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  1. Very nice. Wish I had some friends to do this. I’m in two arcadegeddon groups with through PSN but both are dead just like the game.. was actually able to find two level 100s to play a couple hours with but they ran the run into the ground and went past three hours (and it was late) bravo tho. The plat is gonna be a slow burn for me but if I could burn through collecting figurines like this!!!
  2. What about reverse? I think I’m on PS5 version.. can I autopop ps4 trophies? Actual serious question no funny biz
  3. Edit found it for future reference the trophy says white suit but there is NO white suit.. in English it is the ivory business set three piece - suit, gloves, pants also it’s hard to miss in a hole in the wall literally.. near mid way point in dlc for that stage (core)
  4. Does anyone use this thread any more? Game is old, but I’m still playing. Having troubles finding the white suit and I think it’s in the core area but I don’t know where.. I’m in core mainframe area now but cannot find.. please help!
  5. Will say tutorial boss was hard for me cause I’m hard headed.. keep your distance and make him jump to you.. he becomes a breeze after that.. literally had to retain my mind and after watching a YouTube vid where a guy utilized the range strategy, I literally bested it first try (took me well over 42 tries and multiple save scums and multiple days and sessions for naught).. don’t be aggressive on tutorial boss and get easy combos to parry and just dodge out and keep your distance.. literally the ONLY trophy that is hard to get “ YOU SHALL NOT PASS “ Loved the game. 5 star. Reminded me of a blood borne ambience but somewhat of a bb-Sekiro cross in combat systems with parry being so viable and boss bars being similar in vibes and nods to Sekiro.. gonna miss it. Hope it gets dlc
  6. Dare say more. Pray tell of this class and this exploit.. so basically it’s like Nioh.. you just keep beating the game and beating the game and new higher tiers of harder difficulty unlock..? After chaos is bahamut and then, DLC? Hmm.. 🤔 edit: saw post on ps5 version forums from makosoldier regarding liberator glitch where you never die on extra mode in single player
  7. Is it worth it? How to access: post game only content or at some point during story line? I already bought it but haven’t accessed.. I got everything on summer sale. Saved like $20-25 USD. I love the game so far.. hard is kicking my ass first play through
  8. I feel like I can kite around a group around difficulty 11 with the data demons and just lure them to form a group of 15 or so.. I’ve gotten close to this many times but was only with one or two people every time I went for it.. will try this method but the ability trophy kills are probably some of the most annoying and tedious to get cause you have to try and keep track.. feels like I should’ve already had this one and the shield one for twenty kills with one shield charge
  9. I’m having extreme issues with stone tazza not appearing.. been running 1-1 1-2 and 1-3 constantly but no stone tazza found.. please help
  10. I haven’t even made it to the fourth boss.. beat the third and the game crashed.. made it to the third on the very next run and the boss didn’t spawn in.. game is a bit broken atm.. but I played back in early dev a long time ago so I will be patient with it.. overall, the game is fun and has enough to do with it to keep me busy for a while
  11. Literally got it after you wished me luck!! Thanks! It (summon passive) dropped off a dead body. Now just need 1000 arms, 50k kills and 2 more revives.. should’ve had revive trophy by now but just haven’t tried for it or focused it yet.. I figure I’m only 50% done with 50k kills so I have plenty of time.. the game is super fun and super addictive! Reminds me of a retro fitted dynasty warriors, which is an amazing idea and can’t believe it wasn’t thought of sooner
  12. That’s the thing man.. I’ve never seen summon ability on any piece of gear/equipment.. :-/ I’m having trouble with this one pretty badly
  13. thank you. Worked like a charm tho I had to level some specs up like my enhanced attack was at the fourth level and everything else was 2nd or 3rd level. Thanks for tips tho!
  14. I don’t understand this skill or trophy or how to summon in general.. could any one help me out with this? Can’t find much on the internet in regards to this game let alone this trophy.. please help
  15. It it maliketh. He is the black blade shardbearer and he is at the end of the farum azula area. Once you defeat him, leyendel transforms to the capital of ash. At this point, you cannot get the bolt of gransax.