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  1. Today I finished my fourth game from Tier 1... Limbo!! Limbo is a fun little game. You aren’t told anything when you start so have to figure out what to do on your own, though it’s quite simple. Some of the puzzles at first take can take a few minutes of working out and a bit of trial and error! My favourite thing about Limbo is the dark and eery atmosphere. There is next to no music, but when there is I feel it’s been done so well. The uplifting sound of light brings hope that you’re almost out of the nightmare, only for it to come crushing down instantly with the noise of yet more gruesome traps, saw blades and puzzles. Or the deep tone when faced with a new and cruel enemy or twist in the story. Limbo was a stepping stone for me in practice of a full game no death run. The most difficult trophy requires you to complete the game in 1 sitting with 5 or less deaths. Not bad considering it’s 45-50 minutes long. I managed to clear the game on my second attempt with only 2 (stupid, really stupid) deaths early on in the game. The reason for the want of a no death run is for my Tier 2 list which I’m really looking forward to making a start on and sharing with you all! Hopefully I can finish up the grind in my last game in the next few weeks! Tier 1: F1 2017 (4.28%) Cloudberry Kingdom (0.09%) Badland (0.04%) Limbo (PS4) (2.13%) ✅ F1 2019 (3.78%) - 72%
  2. Completed my third game from Tier 1 yesterday... Badland!! First of all I just want to give a big thanks to my Co-op partner and good friend @Jasko_SOA! Super committed, persistent and top tier guy. We had a lot of fun playing this together, even through the frustrating times we found something to keep us motivated until we had completed the mission at hand. Badland is a great game and is very fun most of the time. At first I really struggled with the screen chasing but after time it becomes normal and is just a small hurdle to overcome getting used to in the beginning. The biggest hurdle are the co-op trophies, since Badland only has couch co-op, everything has to be done in share play and be completed twice because only the host gets the trophies. That’s 600 missions in total, and another 300 for single player! I think the rarity of Badland wouldn’t be what it is if there had been an online component for players to connect. Very happy to have this completed! There’s actually a Badland 2 and I would really like to play that too but it’s not yet been released on PlayStation and I’m unsure if it ever will, sadly. Keep up the great work everybody!! Tier 1: F1 2017 (4.28%) Cloudberry Kingdom (0.09%) ✅ Badland (0.04%) F1 2019 (3.78%) - 72% Limbo (PS4) (2.13%) - 42%
  3. Platinum #43 Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Great remake of the original. It actually felt like a new game rather than a better looking remaster with the changes they’d made. I was wanting to pick this up at some point so I’m glad it was made free on PSN. A lot of fun!
  4. Congrats! I was thinking about picking this one up after it was recommended, I’m just wondering how was the online trophy to complete? I can’t imagine there’s many players on it anymore?
  5. Destroyed by boredom Im glad you’ve taken it upon yourself to change things up, I was thinking to myself not long ago that I hope you don’t persevere with a game you’re not enjoying anymore just because of us following the thread. Your mental health and enjoyment of what you’re doing is top priority! Although you may feel like the updates are becoming mundane, I still think they’ve been incredibly well written and are very good to read! I have to ask though, why does BOI require this obscene amount of playthroughs? Do you gain anything from them or are they purely trophy based? Looking forward to your take on SMBF, I really need to make on a move on with the first one!!
  6. I agree with Jasko. Badland can be difficult at times but when you run through a level a few times and have memorised it thoroughly all it takes is to get a clean run down and to control your clones properly, with a bit of luck thrown in. I think the reason this game is considered difficult is because of its rarity, which is only down to having no online co-op for the co-op trophies. So having to share play everything the connection plays a large part, which would make it appear more difficult than it is. I believe a lot more people would have this Platinum otherwise.
  7. What form of activity helped you lose so much weight? And do you still do it/enjoy it? Do you think that after you’ve 100% your 100th game will the completionist in you still try and 100% each game you begin? — Not a question but I just had a glance through your profile and you have a fine selection of games completed! All the best with Badland.
