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  1. Anyone having problems matchmaking? I got 2 buddies here, all same Version same Region. One cant join or host. Always connection errors. Cant explain.
  2. I have some feedback from the German developer. I Paste it here.
  3. I thought reducing my factory would help. i had 3 production lines in my factory when having this issues. i sold a lot and rebuild my factory from scratch, cost about half a million due to time and repurchases while some bugs also occured doing that. so while redoing my factory with some reloads of the game needed due to bugs i finished and was happy the game seems to be run much smoother. now i only have 1 production line, sold a lot of machinery and fired 20% of my crew. till yesterday the bug where everybody gets freeze appeared again. it help to click a production board and close it again, the exactly 1 Step of every KI worker is made. then i have to rince and repeat. i currently have up to 3 task for my production line when this bug appears again. when i do the long time 1 step method to avoid that bug and complete my task i suggest i will try with less than 3 at the same time. still i need 7 levels to get the plat for my factory. the game started for me with a lot of fun. but currently its annoying.
  4. I have a huge factory and problems get worse with the game. I mean Bugs like freeze worker, worker dont leave a machine, stuff not collected from a working bench, and crashes.playing on PS4 pro. Saving and reloading sometimes helps.but hell annoying. So far I loved that 🎮
  5. I also reached the limit and my current games I can´t upload anything more to the cloud. that sucks. this is for the players.
  6. stupid question this place, to kills from the tutorial count towards the trophies? i mean those skeletons would be a bit faster way to get 100 nate kills
  7. Finally, it just popped for me. I did not have any List, but it I think it has been around 50 hives. could get the feeling that you have done much more than expected because its so boring. I did it online/offline with mates/without mates. with different characters, and most of the time for the first hive "let the game begin". Of course, skipping all floors that are possible it took about 15 min for me to complete this hive. good luck everybody else, don't stop digging.
  8. wakanda raid?
  9. this game has lot of potential, i look forward. playing it with some mates now, and still like it after 1 week. if it gets boring, oh my... i play something else.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I just played mad max and failed on glitch and maybe now I am going to this one here before its unobtainable .
  11. If the Stat page is saying you found 227 scavenging locations and you unlock the trophy for that... but the challange is still stuck at 190/191 there is no way one of those videos would bring success. let me quote the support wrote me:
  12. I got the glitch, in the stats i have visited all locations but in the challanges its 190/191. and... i also dont have made a backup. I just played all this because of Platinum... feels like it was waste of time now.
  13. same here. watch my list of unfinished games, i think about 80% is not finished, growing. But only some of the unfinished i really wish i could finish. i also feel sorry for some that are not able to get finished cause of bugs.
  14. I have also been wondering, but at another mission: when you need to protect the honey badger, at the end of the mission, your squad gets the task to look for a person in his panic room. right before the panic room is a dead (Russian?) guy with tattoos on his neck. I assume this guy also joined you killing civilians at the Moscow airport before. Think his name was Vic.Is that correct? I don't get the whole panic room scene, the order came from Shepard... so?
  15. I get you a not amused when I watch your video with that bug, but it's not the worst game. actually its pretty fun. I can't play it longer than some rounds a day, there should be way more maps, etc. but maybe this will come. reminds me of Takeshi's castle, and I was a fan of that as a kid.
  16. thanks, going to try that.
  17. That sounds lots more easy
  18. Aw cool, i read it can be done by surrender. Then i would go for it, just bought that game. Like it.
  19. aww this you mean, but i would like to know how to get more gold, to buy all the stuff for my pyramid. taking long, i am doing the ice crush level again and again.
  20. Awww shit, lets sit and wait
  21. i got that trophy with wotc and the 2 dlc activated last week.
  22. i just bought all DLCs. I finished this game years ago. and playing it now with all the DLCs feels completely different. lots of fun. just make sure to uncross the upper checkbox when installed 2 DLC and war of the chosen. otherwise the alien hunting and the spark units stuff will be implemented (means stuff is in the game, but the missions are missing)
  23. get it now. a lot of games, especially if you are plus owner and added those free titles to basket over years.
  24. Hi, This Game is freezing so often on my vita. not while playing. if i start that game i can play one mission, and when i want to start the next one it freezes, pretty often. i noted it freezes more often if i am in location where Wi-Fi is not connectet. Playing with Internet-Connection i have no problems. Playing Offline sucks atm. Does anyone has a same problem or solution?