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  1. Ok.. cannot confirm nor deny PERSONALLY.. but uh, yeah.. how do you explain this... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?view=detail&mid=A6028139FB81DCEF48C4A6028139FB81DCEF48C4&q=scholar+of+fat.32+trophy&shtp=GetUrl&shid=a2c2364a-2eb3-474b-b8ee-4ecd10e905b6&shtk=VGFzdGUgVGVzdCAtIE5ldXJvdm9pZGVyIChTY2hvbGFyIG9mIEZBVC4zMik%3D&shdk=U2hpZnRpbmcgb3ZlciB0byB0aGUgVml0YS4uLiBvci4uLiB3ZWxsLCBJIHNob3VsZCBiZSBzcGVjaWZpYyBhbmQgc2F5IHRoZSBQU1RWIHRoaXMgbW9udGggZm9yIGEgRmlyc3QgVHJvcGh5IGNoYWxsZW5nZSEgV2FudCB0byBwaWNrIGEgZ2FtZSBJIHBsYXkgZm9yIGEgc3BlY2lhbCBsaXZlIGVwaXNvZGUgRmlyc3QgVHJvcGh5PyBEcm9wIGJ5IGh0dHA6Ly90d2l0Y2gudHYvdGVzc2VyYWN0ZSBhbmQgc2F2ZSB1cCBzb21lIFZlcnRpY2VzIChjaGFubmVsIHBvaW50cykhIFlvdSBjYW4gc3BlbmQgdGhlbSB0byBpbnRlcnJ1cHQgbXkgVHdpdGNoIEZvY3VzIGFuZCBzZWxlY3QgYW4gZWNvc3lzdGVtIChQU04gLi4u&shhk=fQ8HK0TUMZLouJGiQqvHgGXBAv54lJUsVYp2wVLJIKc%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OSH.M3rtLwkqWF9xK0Xw4TBfoA Fast forward to about the 4 mins mark apparently it is PSTV compatible..
  2. Yeah might be worth it.. but idk.. $15 ain’t shit, but it’s more or less principle that’s holding me back from buying it now.. plus, I’ve been staying busy with ashen, grabbed it while it was on sale and been having a blast with it
  3. Back at it again with the hot trash Ubisoft.. kinda triggered reading all these posts because I enjoyed the OG PS3 version of the game and was really looking forward to playing this and supporting this title at launch. Yeah. Guess I will wait until a patch or sale or both. I will just drown my Ubisoft sorrows with a game or two of Rainbow Six Siege: the greatest Ubisoft game of all time (snicker)
  4. 100% agree. And in general, the community is especially toxic in casual and unranked game modes... I love the game, I'm level 329 or something like that, so yeah, I've invested a lot of time into it. You can be successful in a solo que for ranked but as dwight states, there is a learning curve and it can be especially frustrating for new players, especially if you're used to call of duty type gameplay or even battlefield.. siege is different from both and it relies on good communication and team mates actually complementing each other. Everyone has a role to play and you need several pieces to be successful in strategy.. That's the reason I love this game so much.. In the higher ranks, you will see that plat ranks will use peripherals like mouse and keyboard and scuf controllers for advantages.. So, be wary of that.. But in general, the game is imho the best shooter out there.. its deliberate and makes you think before acting, but the best tip I can give you is to not hesitate in making decisions.. This is the number one thing that prevents most people from being successful in the game.. Its ALL about timing, angles, call-outs, sensitivity and map knowledge.. Once you get the hang of it, it all comes naturally and you'll be able to put it down for a few weeks and pick it back up and still be relatively good at it once it all clicks.. add me and we can play together and I can show you exactly what I'm talking about.. It's truly an amazing game that is meant to be played with friends, but I do solo que in ranked ALL the time EVERY season so playing solo is actually extremely viable, as well. Just make sure to communicate with the team and stay calm.. It's a tense game that can get your heart beat racing and adrenaline pumping but it's all about keeping your cool and knowing how to react in a given situation..
