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  1. Looks amazing.. getting the tactics ogre/final fantasy tactics vibe here and I’m loving
  2. The dream.... is over... patched today as of June 27, no more godhand.. my heart.. I.. I... can’t breathe... 😔
  3. Huge shoutout to you... omg.. didn’t start using the laser beam until almost 37!!! Can you believe it? Anyways... I waited til I had GodHand +10 to try exploit.. then immediately leveled it to +14 and now working eagerly to hit pike mastery 19 for that last +1 on the GodHand the BEAM is the DREAM edit: my build predator +6 cunning +6 aetheric attunement +6 Not needed, but... barbed +2 ragehunter +2 Sharpened +3
  4. I would like to see more done with the game tho.. it’s actually brimming with potential.. on a side note, just started using my GodHand +13 for the first time.. wow.. did the glitch and.. just wow.. lol it’s actually a lot of fun to try and go for the 3 mins markers and the solo hitless runs now that I use the glitch... for those curious about damage drop off, it exists.. try to stay up close for 3 mins and try to melt as much as possible close quarters with the beam.. and for hitless, just hit twice, gtfo, and go up on a ledge or a cliff and laser the behemoth from a distance..
  5. I’m dead ”Oh hai doggy”
  6. Elite hunter pass very much so worth it.. there was a pack for $5 that you could go elite for on PSN NA.. hell, I would go as far as to say the 30 day double booster from patrols is very worth it, as it will save you DAYS if you get it as soon as you start the game.. the grind is very, very real oh and to address the mastery questions.. yes, it supposedly increases the rate at which you earn experience for your mastery rates.. I say supposedly because I’ve been elite since day 1, so I can’t verify if it actually does increase the rate
  7. Yeah I might do this, nearly 36 now and the grind only gets more and more painful as time goes on.. got all my weapons mastery to +12 or more with my pike at 16 already so might as well do the godhand stuff
  8. Yeah it’s different.. like baiting a boss into a certain attack that he will perform.. or spamming the same nighthjar slash against lady butterfly.. which by the way, fought her legit before the spam cheese was even a thing, and at the time, she was by far one of the hardest bosses in the game.. hell, in any game.. if you think about it, lady butterfly is one of the first, and possibly the very first, real boss of Sekiro.. at this point in time, you’re not as experienced and as good as you are after playing further into it.. your character isn’t evolved nearly as much, as well.. your equipment isn’t that good, shinobi prosthetics, Estus flasks, etc.. so yes, at that point in the game, lady butterfly is a beast.. a real pain.. and when you beat her, and yes, I mean REALLY beat her legitimately.. it’s an awesome feeling of accomplishment.. and you get that feeling from every boss in Sekiro.. it’s amazing..
  9. Sekiro... the game.. how every boss can be cheesed and how that’s just how gaming is nowadays.. everyone wants to queso games
  10. Every tick counts toward slayer level and pretty much everything you do in the game will raise your slayer level or at least progress a bar towards a tick in some way or another
  11. I saw someone doing the glitch just yesterday.. lol.. the behemoth didn’t take to kindly to it.. he started targeting only that lone spearman. I’ve been switching it up lately but I’m super close to getting my godhand to a +9 or better and then ultimately I will be able to craft the hunger and even the exotic fire helm (can’t remember its name), as well.. been grinding away, a couple of hours or so, every day after work.. it adds up. Been contemplating that 30 day double patrol bonus boost.. it would help out A TON and it would help shave some hours off of this grind but my gear isn’t exactly where I want it to be to start grinding out heroics.. don’t get me wrong, I can still do heroic patrols all day, it’s just I wanna be able to own them and breeze by with no issues, so I have a bit more to grind out in order to do so.. gotten good with all weapons, really.. could use a bit more strategy with my repeaters build, but everything else is pretty damn solid.. once you start getting into each weapon specific build and you got the cells to match how you wanna play, the game becomes that much more enjoyable, knowing your play style will be able to put in work for whatever the situation calls for.. certain behemoths are better suited for equipping certain weapon types and strategies (cell wise, etc) and that’s where the joy comes in..
  12. Agreed. It is a bit mindless. But I’ve actually grown to enjoy it.. call it lunacy.. something satisfying about my S+ and S++ when the group score is a D or worse. Lol
  13. I believe it was NOT patched yet.. https://playdauntless.com/patch-notes/ob-0-8-2 Nothing against those that use it, more power to you, but after my feelings towards those that cheesed everything in Sekiro, I just can’t cheese/glitch/exploit anymore.. I just feel dirty and wrong doing it.. but more power to you if you don’t mind!
  14. Wish I had the god hand.. honestly only fought reza maybe 3 times st most.. can’t get godhand to drop from heroic patrols
  15. You mind telling us that setup? Very interested to hear.. Honestly don’t think you have to do all this.. being straight up with you all.. I’m level 33 and all I’ve done is get my mastery up with every weapon.. my pike is my highest at 16, but all my other weapons are 10 or above, but there’s work to be done still.. I imagine that I will hit 40 without having to do the solo no damage or the beat heroics in under 3 mins.. seriously, you will get XP for fighting every behemoth and once you hit a certain point on that behemoth’s respective XP bar you will get another mastery check mark.. so I’m pretty certain it’s not hard to hit 40 just time consuming.. edit: thought it would be obvious, so I didn’t mention before, but obviously you wanna craft everything that you can and get it as high as you can by grinding out patrols. Also, work on crafting entire sets of boss gear and then fight that boss 10 times for another check mark.. by then you should be able to get that boss armor to +6 or +10 depending on how you played beforehand (i.e. obviously you’re not going to fight shrowd or rezakiri with their armor equipped but not enhancing and upgrading it a LOT beforehand)