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  1. Liam Costas loayalty trophy United glitched to me. I libererated all outposts and then that mission moved to the compeleted quests list automaticly, i didnt have to return it to Liam. I went talking to Liam next and he just gave me some new quest, i completed tree or four his quests after that just to make sure its glitched. No trophy.
  2. Thanks for the guide. Horrible game.
  3. Tales of Zestiria. Too grindy for me.
  4. I lost and press continue many many times on my extreme survival run and still got the trophy. Trophy guide told that you have to go through it with single life, i dont think that is the case anymore. I dont know if it glitched for me in a good way but you should give it a try. Same thing happened at hard survival mode too.
  5. Done. All the crowns. 255hours total playtime but it includes 10-20hours iceborne. 30 arena quests left to platinum.
  6. Update, i sniped crowns whole weekend, about 30 hours total. Now missing one mini (nergigante) and three larges (diablo, black diablo and kushla daora) Out of investigations now, i have to farm those next. Some example of this game rng once again. I farmed that event quest at coral highlands for large legiana. I slained it about 40 times and finally got it. Then i try basic investigation for kirin, two attempts and got both crowns. Awful and boring, rewarding and addictive at the same time.
  7. 200 hours. 45 arena quests, five mini and six large crowns to platinum. Im not going to plat iceborne, thats for sure. Just the story for me.
  8. Monster Hunter World. Those damn gold crowns, maybe i get it someday too.
  9. Until Dawn. Too many playthroughs for me.
  10. 1.02 dont fix the bug. i died 7 times again with my main save and tried haunted ruins trick. i also deleted everything and started new game once again and died rocks, drown, zombies, lava, fire, spikes ja collapsing floor. No trophy.
  11. I answer to myself. Yes, requirements for these killing trophies is reset.
  12. I already got over 50 headshots and over 10 penetration kills, do i need to do 50 and 10 again or just one each to get the trophies?
  13. I started once again from the scratch. Did 12 different deaths on completed level after every game over screen. Nothing, this is really frustrating.
  14. I give up, nothing works for me. I tried this method with my 100% completion save, i deleted everything and re-install it two times and tried this. No trophy. Have to wait if they fix this.
  15. Yes, they stick around. After the story you can scale old side quests to your current level.. Im at the moment level 44 and i have ton of side quests left. So you can get your character to level 50 without going new game plus.