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  1. This section of your review had me in kinks.. I personally really enjoyed TLOU II but still appreciate it when someone else doesn’t, and can write a review without taking things too seriously, especially making it funny. I can’t remember who it was but someone did the same with Shadow of the Colossus in their checklist and it really makes for some good night time reading
  2. I know this is for the red levels, but saves making a new thread. I’ve been struggling with the gold level Clocktower. I can’t seem to get the section from 17-22 seconds right from the video below. After moving up the wall and taking out the dust blocks, I can’t keep the momentum up the left angled sloped wall and move across to the dust block by itself. I’m obviously not using the correct inputs or landing in the correct spot before sliding upwards but after a couple hours this morning I still can’t figure this one out. Any tips? EDIT: Must have blessed myself by posting on the forum, went back to it after posting and changed to Dustworth for the bigger jump range and cleared the level after a few tries. My mistakes? I was attacking the enemies wrong. Instead of coming from the left, attacking the dustblocks, landing on the wall and giving myself a double jump again I was destroying the dustblock and then jumping onto the wall. And when moving up the slope I was still holding like I would against the vertical wall instead of changing to moving on to the slope. Silly mistake. Only 4 Gold levels to go.
  3. Ghost of Tsushima - Platinum #47 The game I didn’t know I needed. I wasn’t even aware of this until after it had released and it had already gathered a huge player base along with mass praise. I was very glad to get around to starting it and have since not played anything else. I truly loved almost everything about it. The combat is fluent, the story was great, the environment was beautiful (especially the frozen north, damn I really love pure white snow against a cold blue sky!), the music was perfect and the message was so well delivered. Everything goes hand in hand. My only gripe was the boring and repetitive NPC’s you come across in towns/save along the road or do small side quests for, though it’s easy to overlook this considering the rest of the game. I’m excited for the expansion coming soon, and to dive into Legends mode with some friends! Keep up the good work everybody!
  4. This has happened to me numerous times as well but the most recent time I noticed was actually on my PS4. My language had changed from “English (United Kingdom)” to “English (United States)”. It was in sync with the timing of the change on PS3. First time I’ve ever noticed the change on PS4 but the PS3 is a common occurrence every few months, colour and language.
  5. Really enjoying reading through detailed posts like yours in this thread, learning about and bringing games I’ve never heard of to my attention, and even some that I’m already interested in starting! As for Red Dead Redemption, I’m sure you’re already aware some of those online trophies can be hard to get the number of people required to complete them together at the same time (up to 4, 6 and even 9 players!) So if you ever need someone to fill in a space, let me know and I’d be happy to idle for you!
  6. Awesome work, congrats!! I feel bad for recommending it to you, you seemed to enjoy it far less than I did haha. Nonetheless I’m glad you persevered through and finished both of these levels off and claimed another bounty! I have to echo what you’ve said about how much room for error there is. For anybody else that would enjoy torturing themselves - the jumps don’t have to frame perfect. What you’ll notice after a few attempts at a particular jump or section is you have the luxury of speeding up or slowing down the timing of your next move depending on how you landed the previous. You can’t be too early or late (of course). Seeing where the obstacles are on screen (your visual cues) will depend on how you react. And because you’ll be used to running through the level thousands of times, that’s where the muscle memory kicks in. I tried contacting Pwnee Studios to see if they were making a second but I’ve had no such luck in a response yet
  7. Just in case anyone was thinking of starting SMB anytime soon it’s part of the sale just now with 90% off. I just picked it up for £1.29! SMB Forever is also on sale
  8. Haha! Congratulations my friend!!! Honestly if you’ve cleared 319 then you can absolutely finish 320, it’s certainly “easier” than that nightmare you’ve just subjected yourself to. All you have to do is get used to slide crouch/jumping. Though the next level is longer there are a few sections of idle time on platforms which offer some breathing room. If you need any advice on a particular section or just want to vent feel free to drop me a message! I have full faith in you man, go get it!!
  9. @Jasko_SOA just in case you’re going for the stack
  10. My Tier 2 list, the platformer extravaganza! Really looking forward to playing through this fine selection of games! I have made a start on Dustforce and have began SS ranking the levels. It’s well paced and so far a lot of fun! Thanks for the recommendation @Smzthyy Honestly if I can finish this tier before the end of the year I’ll be really happy, but we’ll see how it goes! Tier 2: Dustforce (0.36%) - 14% Super Meat Boy (0.23%) - 0% Rain World (2.91%) - 0% Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.92%) - 0% Splasher (2.56%) - 0%
  11. Another game completed from my list, Sonic the Hedgehog! A truly nostalgic game for me, I think this Sonic (the original) was the first game I ever played back as a kid on the Sega! I forgot how fast the gameplay could be, there’s something about it that feels more natural the faster you go, like it was intended that way. A fun throwback! 2 down, 3 to go! Cloudberry Kingdom Sonic The Hedgehog ✅ Gran Turismo 6 - 0% Spec Ops: The Line - 0% Dustforce - 0%
  12. I have finally completed my Tier 1 list, finishing off with F1 2019! This was actually unobtainable for a short time last year, when CodeMasters removed the features/events required for three online trophies (damn things) just before the release of the next years edition. After enough complaints and persuasion from the community they overturned their decision and added these events back to the multiplayer! Thankfully! Had they not done this, this would’ve been the only game in the F1 series that would have been unobtainable (dating back to 2010! Yes even the PS3 titles are still A-Okay). So I’m glad to have had the chance to complete it An ambitious first Tier, but it’s done. F1 2017 (4.28%) Cloudberry Kingdom (0.09%) Badland (0.04%) Limbo (PS4) (2.13%) F1 2019 (3.78%)
  13. I would just like to add a couple of games to my list (I hope this okay @SpaceCoresDad?) after careful consideration to what I’d like to play and commit to, time restraints being a big issue, it’s come down to Sonic (the original, god the nostalgia is real here) and Dustforce! Glad to say that everything has been bought and installed, ready to play! So my PS3 backlog currently stands like this: Cloudberry Kingdom ✅ Gran Turismo 6 - 0% Spec Ops: The Line - 0% Sonic the Hedgehog - 0% Dustforce - 0% Thank you! I hope you do, if you can look past the difficulty of the later levels it’s a really fun platformer! I have just bought Spec Ops so hopefully will get around to starting it soon, I’m looking forward to it! Haha that’s funny, I actually live beside Loch Ness so maybe it was meant to be!
  14. Stick with it! I must admit it was a slow burner for me in the beginning too but it turned into one of my absolute favourites! A small tip to make the gold medals easier for you both, on the missions where you need head shots and to not take any health items you are allowed to take Potent Snake Potions. These fortify your dead eye and don’t affect the health item requirement! It made a lot of missions I thought would be difficult to Gold much easier! Good luck and enjoy reaching your goal!
  15. Platinum #45 F1 2018 This is probably the least time consuming trophy list in the Formula One series from the PS4 and was a welcome change from the massive grinds from the years either side of it! Short(ish) and simple!