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  1. Platinum #38 The Last of Us Part II I absolutely loved this, and I really hope in the future we get a Part III
  2. Correct The original CoD4 from the PS3 was remastered and titled Modern Warfare Remastered. Then they released the new, simply titled, Modern Warfare last year
  3. Pick out a few games on your list that you really enjoyed and go from there, presuming you still own them. I had a quick look through especially towards the bottom, and I see you play a bit of Call of Duty? World at War’s multiplayer trophies are still obtainable and MW3’s list as a whole is all quite straightforward. You can still even gather up all of Red Dead Redemptions trophies to this day. As for God of War, that has some of the best collectible tracking I’ve personally experienced in a game, and nothing is missable, you can choose in which order and area to go as you please. Plus some of the most fun and challenge in that game comes from defeating the Nine Valkyries. If you’re unsure where to begin, search for a guide to follow, there’s so much information out there that can help you along the way!
  4. Well damn just wanted to check in and see how close you guys were and seen @Ducktardy has done it! Congrats on the platinum fella!
  5. Jeez! Have any of you logged the XP requirements for each level as you’ve been going? For example - @Ducktardy how much is needed for 90 to 91? Would be good to know a total for level 1-100
  6. Is it actually possible to gather enough parts and supplements over two play throughs if one’s on Grounded?
  7. It’s quite depressing when you’re only a minute away from the end of the chapter and you screw yourself over. Just died on Capitol Hill when you make your way past the explosive traps right at the end, threw a bottle at one which exploded another right beside me haha 🙃
  8. I still play CoD4 Remastered occasionally. I loved the original when it came out, was my first FPS and I still played it for years after. I made some good friends over the years on that multiplayer and was so glad when I seen it was getting the remaster - with the multiplayer! I’m 10th Prestige on it and am going to stay at that badge because I love the original 10th 😋 if anyone on here fancies joining for some matches feel free to send me a request
  9. Platinum #37 - F1 2016 At first I really enjoyed this compared to 2015’s trophy list but the grind for upgrades soon become apparent and what I know now is that this grind is small in comparison to 2017’s list. The gameplay however is still good and seems to be an improvement on 15. But I think it’s time for a break from F1!
  10. Just picked up Little Nightmares (inc DLC) for £5.99 and Wolfenstein: The New Order for £4.49 on the PS Store. Both on sale at over 70% off 🙂
  11. I’m also wondering if this works, I have the blue case physical version. Can anyone confirm?
  12. I just randomly came across the trailer for this and it looks like a lot of fun! Tense, but fun 😬 Had never even heard of the first game but it seems to have been very well received! Going to give that a go before this releases!
  13. Congrats! I forgot how messy online racing could be until I lined up on the grid for a warm up multiplayer race before it started - on Monaco 🙃 The weekly race itself was good though, started P4, moved up to third before the end of the first lap and remained 3 seconds behind P2 until I started catching him by a second a lap before he made a pitstop right in front of me. Used that lap to go as hard as I could before pitting myself and ended up out in front of him. Stayed there until the end. Second place, happy with that!
  14. Have AZ and AZ2 been delisted? I’ve been looking for hard (really hard) games to try in the near future and spent last night reading through the threads for both of these games and damn will I say I’m intrigued by these two. Something about that near impossibility and the little to absolutely no information that’s known about how to earn the trophies got me wanting to join the hunt. I know I’m years behind starting, but when I checked the PS store (EU) and seen they weren’t there - the links on Denysofts site don’t work either, I was a bit iffed to have missed out on the chance to even attempt helping you guys.
  15. Looking forward to seeing more on this. I really enjoyed Black Ops 1 but never played the rest because of the futuristic style gameplay. I’m hoping for a good campaign, there’s certainly a lot of potential for the story!