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  1. Here's my list. Not decided on my back ups yet. A- Assassin's creed 2 B- Bully C- Cat quest 2 D- Dead space 2 (GER) E- The elder scrolls V: skyrim vr F- Final fantasy 8 G- God of war (ps3) H- Harry potter & the half blood prince I- Illusion of L'Phalcia J- Jurassic the hunted K- Kingdoms of amalur reckoning L- Lord of the rings: Aragorn's quest M- Mass effect 2 N- Need for speed: Rivals O- Obduction P- Paranormal activity: The lost soul Q- Quest of dungeons R- Reverie S- Saw T- Tales from the borderlands U- Uncharted: The lost legack V- Vampyr W- Wanted: Weapons of fate X- X-blades Y- Yesterday origins Z- Zerotopian invasion
  2. I completely agree, the post game collection really soured the experience for me and I had trouble with the map. It wouldn't have killed them to put fast travel back to ship.
  3. Sign me up please. I'll come back with a list over the weekend.
  4. But they're all on 1 trophy list so how would you know?
  5. Nice idea for this months topic. Is it any release an november, for example according to this site fallout new Vegas was released in October for NA & EU but november for AS & JP.
  6. 101 total
  7. I love the idea for this months free for all. Where are we getting the classification from? I changed my psn to Redbeard-Rik aswell as on here, you still have me down as Deadpool--Rik on the tables. No rush for you to change it just whenever is convenient.
  8. 443 final total. I was going for 500 but im burnt out now.
  9. I raided my old account and downloaded a few arcade archives games. Got a few others up my sleeve as well.
  10. I changed my psn id today so I will end up with another different name in the 100 club this year. Really looking forward to this.
  11. If anyone has an easy to level up certified item they could trade me I would be eternally grateful. Psn- Deadpool--Rik Edit- got it. Massive thanks to Smzthy-
  12. Streets of rage 2
  13. As above I need map room, if anyone can help me out I'd be very grateful. Am I right in thinking you can only get sail the 7 seas by downgrading your update now? Psn Id Deadpool--Rik
  14. Been waiting for this to pop up. I've voted in. Don't think I will be able to beat last years but we'll see.
  15. I dont think you get the scarecrow nightmare missions with the season pass. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.