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  1. So, I found a lot of gear in the iron caves.. but the one I was missing was located in the royal crypts.. hope this helps anyone who may get stuck on this trophy.
  2. Wait what barrel? I believe I am missing this piece, as well… how can you tell what pieces you’re missing? Is it by that room in the crimson keep that has all the dummies dressed up in equips?
  3. Finished the game on my 17th run. Did it with the help of looking up several weapons guides to find out bow with chiron aspect (special tracking) is the most OP damage build (DPS per one target) in the game, Now I can finish the game with any weapon and working on finishing with each weapon one time, almost 50 runs deep. Really loving this game.
  4. NGL this kinda just broke the game for me… wow.. once I unlock Eden it’s game over
  5. Dalgi? She the one with the lute? I play sun wu kong now since hes free atm.. momo is locked but honestly i think sun is the strongest operator in the game in my opinion...
  6. Momo is for real a freak.. she is broken as fuck and way too OP atm.. imho they need to make some other operators stronger, Buff Afro man and buff tau and buff jun Since when? She’s broken and I played with her last night and got three dubs.. only time we lost last night was when I didn’t play momo and that’s facts Not to be a dick but if you are above average the learning curve should be about 2-3 days tops before you git gud.. took me a day and then the next day me and my lil bro went on a five game winning streak.. it’s not a bad game just takes a little patience.. sometimes the cc and stuns piss me off but it’s part of the game
  7. I literally got it on trios mere hours after posting this, cheers! Yeah did it on trios and I managed through a ps5 message group that I was randomly added to on the day of (yesterday).. easily got a triple kill on trios.. you see, my problem before was I was playing with my kill steal hungry lil bro who plays momo.. well, I got it with momo.. she’s who has gotten me through most the more “difficult” trophies.. she’s kinda broken as a character with attack damage
  8. Hello, as the title suggest I’m just wondering how to get a double kill.. musing about it but the only real way I could think is to get it with bombs on a third party when they’re weak.. even then when it says double kill I wonder what the timer is like as far as how generous it can be in rewarding it within a specific time frame or what have you. Seems like the only trophy on the list that I may struggle with, personally…
  9. Thank you. I’m playing the game now. This is very helpful!
  10. Lol me too. Don’t think I want to put myself through that any time soon but I should get around to the plat one of these days
  11. Im sure you saw but August 13.. source ps blog.. yeah man, cant wait for hades.. I like this game, CotDG, but its missing something.. another thing is its a bit grindy with the weapon altar upgrades.. im stuck on hard mode atm.. can make it to final boss of each of the first three on hard mode but I usually get destroyed by boss.. two handed heavies all day.. love hammers and greatswords.. this is how I normally play RPGs and souls likes and rogue lites and games of this genre/nature.. always 2 handed build.. big boi build
  12. No offense, but.. I absolutely hate the bombs.. read this post before playing or starting the title and I expected bombs to be OP.. but imho they’re trash.. they’re my least liked weapon.. anyway.. Great game but I’m excited about the hades release.. can’t wait to compare the combat between this game and hades..
  13. Actually it’s not a bad game.. seriously.. there’s a lot of mechanics to enjoy for RPG players. Kind of a shame it’s so short, but it took me much longer than 2 hours, maybe a total of 4 and a half hours? But I did everything there was to do, all side quests even those without trophies tied to them, and all open world bosses (ie werewolf)
  14. Yeah even in NG+ it was a breeze. Firestorm is too op even without a mage build. Plat done
  15. Literally all you have is to do is run thief’s ring OR attune and cast the spell cloak. It’s that simple. Compared to dark souls, the invulnerability of the dodge window is much more gracious. Also, making a build is easy in demons souls. I didn’t make a mage build, but if you want an easy mode just go mage and invest all your points into a strong magic build. For instance, to equip talisman of beasts and firestorm you should have 18 faith intelligence and spirit. One firestorm takes off half the health of the final boss in 1-5. Magic builds usually have much more than 18, but I did that as an experimentation to see just how broken firestorm still is from the original. Yeah, mage builds honestly piss me off as far as just how easy and buttery they are... Really? Everyone on the reddit says mage build still two shots (firestorm) every boss in NG+... kinda hard to believe this