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  1. Well I have to say good luck, three comments above you I posted my setup, I would say if you had done it with only one job at 99 Well done, I had a ‘breeze’ with that setup, I didn’t really feel like I would lose but it was still challenging, unlike the first time I tried it after the final Millennium tower, which was easy no problem with hat one at all, then to get one shotted by the robots on the first floor, again good luck, this was a tiresome trophy, everything else in the game was great
  2. Yakuza like a dragon, that damn true final Millennium tower was a grind to beat, but I did it in the end
  3. and I have finally done it, the platinium is mine. amazing game, this tower just made me realise the main game was really easy compared to this. Here was my line up for the final tower with jobs included: Ichiban: Character level: 99 job level: freelance 99 hero 99 (set job) bodyguatd 99 host 32 breaker 43 devil rocker 32 foreman 99 musician 32 chef 32 enforcer 99 fortuneteller 37 equipment: weapon: legendary hero’s bat ex +4 Armor: cyberhelmet dragon kinagashi dragon boots accessories: bracelet of the Four gods eye of the dragon joon-gi han: Character level: 99 hitman 99 (set job) bodyguatd 99 host 99 devil rocker 37 breaker 30 enforcer 91 foreman 30 musician 32 chef 30 fortuneteller 99 equipment: weapon: Darksilver fists ex +3 Armor: dragonhelm dragon kinagashi dragon boots accessories: Courage pendant War god’s keystone saeko mukoda: Character level: 99 job level: barmaid 99 hostess 80 matriarch 99 idol 99 (set job) night queen 99 dealer (99) equipment: weapon: Celestial microphone ex Armor: dragonhelm dragon kinagashi dragon boots accessories: brawler god’s mouthguard Brawler god’s mouthguard koichi adachi: Character level: 99 Job level: Detective 99 bodyguatd 45 foreman 99 devil rocker 30 enforcer 99 (set job) breaker 30 musician 99 host 99 chef 30 fortuneteller 37 equipment: weapon: special ops riot shield ex +3 Armor: dragonhelm dragon kinagashi dragon boots accessories: Courage pendant dragon’s binding it was a good game but I have to admit, this trophy really did test my patience, other than that good luck to anyone going for this
  4. i’m watching the office (us) or Brooklyn nine-nine, I know the map by heart now so I just watch the show and on ocassion looking on the screen, also how man jobs did you have on 99?
  5. I normally dont really mind grinding, but this might be to the more tiresome side, because its litterally the same over and over again, I need to do this in otherwise I fear I’ll never get this done
  6. Well I just obliterated the final Millennium tower easy peasy, then thought ‘oh true Millennium tower, how hard can it be?’, Well turns out when you’re level 93 with the hero job at level 60 and level 1 in everything else you will get obliterated by the very first enemy in one hit. so now I have looked through the Pages here and can see i’m so underleveled that I have to grind alot, where is the easiest way to do this?, I know the undergrund area in kamurocho has alot of the vagabonds that give insane amounts of exp and I have grinded there before. also what setup did you guys use?
  7. The only honker I had a problem with was the princess, this took so much longer than needed for this trophy
  8. Its not that bad of a mini game, the only kinda irratating thing is the trophy for beating all of them, that freaking sucked
  9. One would think that nothing is missable, but the complete chapter 3 trophies, has apparently bugged on me, not the worst one to miss, but still
  10. Well, it all comes down what you like in a game, I really liked, Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla, I have the platinium and 100% in origins and odyssey and the platinium in Valhalla since it only just got out recently. origins was the first Assassin creed game I platiniumed, I loved everything about this game, I really liked you only had to do the first two or three main missions before you were let loose and could run everywhere, which I found extremely tiresome in the games before that was locked behind invincible walls, it was a huge map, but I loved every second of it. oddysey, really loved it also, it took a couple of hours or five before I really liked it, but after that it was smooth sailing, amazing game also. valhalla, another game I really enjoyed, great game, some of the bugs were tiresome, but overall a Great game also
  11. Honestly?, yeah I would its a good game, waaay to short, but I really enjoyed it, good story, decent action, overall not that bad, so a sequel would be sweet
  12. ‘just found this today, this is such an amazing concept and amazing work you have done, As a trophy hunter i’m really glad to see what the expected platinium time is for games i’m on the fence about, all the features are Pretty amazing and you constantly improving it is quite nice to see
  13. the hoard map counts towards the completionist trophy, but the treasure you can find doesn’t, so you should be good for the platinium
  14. Dragon ball fighterZ - get 20.000.000 zeni, took two years, but finally got it, only need the freaking 530.000 bp trophy now, hopefully they’ll make it easier sometime
  15. Am I the only one experincing this? God of war - I have completed Ares questionline no trophy Sassy lost child - I have met athena no trophy (got it with a previous save) Bird eye view - I have unfoged the whole map no trophy Dont shoot the messengers - i Have met hermes no trophy Oceancookie - I have tamed an epic Mount no trophy Tippy-top - I have reached the tallest point on the map no trophy Toot or boot - I have equipped different outfits in the same category no trophy Serveant of the gods - I have done everything the gods want me to no trophy One chore down - I have complete maybe 70-80% of hermes board, haven’t gotten the trophy for completing one yet down in flammes - I have completed everything that has to do with phosphor no trophy photobomb - I have taken so many pictures no trophy yet. do you guys think I have to delete and re-install the game? Thanks in advance for your help