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  1. same here. watch my list of unfinished games, i think about 80% is not finished, growing. But only some of the unfinished i really wish i could finish. i also feel sorry for some that are not able to get finished cause of bugs.
  2. I have also been wondering, but at another mission: when you need to protect the honey badger, at the end of the mission, your squad gets the task to look for a person in his panic room. right before the panic room is a dead (Russian?) guy with tattoos on his neck. I assume this guy also joined you killing civilians at the Moscow airport before. Think his name was Vic.Is that correct? I don't get the whole panic room scene, the order came from Shepard... so?
  3. I get you a not amused when I watch your video with that bug, but it's not the worst game. actually its pretty fun. I can't play it longer than some rounds a day, there should be way more maps, etc. but maybe this will come. reminds me of Takeshi's castle, and I was a fan of that as a kid.
  4. thanks, going to try that.
  5. That sounds lots more easy
  6. Aw cool, i read it can be done by surrender. Then i would go for it, just bought that game. Like it.
  7. aww this you mean, but i would like to know how to get more gold, to buy all the stuff for my pyramid. taking long, i am doing the ice crush level again and again.
  8. Awww shit, lets sit and wait
  9. i got that trophy with wotc and the 2 dlc activated last week.
  10. i just bought all DLCs. I finished this game years ago. and playing it now with all the DLCs feels completely different. lots of fun. just make sure to uncross the upper checkbox when installed 2 DLC and war of the chosen. otherwise the alien hunting and the spark units stuff will be implemented (means stuff is in the game, but the missions are missing)
  11. get it now. a lot of games, especially if you are plus owner and added those free titles to basket over years.
  12. have the same issues for armor spending 10.000 to teammates with the engineer, in the stats i have 14k, but still the trophy did not show up.
  13. Do i have to revive 10 people in a single match for the medic trophie (how is it called?)
  14. still i just started, hope i have no problems with that game either.
  15. still a good game, to bad i have not archieved the online trophie when i had the chance, because i played in 2014 also.