  8. Happy to report my first game that I’ve finished from this event! Cloudberry Kingdom! I have decided to remove Counter Strike: GO from my list as I have I lost interest in playing this just for the sake of it, considering the servers have shut down I would be earning all the trophies against bots and that wouldn’t be experiencing this for what it was. I might be adding a couple of more games though once I’ve decided if I’m going to download anything from the store or not. Cloudberry Kingdom - ✅ Gran Turismo 6 - 0% Spec Ops: The Line - 0%
  9. Thank you! 319 was roughly 25 hours and 320 was roughly 15 hours! The levels are a mere 57 seconds and 1:27 seconds long! The most difficult aspect for me was to be able to practice a section quite far into the level after first reaching it, as I would have to then be consistent enough to keep reaching it, in my opinion this is what takes up the bulk of the time!
  10. Thank you! I noticed you had started it and that you had flew through the story already, I have no doubt you’d be able to finish it too, as daunting as it is! Thank you! Congrats on SMB too! These platformers take a hella practicing to get a good run down haha! Haha thanks man!! You know it would be a perfect fit for your Please Destroy Me thread, if you were accepting PS3 game nominations, right?! Thanks for the kind words AJ!
  11. Thank you!! To put it simply, you avoid EVERYTHING! The only things you can touch are the clouds, platforms (beware as some have spikes on them) and you can bounce on the flying bugs! Thanks Mori!! That’s a shame you don’t have one, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a physical release either so when the store closes it will be impossible to play Haha at first it does look ridiculous, there is a lot on the screen but there is a set path (mostly) for the level. Each time you die you go back to the start of the level, so to practice I started off with learning the first few jumps and watching videos of previous completists frame by frame. Visual cues are the most important as I used something on screen for every jump, such as when a laser disappears, when a fire ball moves past you, or when a spikey yellow head is about to ball into you! Each time I played I would simply try and progress one or two jumps further - or at least reach the same place!
  12. Dropping in with my 2nd game completed from Tier 1... Cloudberry Kingdom!!!!! My desire to attempt this game began around 3 years ago, when I first came across it on someone’s profile on here. At the time I thought to myself, “I will never manage that”, so didn’t add it to my small backlog of games. However, not so long after whilst looking for a challenge, Cloudberry popped back into my head and my thoughts had changed to “Maybe I could do that”. I imagine most of you have experienced this at some point, haha. So there it sat in my backlog until December past and the time had come to truly test myself. This is actually a really fun platformer. The difficulty curve is introduced very well throughout the story, so it’s not too overwhelming. In total I had just over 14,000 deaths. Levels 1-318 (and all of the other trophies) I died around 3000 times. The real task here as I’m sure most of you are aware are the final two levels. Level 319 is considered the most difficult in the entire game, and rightly so, that damn thing took me over 8000 deaths to learn and pull off one successful run of the level! When I reached 319 I knew I had to believe in the fact that eventually, muscle memory would come in and I’d succeed. It’s very easy to doubt yourself and think you won’t manage to finish it but it’s very much possible with a little (okay, a lot) of practice! I returned to Level 320 recently, finishing the level last night, it took me just over 3000 attempts. Though it takes a bit of getting used to as you’ll be using jump techniques that have never been used on all previous levels, it is easier than 319. Here’s a video of my final run if you are interested to see it (please select HD/720p on the video as I don’t know why the original quality is so terrible, it’s my first YouTube video) Really proud to have finished this, definitely the most difficult trophy I’ve ever earned. Just wanted to say that everyone else is doing fantastic, the rate you are all going through some of these games is incredible! Keep it up! 1. F1 2017 2. Cloudberry Kingdom ✅ 3. Badland 90% 4. F1 2019 72% 5. Limbo (PS4) 0%
  13. Fantastic VVVVVV update @ExistentialSolid, I especially enjoyed the part about crying in the Super Gravitron whilst listening to sad music Great effort! Another game on my list of “why do I do this to myself” to attempt in the future!
  14. @AuburnDRM dude you absolutely nailed Splasher, in only 4 days! Great to hear more really positive feedback on the game from all the recent Platinum achievers, it’s making me quite tempted to put it in my Tier 2!
  15. Thank you for the guide @Floriiss and thank you @VirtualNight for the solo strategy! Managed to solo it after about 6 hours of trying! 6 long hours of throwing that big power up around haha. Only once did I get stuck in between the saw blades and couldn’t get out, mostly I had issues taking the power up through the saws after picking up the sticky. But hey, the Platinum is now in sight!