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  1. Okay maybe you are right, its just that i did not play for a long time before this autumn and when i started i got it on the first try and i also helped someone else earn it on a glitched method (we joined a random game and we played a full round on the same squad, but noone should join or leave the squad and you should play a full game)
  2. The screenshot trophy used to be unobtainable but they fixed it. As for Devil Dogs (if it is the ones that needs to play a game while hosting a party) it is not that it is buggy, it's just that you can't easily be able to jus tinvite someone and join together... the best you can do is both have open nat type or just try with anyone you can find until you get it. You can even try to quit game and reboot the game as it sometimes fix the problem or even restart your router. Tested those methods and yup they sometimes work but not always.
  3. Hey i have not played for a while, just got almost all awards and took a break for other games. You can't always find games, some days you might be the only one playing but during weekends or many afternoons (GMT time) you usually find a game on each game mode (Gold rush and Conquest). There are alot of people boosting this game and you need to boost to get all awards (for example an award requires to get 5 kills in under 2 seconds which i believe is impossible to do legit.) As for Hackers, well i have platinumed the game on an old account and to do that you need 10002 kills which takes a lot of games, i have played the game again on a second account and done around 5000 kills and on this account around 2000 kills. Through all this time i have never seen a hacker or heard of a hacker for trophies or anything so i would say it is perfectly safe.
  4. As soon as i loaded the game (without installing DLC) i was asked to update to version 1.08 from 1.00 which is size 375MB and looks like it is fixed. I will install DLC and hopefully i will be able to play
  5. Same for me.... I am trying to redownload the game now to see if anything changes. If not then i will send a message to PSN. I don't know why i had both (maybe i bought both? idk...) the bundle (main game + dlc) and the main game , dlc seperated, but now i am trying to download the bundle.. I will let you know.
  6. Update: You can play with bots right now. Servers are up but pretty dead. 1/6/2020 (january)
  7. I have no idea what is going on with changing PSN ID, but you can just create a new account with another email and check if you can play. Just to make sure the disk is not broken.
  8. I got the game on PS PLUS and earned most of the trophies but after it expired i could not play again. I am thinking of buying PS PLUS for a month and completing 100% some time but not right now. I was wondering though, is there any chance of shutting down the servers? Not many players were online 1-2 years ago and i am sure not many are now, so should i be in a hurry or can i take my time and complete the game in about a year? I have searched forums and have not seen any announcement. I guess they will announce something a couple of months before, right?
  9. Thank you all for the replies.
  10. Yeah i was really bothered too, i will phone again tomorrow and hope someone else picks up and i will ask about this topic as well, because it was actually... i don't know, like he did not even want to try and solve my problem.
  11. Thanks for the fast reply, i will try that too.
  12. Hello, I made a phone call today to Sony (Region Support: Greece) and i asked how would i be able to view games purchased for free while owning a PS PLUS membership back in 2010-2015, so i will be able to know which games i will be able to retrieve after purchasing PS PLUS today.. Anyway, after i asked, he just told me "Well, why would you care that much? Sony will not support online gaming for PS3 after the arrival of PS5"... And after some questions he told me that they would start shutting down the servers one by one and eventually will not support more than two systems (PS4, PS5), no idea how that translates for PS Vita. He could possibly mean that ps3 servers will start shutting down for many online games, like they have been doing for years now, but they will start closing in larger groups. But i am not sure whether he believed something like that or if he knew it. So i have the following questions after searching a bit on the forums. 1)Has anything like that been announced? 2)Will they completely shut down online gaming on ps3, meaning you will be able to play offline but won't be able to go online or (3) 3)If that happens, will you be able to sync trophies earned with offline games? 4)Will there be an announcement soon enough? I am thinking on starting Bad company again or GTA IV and they require many many hours of gameplay, so if the servers shut down out of nowhere i would be very disappointed. Sorry for the long post and for any grammatical errors.
  13. I have no idea sorry.
  14. Hmmm i am sorry to hear that. I have given the same advice to a couple people i met while boosting this game and they earned the trophy. After deleting the save, when you open the game you go to the tutorial where you have to play a 2min i think game before reaching the main menu of the game, right? If yes then i do not know how to help you. If not then you are not deleting the correct save file. I will guide you through the option but let me know. Sorry for the late reply, i was not expecting a reply here. Message me on PSN for anything.
  15. Yes if you have the ability to trade (played before free to play version OR have 500 credits) then you can just trade the same item with another player 150 times and you will get stocked. 1 Item each = 150 trades. 5 items each = 150/5=30 trades 10 items each = 15 trades So the more items the faster...