  5. Hey man, in the OG version this was not the case. When you beat the game and go into NG+ it carried it all your "sins" and tendencies over to your subsequent play-throughs @MMDE would know for sure, well maybe not 100% for sure with the remake at least I don't know about the remake version myself. I would assume its the same as the OG version.. but I don't own the game or the ps5 say cannot say for certain.. sorry I couldn't help
  6. Finally picked up Mortal Shell during black Friday special. Offer ends tonight, so 12/1/20 (NA store, NA date format) the deal expires. It's normally $30 but you can grab it for 20% off during the deal. I'm actually really enjoying it.. Had to get through a bit of a learning curve, which yes, still exists even for souls players.. the mechanics and combat are super crunchy and different weapons and shells take a minute to get used to, and acclimating yourself to its enemy AI takes a bit to get used to, but overall its a fun game once you get the hang of it and I would definitely rec it to a fellow souls fanboy/fan-girl
  7. Man oh man, and here they are! Talk about entertaining.. some of you are so petty.. Wtf does it matter to you what games other people play? Live and let live. I honestly feel sorry for people that have nothing better to do than harass other people for having certain lists on their profile. Even if you don't directly harass an individual, spewing your vile opinion all over the forums, acting like you're better than someone else or that your list is somehow more righteous and not "tainted" like a list that has an easy plat game on it.. get over yourself. Seriously. Some of you need a reality check, or you just need to grow up. And putting value on trophies.. something so subjective and immaterial.. something so insignificant.. Trophies should serve as memories to times had, spent in leisure.. none of it actually matters tho..
  8. 1- Dr. Dog "Coming out of the Darkness" 2- Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Hunnybee" 3- J Cole "Neighbors" 4- Helado negro "Pais Nublado" and "Running" 5- Pink Floyd "Breathe" All five of these songs I've listened to within the last half an hour to an hour.. all five are on my days-off playlist, even tho I'm still at work with 2 hours to go til home-bound for 5 days off..
  9. My build is beyond broken.. I have 200 points invested in Dex and 150 in courage. I have 5300 defense and 5800 health. I also have 3660 attack. And im only level 440... Almost every 550 I have seen, I out-stat them in all three categories (Defense, HP, attack).. Guess I've had a lot of very nice RNG and I use marici grace with heavy armor.. I also have untouched ninjitsu on every piece of armor and ninjitsu power on most pieces.. I think my ninjitsu power is hovering around 800... I can solo any mission on wise.. I'm not trying to be cocky here at all, if you need help, message me on site, or on this forum thread, and then send me a PSN friend req and I will screenshot my build and I can help you through any mission on any difficulty (I can carry, ez solo).. My finishing final blow and grapple damage is insane.. I use fists/claws as my main weapon and axe (only for combat buff effect) as my secondary.. My build is extremely broken and I hope DotN can humble me, but this third dlc.. the more I play, the better my stats get.. and I keep getting insane drops.. honestly, I have never had better RNG in any video game I have ever played in my entire life.. and I'm 32.. so that's a lot of gaming years...
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! EXACTLY BROOO! I don't understand human beings that are like this.. GET A LIFE! Get outside. Go get a girl friend or boy friend or whatever you're into.. Jesus christ, the amount of pettiness on these forums...
  11. Agreed.. it’s not a bad game per se.. but it’s definitely not the best shooter.. meh.. I’m sure it’s more fun with a few ppl to play with.. is it only cross play with pc or Xbox too? Doubt we can play with Xbox in a party or squad together.. that would be pretty dope
  12. Lmao no. Just started playing this and this game is sweaty. Super sweaty. Imagine sweatier than H1Z1 but not quite as sweaty as say rainbow six siege.. ok, in my honest experiences, I’m brand new.. like.. literally just started playing this game for the first time ever.. I know.. I’m several years late.. but this game is stupid sweaty that or I don’t know how to fire my guns yet the right way or something
  13. A lot of people need to read this and then reread this... this game is 50% luck and 50% skill.. its not one or the other and the two are not mutually exclusive in this game, they go hand-in-hand.. you're either lucky enough to NOT have bad luck happen to you or you can skillfully avoid mistakes and play it safe. But the two are always involved, in every round, in equal amounts and measures to be sure..
  14. No BS same here!!! I thought I lost and I was like “I won? I won!? I won!!!! Omg I won!! Yes!! Omg yessss!!”