun. Just got a few trophies left for plat. Plow 50000 squares is the biggest grind left, there's no counter to tell you how many you've done which is a pain. Also I'm gonna be working on rocket league now after I started it this week. Still only done 1 play through on resident evil 2 so I've got plenty more to do there as well.