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  1. I said i was going to do a list and it never happened but I think it's better that way as I don't have to choose games in advance. I've ended up doing 4 so far. 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  2. Team chucky Finished south park now so that's all my games done except L.a. noire which I'm not doing. 12/13 isn't bad. Had a great time with this event, looking forward to some more in the future. The badges look fantastic, can't wait to put mine in my sig.
  3. Plat #21 South park the fractured but whole Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 8/10 Not to take anything away from this game but I preferred stick of truth. If you like the show you'll love the game as it's like plying an extra long episode. Plenty of Easter eggs thrown about. No missable trophies except for "the token experience"
  4. Team chucky Final fantasy X done now. If I'm lucky I'll have south park finished tonight aswell.
  5. Plat #20 Final fantasy X Difficulty 5/10 Enjoyment 9/10 I absolutely love this game, I think it might be my favourite in the series. Loses an enjoyment point for making me fill everyone's sphere grid.
  6. I treated myself to one last christmas, not really played on it much for the last 6 months. I used it for some easy plats on my old account like hex tunnel & accounting+ etc. Out of the few games ive played on it my favourite has to be skyrim vr, i can spend hours just walking round the countryside, killing the wildlife and the odd necromancer I come across. I want it for plat #50 on this account so I'm going to have to start it soon to give me enough time to do it a few hours here and there at a time. I also recommend Gunjack, you can pick it up for less than £5. You control mounted gun on a spaceship, you sit stationary and aim with your head at waves of enemy ships. It's really good for when you've an hour spare and don't know what to play. Honourable mention goes to arkham vr, I found it more of an experience than a game but who doesn't want to be batman for a bit. I bought farpoint and the aim controller but havent played it yet, I also have Arizona sunshine in the backlog. My problem is I can't really play it when anyone else is in the room with me as I get very swingy with my arms especially when I'm wielding my dual war axes on Skyrim. I really hope it continues to get support from sony and doesn't go the way of the vita, when ps5 rolls out I want an updated wireless vr headset with everything you need built into the console itself. Just listened to episode 12, looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work guys.
  7. Plat #18 The wolf among us This is my 2nd favourite telltale game, behind Tales from the borderlands. Shame we won't be getting season 2 it made my choices matter even less than normal. Had to redo chapter 5 of the last episode twice as the game crashed.
  8. Plat #17 Cosmic star heroine Great old school turn based rpg. Buy once and get the ps4 & vita versions with 2 separate lists.
  9. Team Chucky Cosmic star heroine is now platted. Back to fractured but whole then find something for #19 so FFX can be #20
  10. I'm glad about this because I really want the hardcore badge but I've talked myself out of playing L.A noire.
  11. It varies from game to game. Most will be dlc codes though. Exceptions that come to mind are fallout 3 goty and new Vegas ultimate edition where all the dlc is on the disc.
  12. It's a triquetra aka a trinity knot. It's been used in lots of different cultures with different meanings, it's similar to the valknut which is the symbol/rune for odin. The triquetra is the symbol john paul Jones chose to be on led zeppelin 4 so maybe that's where you've seen it. Edit- you've probably also seen it in thor movies on mjolnir, I hadn't remembered seeing it till I checked.
  13. Getting This as my tat. I've played csh on my old acc and really enjoyed it.
  14. Made a lot more progress with FFX. Nemesis & Penance both defeated. Just got to finish filling the sphere grid with everyone then beat yu yevon. I'm leaving "A journeys catalyst" for last when I'm ready to pop plat 20. I have to say this is my favourite final fantasy game, I've lost count of how many times I've played it to completion, I remember when I first played the demo of it back in the day round a mates house and it just blew my mind. When the first scene in the blitz pool started we were like holy shit look at it, thinking these are the best graphics we'll ever see. I bought it as soon as i could and played it constantly. I used to get home from college and just play blitzball for hours, or spend time finding out different mix combinations for Rikku and jotting them in a notebook. I didn't know about the dark aeons on my first playthrough, my cousin told me about them a few weeks after I'd completed it. So naturally I had to start again straight away to try and beat them. Anyway that's enough reminiscing, I should have the plat ready to pop tomorrow then I'll move on to cosmic star heroine, I might play the vita version as I'm getting a new tattoo on Tuesday and I can play whilst that's being done then.
  15. Chroma squad. Good fun tactical rpg based on the power rangers. Only get the NA version tho as the EU version is unplattable even though they share a list. Not played it on this account yet but played on my old account.