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  1. death stranding, since I really wanted to love the game, but I just can’t, its not for me, but I would love to have the platinium
  2. I was working on lego dc super villains, but just got the platinium 30 minutes ago, so now i’m onto completing Yakuza 4 remaster before number 5 hits the market
  3. i am bread, holy hell, how have you done that?, Well my anger was taken to a whole new level on that, so I just quit before I would have broken something 😂
  4. This was a Strange game, but a good game though
  5. I loved the first one on PS3, then I got the sequel, good game, but as some others have said the first one was better, not that this game isn’t good, because it was, I also haven’t had any issues, 75 hours in, so can’t say there have ever been a glitch for me, then I got back to the remaster for Ps4 and played the first one again, still an amazing game
  6. agents of mayhem, never really got into it like I did with the saints row franchise
  7. me too, I had my scepsis going back into the game, will it do the same again, because it crashed and I hadnt uploaded to the cloud, so I had to start all over, really irratating since I had completed all story missions and needed the others stuff, so I left it for a few years, and then one day I thought maybe they have finally fixed this, it was a better experience, not a good experience though, but on another note lego dc villians was amazing
  8. I have had alot of issues with this game, constant crashes, it even deleted my save game so I dropped it for a few years, then came back to a better game, but for me it has been the worst lego game, I got my plat, but it was a big bother to get it
  9. dead by daylight, Well I wanna do this, can someone tell me if the game is any good?
  10. From what I have heard its only maybe its coming.for Ps4 :(, but i’m hoping it does come at one point
  11. detroit become human amazing game, not too hard to platinium, and a fun game
  12. its an amazing game, so in my opinion its 100% worth it, loved it from start to finish both on PS3 and Ps4, good luck with the game yakuza remastered collection (3-5), is the latest game I have bought
  13. far cry 2, love 3,4,5 maybe I’ll have to boot up themps3 and try it
  14. excatly, thats one of the reasons I loved Persona 4 Golden because of all the extra things they added, so I just assume they’re doing the same with p5r. maybe I should give it a try on ng+ and just pace myself and not use the flu to kill the reaper this time around
  15. I have almost given up on it, because i’m close to saying f*** this, i’m happy with 98%, I also love Persona 5, but again a fucking dialog one, like why, and some other trophies I have missed out on, i’m really looking forward to Persona 5 royal