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  1. Finally a completion for me from Tier 2, Dustforce!! This, in my opinion, is a sadly overlooked or largely unheard of gem. Both gameplay and atmosphere here are something I fell in love with in my time playing, and after finishing this last night I was both elated and almost quite sad my end goal with Dustforce has been reached. The gameplay, it’s like an extraordinarily well choreographed dance. The motions of jumping, dashing, attacking, wall running and air control all mould together beautifully. Top that with a really chilled out soundtrack you’ve got yourself a treat. There’s no denying the really difficult challenge here though, first of all just getting to grips with the controls fluidly and executing certain moves took me a long time to understand, there’s so many little things that make your jumps/attacks/momentum work properly together. Most difficult of all though, is the level Yotta. Yotta is a blend of every other level in the entire game, putting all you’ve learnt so far into one, arduously long, incredible level. The most time I’d spent finishing any other level had been 2.5 hours up until this point, on Yotta I spent 22 hours, simply completing it. DF is a game that’s made difficult but fair, the level design isn’t just hard to be hard. It flows, it’s a real challenge and every mistake is your own, there’s no luck involved. A really satisfying completion! For anyone that would like to like to see Yotta, here is the video I used mostly for reference Big thanks to both @Floriiss (for also setting up two systems) and @ShivaRpgN for taking the time to help me with the online trophy! 😊 Tier 2: Dustforce (0.36%) - ✅ Super Meat Boy (0.23%) - 33% Rain World (2.91%) - 0% Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.92%) - 0% Splasher (2.56%) - 0%
  2. They can all be done solo, so if you want to attempt them be sure to stay in a private lobby. The majority are straightforward but a couple from DLC pack two might take a few tries such as “Perkaholics Anonymous”, this would be easier with a second player who can revive you if need be. And “Aquire Waffle Weapons” which is more luck based what comes out of the box. Good luck!
  3. Great work man, I’m super proud to see how far you’ve come in this! Do you have any prior experience of the Nurburgring? It’s a hell of track to learn but one of the most beautiful out there. I actually can’t recommend the GT license exams enough for anyone that’s new to racing games. The words “Slow in, fast out” have been etched in my brain since I was 7 I think 😂 If you don’t mind feedback? One thing I noticed when watching your videos is sometimes you turn in to a corner quite early, and ride the curb round before exiting. What this does is make the angle in which you’re trying to turn the car sharper, scrubbing off speed through the tyres if your entry speed is too quick for example. If you try to take a wider entry onto the apex you’ll be able to carry more speed through the corner, allowing yourself to have more speed upon exit and a higher top speed on the straight thereafter. Obviously this won’t be the case for absolutely every corner as sometimes the optimal line won’t be wide in every time. I hope this might be useful to you! Good luck with your remaining hotlaps and enjoy the Nordschleife! You’ve got this!
  4. Congrats on the wins! I’m glad to read more positive words on GT Sport. Despite it being so heavily online based it’s still a lot of fun! As with any online racing game, all you have to do is make it cleanly through Turn 1.. haha Good luck with the grind to 50, it takes an age!
  5. Alright, thanks to you Assetto Corsa has been added to my backlog! If I didn’t have a few games I’m wanting to clean up first I think I would’ve booted this up pretty soon and joined your struggle! It really is, in racing. To be completely at one with the car and when every piece of the lap flows together - braking points, apex’s, lifting off and applying the throttle through a string of corners - it’s a very satisfying feeling!
  6. Crash Bandicoot 2 - Platinum #50 Wow, wow and wow!! One of my all time favourites from when I was younger! This was such a joy to play again. I remembered a lot of it but some parts were like reliving them all over again for the first time, which was such a great experience. If I were to ever recommend a Crash game this would be the one!
  7. I don’t know if it totally fits the style but The Messenger is something I’ve had my eye on for a while and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!
  8. Crash Bandicoot - Platinum #49 & 100% I don’t think this game needs any introduction here. This was a lot of fun, nostalgic, and I’d been looking forward to playing it for a long time! It’s funny because I used to play this on the PS1 with my brother when we were younger and we could never complete it, so it was good to finally see it through! The time trials weren’t too bad, the levels just require some practice and most of all, staying alive. On to Crash 2, my all time favourite in the series!
  9. This morning I managed to SS Exa I think that was one of the most enjoyable levels in the game, the fact there are no platforms apart from the beginning and the end so the whole level is air control, it all felt very elegant to pull off a clean run! This only leaves Zetta and Yotta, so I began to work on Zetta. I can’t quite get the long slide done correctly, I only make it this far up the first slope: I can jump the rest but of course lose my ability to jump for the next slope after, does anyone have any tips for sliding the whole length of the slope? Thanks in advance! @VirtualNight @A1rPun @Floriiss @Smzthyy EDIT: Alright this seems to be a theme here, I post I can’t can’t figure something out and then I go and manage it, haha The intricacies of Dustforce are just fantastic, I’d read somewhere you needed to hold and start of the slope then soon after press , but this wasn’t working, so I held until I lost momentum then pressed and that took me up the remainder of the slope. The rest of the level wasn’t as daunting as it looks. All that remains is Yotta, wish me luck!
  10. Hey dude, I was really glad to see this thread pop up in again in recent posts! I was recently wondering if you’d ever re-open it. It sounds like you truly needed that break away and seems like you’ve come back fresh and reignited. I hope you enjoy yourself going forward, and good luck with Assetto Corsa!
  11. I went with games you’re scared to start. I’m really struggling to believe there’s actually 5.. ha! Unless they fall into genres that just aren’t your forte? Nonetheless it’s a cool idea which I’m looking forward to reading, it would be good if you can make your way through each poll option!
  12. Haha well, after playing through Cotton Alley light I realised what you meant about certain hover mechanics. What in the hell is 7-16 (Hopscotch) all about? That’s not platforming.. I can see some of those levels being troublesome!
  13. Hot tip: for the light world no death runs, run through the dark world levels first and when you switch back to the light world levels they will seem really empty of traps in comparison. This doesn’t change anything, just makes the light levels feel easier. Since this is the bitching thread though.. damn those meat seeking missiles!
  14. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Platinum #48 A really enjoyable final instalment in the series. I can’t help but feel the ending dialogue was left open ended.. surely there’ll be more?! Having come to the Uncharted series late, I began them last year, I’m glad I’ve finally completed them all. I had so much fun playing through the five titles and even though this was a shorter game than the rest, it packed an equal punch and if anything I liked it more than a couple of the originals!
  15. Hello everyone, hope you’re all keeping well. It’s been a while since I’ve updated in here, a severe lack of time in the past couple of months combined with getting completely side tracked by Ghost of Tsushima, I’m still yet to finish a game in my second Tier... but I’m close. I have successfully SS ranked every Bronze, Silver and Gold level in Dustforce, leaving only the 8 remaining Red (!) Difficult levels - and cleaned up all other trophies! What can I say about Dustforce? It’s a tremendous platformer, the level layouts are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. But it’s been a very difficult experience and learning curve for me. Some of the mechanics take a lot of getting used to and figuring out, when it clicks though, DF is so much fun. So the real challenge lays before me in the Red levels, hopefully I’ll be able to report back having fully completed this (IMO) very underplayed game! Tier 2: Dustforce (0.36%) - 71% Super Meat Boy (0.23%) - 0% Rain World (2.91%) - 0% Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.92%) - 0% Splasher (2.56%) - 0%