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  1. I thought something like this might have happend, kinda annoying not gonna lie, but then my mind was also like ‘maybe I need him to get to lvl 5 in friendship to continue his story’ but atleast I have made a couple of saves that might help later when they have been fixed
  2. When I first Saw game PLAY footage of it I thought I wouldnt enjoy it, Saw it was on sale in the january sale and wanted to give it a go and I have been 100% proven wrong I have really enjoyed the game. all the interaction with the other heroes, the story, the banter, everything has actually been quite good
  3. On Reddit supermassive games have someone responding with ‘I'm waiting for an update from the dev team regarding the details of the patches and their expected deployment dates, and once I have this information, I'll be sharing another update here on Reddit’, for about two months it has been the same response
  4. But its not just trophy hunters that are affected though, its movie night they have screwed over, I know some people that bought this game for a game night with friends and they were angry that they couldnt play it, honestly if I just bought it for that reason I would have asked for a refund of the game
  5. God of war ragnarok, honestly a freaking amazing game, I enjoyed everything about this game
  6. Im at the point where I dont think I’ll buy another of their games if this is how they treat a serious issue like a game breaking bug, its been 2 months since the screwed their own game over…
  7. Its amazing they think people will buy their new game after they have left this on the backburner for nearly 2 months, I wont buy the new game because of this
  8. Okay first of, I have decently enjoyed the game, the game it self has been fine some minor mistakes here and there nothing too major, then this stupid movie night is keeping me from the platinium, hopefully they’ll fix it soon
  9. Honestly the grind for the true millenium tower was way more Fun than this trophy, screw this trophy honestly
  10. 100% this took me far too long, 1 1/2-2 hours for the 4 I needed, for what basicly should have taken maybe 10-15 minutes
  11. If it had to be the same guy killing 5 before dying oh my holy Thor, I would have been crying in the corner. getting one enemy to kill another was ‘hard’ enough, so im happy its cumulative 😅
  12. No every one of the dont move are win-able so you must have moved a little bit
  13. For the ps2 I would love scarface and the Godfather, I freaking loved these two games so freaking much
  14. I have to say, the dlc I Got in bl3 there was actually story and fun to play, so these ‘dlc’ are honestly something that should have been apart of the main game and not something they charge people for, feel like they have ripped me off with a half assed dlc kinda dissapointed not gonna lie… These dlc expansions feels like a copy paste job, loved the main game, but these dlc expansions have taken my overall experience down a notch
  15. Just desser: Leo/Luna pack secret barrel: Syrus Truesdale pack secret blast: Gong Strong pack ojama trio: Chazz Princeton pack