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  1. Literally got it after you wished me luck!! Thanks! It (summon passive) dropped off a dead body. Now just need 1000 arms, 50k kills and 2 more revives.. should’ve had revive trophy by now but just haven’t tried for it or focused it yet.. I figure I’m only 50% done with 50k kills so I have plenty of time.. the game is super fun and super addictive! Reminds me of a retro fitted dynasty warriors, which is an amazing idea and can’t believe it wasn’t thought of sooner
  2. I don’t understand this skill or trophy or how to summon in general.. could any one help me out with this? Can’t find much on the internet in regards to this game let alone this trophy.. please help
  3. That’s the thing man.. I’ve never seen summon ability on any piece of gear/equipment.. :-/ I’m having trouble with this one pretty badly
  4. thank you. Worked like a charm tho I had to level some specs up like my enhanced attack was at the fourth level and everything else was 2nd or 3rd level. Thanks for tips tho!
  5. It it maliketh. He is the black blade shardbearer and he is at the end of the farum azula area. Once you defeat him, leyendel transforms to the capital of ash. At this point, you cannot get the bolt of gransax.
  6. I burned it and still got the bolt of gransax… literally just got it..
  7. I can’t find anyone useful enough to do the weekly with.. every run has failed because of incompetence from at least one teammate.. maybe I should try my luck with it again..
  8. I think yesterday (Sat) it said 4 days and X hours left so yeah, I think you’re right and it ends Wednesday night - USA : EST. oh and tier 16 is maelstrom mode or whatever.. which you shouldn’t even be close to ready to playing that on tier 16 imho.. I won’t be touching that mode til I have several level 10 ops and I’ve cleared most the studies in most the areas.. it’s considered end game material from what I’ve read this far.
  9. For anyone struggling with this.. I just figured it out thanks to a YouTube video.. source: just do tenderloin solo.. I found two sludges right off the bat on the first objective..
  10. Negative.. I was either 13 or 14 when I first played it.. currently tier 14 at 33% progression and am able to play it.. my theory is you either have to have San Fran missions/quick play available and/or have a level 8 operator since that’s the recommendation for the difficulty
  11. I’m also having this issue on the game right now.. been on this stupid ass study for like 6-7 missions now and I’ve tried solo and MP.. I suggest that you don’t play returnal (the game) and go for platinum trophy if you hate RNG trophies.. practically all the gold trophies are RNG related besides one.. this study is starting to piss me off tho.. I thought that the study said destroy one without dividing one.. hmmm.. pretty sure it’s best not to divide it in which case I think you flashbang it? Maybe frag grenade? I’m not sure..
  12. Sorry but I have to ask.. I’ve played a lot of siege and the community is, well, toxic.. has anyone had to deal with toxicity in this game?
  13. I would have to agree.. even after save scumming to get my first clear, I’ve since cleared at least four more times all done legitimately without any struggles or huge hurdles.. it’s all about the augments, really, and if you full clear every biome you should be stupid OP for every area, including 5.. now 5 is where I’ve died the most due to the enemies overall but if you play 5 nice and slow and don’t just rush in with guns blazing then you’ll be fine.. tbh the game is easy.. it’s the grind for the plat that’s putting me off.. literally have like 4 biomes I need to clear and multiple runs with 0 new collectibles from zones is killing me. The grind is RNG so it could take 100+ hours theoretically to obtain plat Edit: oh and I say 5/10 difficulty, as well, maybe bump that up to a 6 or 7 for pain and suffering during the grind for plat - if you go for plat
  14. I’ve gotten tons of toadstoolsheds.. my problem is I can’t get orange o’pus to grow.. literally spent hours and hours farming spiny seeds and trying to get it to pop up but no luck at all
  15. I need help with this trophy… it’s the only one I have left before platinum.. can’t get orange o’pus to grow.. literally have played through NG+ and planted my golden seed next to sword of mana and still.. can’t get it to grow even with full mana levels
  16. So basically this thread should just be called orange o’pus because that’s the only ultra rare produce 10/256 chance with orange + spiny and I can’t get the MF’er to spawn.. got all other plants multiple times.. all of them, multiple times.. not one orange and now all I plant is that exclusive combo.. still nothing.. am I doing something wrong here?
  17. I need help getting a polterbox but i think there is a gamefaqs guide for this.. Im already at the halfway point on my first playthrough and im really trying to take my time with this one. Its a precious childhood memory, this game.
  18. You should follow the gamefaqs guides for this game.. I have like three or four tabs open on my phone while I play this game at all times.. its troublesome at times but manageable with two little kids running around and jumping on you while you try to play the game.. that being said, its hard to tell if you messed up.. certain side quests require certain mana distributions so its highly possible you have messed up but not entirely so.. there are a lot of ways to not mess up and to set up the map properly.. and there are many many guides out there waiting to be found.
  19. I'm in this sinkhole... perhaps I have a way out but i havent tried my theory yet.. On PS5 you can download PS4 versions of the game, maybe my cloud save on PS+ has a file from FF7R from back then. I plat'd back when it came out a long time ago, before there even was a PS5. Started a new file and got to ch 4 with the bike fight but.. wont revisit til part two gets closer or until I test my theory.. if I have a save file I can just download it from the cloud and transfer the saves that way but Im not sure that I have a file so I may be doing it from the new point.. Just kinda burnt with it tbh.. looking forward to part two but even closer in my sights is elden ring.. On the ps4 version, just on getting the plat and afterwards playing for fun (getting all three unique scenes in front of aeriths house, etc.) and I racked up just over 100 hours.. On the ps5 I CBA atm.. Any spare RPG time goes into Legend of Mana for the moment..
  20. So, I found a lot of gear in the iron caves.. but the one I was missing was located in the royal crypts.. hope this helps anyone who may get stuck on this trophy.
  21. Hello, as the title suggest I’m just wondering how to get a double kill.. musing about it but the only real way I could think is to get it with bombs on a third party when they’re weak.. even then when it says double kill I wonder what the timer is like as far as how generous it can be in rewarding it within a specific time frame or what have you. Seems like the only trophy on the list that I may struggle with, personally…
  22. Wait what barrel? I believe I am missing this piece, as well… how can you tell what pieces you’re missing? Is it by that room in the crimson keep that has all the dummies dressed up in equips?
  23. Finished the game on my 17th run. Did it with the help of looking up several weapons guides to find out bow with chiron aspect (special tracking) is the most OP damage build (DPS per one target) in the game, Now I can finish the game with any weapon and working on finishing with each weapon one time, almost 50 runs deep. Really loving this game.
  24. NGL this kinda just broke the game for me… wow.. once I unlock Eden it’s game over
  25. Dalgi? She the one with the lute? I play sun wu kong now since hes free atm.. momo is locked but honestly i think sun is the strongest operator in the game in my opinion...