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  1. Actually it’s not a bad game.. seriously.. there’s a lot of mechanics to enjoy for RPG players. Kind of a shame it’s so short, but it took me much longer than 2 hours, maybe a total of 4 and a half hours? But I did everything there was to do, all side quests even those without trophies tied to them, and all open world bosses (ie werewolf)
  2. Yeah even in NG+ it was a breeze. Firestorm is too op even without a mage build. Plat done
  3. Literally all you have is to do is run thief’s ring OR attune and cast the spell cloak. It’s that simple. Compared to dark souls, the invulnerability of the dodge window is much more gracious. Also, making a build is easy in demons souls. I didn’t make a mage build, but if you want an easy mode just go mage and invest all your points into a strong magic build. For instance, to equip talisman of beasts and firestorm you should have 18 faith intelligence and spirit. One firestorm takes off half the health of the final boss in 1-5. Magic builds usually have much more than 18, but I did that as an experimentation to see just how broken firestorm still is from the original. Yeah, mage builds honestly piss me off as far as just how easy and buttery they are... Really? Everyone on the reddit says mage build still two shots (firestorm) every boss in NG+... kinda hard to believe this
  4. ANGEL OF DEATH! grade : silver game : Dragon Fin Soup Rarity on site : 0.08% Achievers on site: 66 Fun little game that everyone at first could not figure out how to finish the main story (campaign). It is beatable, just very glitch-ridden and buggy.
  5. do trophies auto pop from PS4 to PS5? Edit: yes, they do.
  6. No problem, man. Good luck.
  7. I once looked at this post like "are these guys serious?" now, on NG+ stuck on the beach level.. I see exactly why this post exists. This game is complete and utter trash that should be avoided at all costs.. my pride won't let me put it down, but I absolutely hate this game.. I've been stuck on riptide beach for the last couple of hours, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, this is one of the absolute worst games I've ever played on the vita.. I wouldn't DARE touch it or download it to my ps4, and the only reason I'm even playing it at all to begin with is because its a decent time burner while I'm at work.
  8. Sorry man, this was ages ago for me.. so much has happened since then, there's no way of me recalling what combo I used.. I want to say I did what I was leaning towards with cursed and extra health mutator but honestly there's no way for me to accurately remember.. sorry, again, and best of luck. I really did enjoy this game tho. it was very nostalgic of old school dungeon games, and it had a certain charm about it, seriously.
  9. did it on PS4 if im not mistaken.. stacking on PS3 was not possible because I traded in my PS3 to get my PS4 edit: cat quest for you. This game and its sequel were so much fun for me, i love the whole old school RPG approach.
  10. it goes without saying, cyber punk on ps4, don't do it to yourself (this is based off of what I've read, I have not played the game) but that was kind of a cheap freebie, so besides cyber punk I would say do not go for onrush.. it gets super old super fast..
  11. miss shake - hands down FF7R should be your next plat. it was my personal GOTY 2020. And it's possibly the best remake ever. You HAVE to see the ending if you ever played the OG and were a fan back in '97 like me. unebrion - hands down Salt and Sanctuary. My fav indie of all time. There's not a closer, true to form, 2D souls-like out there. Yeah, I already hear the hollow knight fanboys and fangirls in my ears, but S&S is an ACTUAL soulslike, whereas hollow knight feels too platformer genre if that makes sense.
  12. Ok.. cannot confirm nor deny PERSONALLY.. but uh, yeah.. how do you explain this... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?view=detail&mid=A6028139FB81DCEF48C4A6028139FB81DCEF48C4&q=scholar+of+fat.32+trophy&shtp=GetUrl&shid=a2c2364a-2eb3-474b-b8ee-4ecd10e905b6&shtk=VGFzdGUgVGVzdCAtIE5ldXJvdm9pZGVyIChTY2hvbGFyIG9mIEZBVC4zMik%3D&shdk=U2hpZnRpbmcgb3ZlciB0byB0aGUgVml0YS4uLiBvci4uLiB3ZWxsLCBJIHNob3VsZCBiZSBzcGVjaWZpYyBhbmQgc2F5IHRoZSBQU1RWIHRoaXMgbW9udGggZm9yIGEgRmlyc3QgVHJvcGh5IGNoYWxsZW5nZSEgV2FudCB0byBwaWNrIGEgZ2FtZSBJIHBsYXkgZm9yIGEgc3BlY2lhbCBsaXZlIGVwaXNvZGUgRmlyc3QgVHJvcGh5PyBEcm9wIGJ5IGh0dHA6Ly90d2l0Y2gudHYvdGVzc2VyYWN0ZSBhbmQgc2F2ZSB1cCBzb21lIFZlcnRpY2VzIChjaGFubmVsIHBvaW50cykhIFlvdSBjYW4gc3BlbmQgdGhlbSB0byBpbnRlcnJ1cHQgbXkgVHdpdGNoIEZvY3VzIGFuZCBzZWxlY3QgYW4gZWNvc3lzdGVtIChQU04gLi4u&shhk=fQ8HK0TUMZLouJGiQqvHgGXBAv54lJUsVYp2wVLJIKc%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OSH.M3rtLwkqWF9xK0Xw4TBfoA Fast forward to about the 4 mins mark apparently it is PSTV compatible..
  13. Yeah might be worth it.. but idk.. $15 ain’t shit, but it’s more or less principle that’s holding me back from buying it now.. plus, I’ve been staying busy with ashen, grabbed it while it was on sale and been having a blast with it
  14. Back at it again with the hot trash Ubisoft.. kinda triggered reading all these posts because I enjoyed the OG PS3 version of the game and was really looking forward to playing this and supporting this title at launch. Yeah. Guess I will wait until a patch or sale or both. I will just drown my Ubisoft sorrows with a game or two of Rainbow Six Siege: the greatest Ubisoft game of all time (snicker)