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  1. Precisely, ghosting is another fantastic method of improving. You mentioned tuning in an earlier post, while it can be very helpful it’s can also be confusing to dive into as every car on every track would require different fine adjusting to make small differences. Above all I believe race-craft to be a number one priority. Don’t stress if you don’t make your targets right away, I know some players that took until after their 70th races to achieve their first win. They do come eventually! However if you find a race you’re doing really well in - stick with it and use it as a potential event to farm in! I wish you the best with GT Sport! Back on topic though, is there any game in the poll you don’t want to win the vote? @ExistentialSolid
  2. GT Sport is a great platinum to go for, while I don’t think it fits the criteria for your thread it still presents a mighty challenge. And this is because of two online trophies - Pole Positions and Wins. As the events change weekly, you might not always be comfortable with a track/car combination but if you find one you lap well on it’s a great start. What I would do is watch the qualifying replay for the fastest person that week and pay close attention to: - Braking points - Corner entry speed - Apex speed - Corner exit speed - Gearing - Top speed on straights etc I would then try and replicate the line they follow throughout a lap, connecting corners, when to turn in and how wide they go on exit. I found my lap times drastically reduced watching someone fast do it and adjusting my driving to see where I was losing time. When I was going for these trophies the most important thing was to be clean and consistent. Learning to be precise and to repeat this process over and over, lap after lap. This in turn helps you in the race. If you can lap faster and more cleanly than those behind you’ll create yourself a bigger gap but also gain places from those in front if they start making mistakes under pressure! Half a second is half a second 😋 sometimes I would win or lose races by fractions and everything you do in each race counts. Not to derail the thread but I just wanted to give some tips that I found helpful on my journey and in turn may help @ExistentialSolid & @Xenoblast91 or anyone else that might like to attempt it! Also, vote placed in Poll 2 🙂
  3. I knew this moment was coming soon, that is one well deserved platinum! Congrats on finishing Ikaruga!
  4. Thanks for explaining this, having rewatched it knowing how things work has helped me understand but it’s no less chaotic haha! I can relate to that, watching gameplay or reaching a level for first time can sometimes be daunting, it was like that on CBK. You think to yourself “how the hell am I supposed to do this” but as soon as you start physically doing it on your own it becomes much clearer. Thanks for the encouragement! I have had to take a break from the barrage of fireballs and lasers for a while but will return to the challenge soon!
  5. You know, having watched your run of Chapter 4 it’s safe to say I have absolutely no idea what’s going on there 😄 I’ve never played a game of this genre, however I can appreciate just how difficult it must be to string all of that together and the dedication it takes to practice until completion. Good work, and go get C3! The updates are excellent quality btw!
  6. I personally really enjoyed SOTC, but I found your review hilarious, kudos for seeing it through! Because you loved the controls so much (I mean c’mon who wouldn’t?) then I won’t recommend ICO or The Last Guardian to you. Not just on a trophy perspective but trying to navigate your way through a play through (multiple) it can make things quite frustrating at times. I played all 3 games back-back-back and did like them and the experience they offer, but if it’s not for you, then that’s completely fine because not enjoying something due to it’s mechanics I can understand would in turn ruin your experience - and waste your damn time! 😄
  7. Apologies for the delay but I can confirm my 5th game to be... 5: Badland (PS4 0.03%) - 3% I realise I said nothing too crazy to begin with but myself and a great member from on here have agreed to helping each other with the co-op, so can’t miss an opportunity and it’s been in my backlog for a while, so hey!
  8. So 319 is finally complete! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t doubt myself an awful lot over the last 10 days, especially during the middle section of the level. I spent a lot of time there. But I really, really wanted this - and refused to give up. After a while the level just comes together, and like everyone above has said, the muscle memory prevails and I was able to become pretty consistent. I was so happy finishing my clean run. A truly tough level. Now for 320 😋
  9. Sign me up, my Tier 1 will consist of mostly games I’ve started and nothing too crazy but there is one in there from the Most Wanted that I’m currently working on and is punishing me something serious. CBK 319 I’m looking at you! 1: Cloudberry Kingdom (PS3 0.08%) - 38% 2: F1 2017 (PS4 4.34%) - 95% 3: F1 2019 (PS4 3.90%) - 61% 4: Limbo (PS4 2.11) - 0% 5: To Be Confirmed Good luck everyone and enjoy!
  10. Thank you very much for that link, the text walkthrough will be very helpful! Yeah I have accepted that if I’m going to do this, as with any challenge, that it’s going to take time and persistence, and not to lose heart even if it’s very slow progress. I’ll keep that in mind @Smzthyy appreciate it.
  11. I have reached 319 today, and what I wasn’t expecting was for the path power up to disappear half way through the level, c’mon guys how come no one mentioned this haha! I only experienced this earlier on 311, I’m guessing because these levels are longer? It gave me a little trouble on the last section of the level but after some quick memorisation it was soon completed. Now, 319 is an entirely different beast. Any advice while I attempt this would be greatly appreciated
  12. Everyone voting in this thread: In all seriousness though, this is a cool idea. I wish you luck in your venture and looking forward to the updates too! I’ll kick things off with a vote for Splasher
  13. Decided to take a break from my PS4 games and dive right into Cloudberry Kingdom! Making pretty good progress so far having made my way up into Chapter 7. The difficulty curve is starting to become obvious now that checkpoints are but a distant memory stopping after chapter 5, and there is very little room for error on each level. What fun though. I’d recommend this platformer to each and every one of you. Simple and tight controls, high quality and clear graphics during the levels (minus the story cutscenes 😆), back to basics and a lot of laughs. It’s been extremely refreshing to play
  14. Congrats to both of you on the Platinum! Looking forward to your guide too @Smzthyy for when I attempt this.
  15. Guilty of not actually starting anything yet, as I’ve been focused on finishing what I’ve started on PS4 - and only have two games left, however both are quite a grind and I want to complete these before starting on PS3. Hopefully in December I’m going to start with Cloudberry Kingdom. This will be the most difficult game I’ve ever attempted so would like to be able to put in a concentrated effort and not have other unfinished games! I know it’s very much a solo mission to play but if anyone else is going for it and would like to discuss/vent/motivate each other as we go - feel free to add me on PSN 😋