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  1. Agreed.. it’s not a bad game per se.. but it’s definitely not the best shooter.. meh.. I’m sure it’s more fun with a few ppl to play with.. is it only cross play with pc or Xbox too? Doubt we can play with Xbox in a party or squad together.. that would be pretty dope
  2. Lmao no. Just started playing this and this game is sweaty. Super sweaty. Imagine sweatier than H1Z1 but not quite as sweaty as say rainbow six siege.. ok, in my honest experiences, I’m brand new.. like.. literally just started playing this game for the first time ever.. I know.. I’m several years late.. but this game is stupid sweaty that or I don’t know how to fire my guns yet the right way or something
  3. A lot of people need to read this and then reread this... this game is 50% luck and 50% skill.. its not one or the other and the two are not mutually exclusive in this game, they go hand-in-hand.. you're either lucky enough to NOT have bad luck happen to you or you can skillfully avoid mistakes and play it safe. But the two are always involved, in every round, in equal amounts and measures to be sure..
  4. No BS same here!!! I thought I lost and I was like “I won? I won!? I won!!!! Omg I won!! Yes!! Omg yessss!!”
  5. mine is before and after... and somewhat during.. LOL honestly, I think its a bit obsessive compulsive to care about what percentage completion you are. I get having an alternate account to TRY games before starting them on your main to see if its right for you.. I don't endorse or advocate this, but if that's you, I can respect that.. what I don't get is playing through a game multiple times and collecting everything and seeing every ending just to get a platinum in a game that you didn't like. I used to only platinum games that I liked. Didn't matter if they were hard, easy, short, long, RPG, shooter... all that mattered is that I enjoyed it, and it was worth the effort to plat because it was something I had fun with and enjoyed doing..
  6. Thanks for this. I will be sure to avoid this until further notice. Honestly, I have my hands full as it is at the current moment.
  7. In order, from GOAT to FLOAT: 1. FF7R 2. Sekiro 3. Nioh series (1&2) 4. Rainbow Six Siege 5. Dark Souls 3 6. The Surge Series (1&2) 7. Bloodbourne 8. Witcher 3 9. Salt and Sanctuary 10. - RESERVED - Number 10 will be either TLoU 2 (hmm.. maybe..) or another samurai game ghost of tsushima... hell it could be neither one of those, tbh it probably won't be.. it most likely will be elden ring or mortal shell.. salt and sanctuary might leave the list when these two juggernauts get released on PS4
  8. Its.. well... hard (LOL) is the best response I've seen. It is hard. And that's coming from a souls junkie and a man, who as a boy, was turned into an avid competitionist type gamer with the original back in '97. Like certain fights have certain set boundaries for who you play as and what tactics you try to beat a certain hard boss.. hell house, for example, you have to main aerith and basically spam pray and buffs and limit breaks with Got accessory to have efficient success with relative ease.. I've seen countless of other examples where I couldn't really just cloud main and I had to switch it up.. It's really enjoyable this way. I dreaded the VR challenge to get Got acc.. but I did this before my hard playthrough.. after I had completed my normal playthrough.. Gotta say, I am certainly pleasantly surprised at how hard the game is on hard..
  9. easy.. just control Aeris. And do exactly what I posited in post #1.. give her gotterdamerang accessory and refocus Materia and spam buffs and pray to heal.. easy easy easy
  10. I’m stuck.. I can get him down to 50% hp.. lowest I got him was approx 40% give or take.. I have never even got him to 25% where apparently he summons a cutter and that other mech like a cutter.. read that on game faqs.. I can’t beat him.. I have gotterdamerang accessory.. I thought hard would be a breeze, which to be fair, it is! But I’m seriously stuck on this behemoth of a boss.. please post strats that helped you cheese him or legitimately beat him.. I don’t care if it’s a cheap method.. thinking about refocusing aerith at the start of the boss fight and just using her to spam basic buffs and heal with prayer.. but then I gotta give her got acc and that’s gonna take.. like.. at least half an hour to win that fight.. maybe 45 mins.. maybe an hour x_x please helps me thank you in advance
  11. I would speculate and say most likely.. I was play R6siege and I asked the very same to a dude and he said yes, but he says for himself that the game suffers from some unpleasant lag and glitches.. I wanna support crytek.. and I also love the CSGO vibes.. but I may wait a bit, see if they patch up some of the nonsense this random guy was talking about.. can anyone confirm or deny the above that has played the game?
  12. I think he’s right.. it has to be two secrets.. never once, and I’ve played a lot, never once have I seen 0/2 secrets on soggy.. it’s always 0/1
  13. I can’t seem to get this secret level. Followed multiple YouTube videos tricks but can’t seem to get a soggy swamps to spawn two secrets.. it’s 100% of the time one secret.. any help here would be amazing thanks
  14. Picked up the game and I’m brand new but got the $30 hero edition. Add me for a friend. Don’t have many friends playing this.
  15. I seriously can't wait. Xenon Valkyrie is still to this day my favorite game on the vita.This game looks right up my alley and I will definitely be picking it up.