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  1. Persona 5, I have played it and loved every second of it, but the trophies was just irratating, but I just got the platinium yesterday for Persona 5 royal, the trophy list is waaaaay easier in this, so good job on Persona 5
  2. Thanks for the video, I figured some of the stuff out before watching, but the two amulets were awesome and the heavenly strike is amazing, can’t wait for the shadow strike
  3. infamous second son: I loved it, something I figured out while playing this, do the hero run on easy, because the hero skills sucks, do the evil run on hard and just blast everything, I found the hard mode almost easier because of the awesome evil abilities that almost let you oneshot alot of your enemies because of how broken some of the skills was on evil
  4. Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm does that count?, because its an easy platinium
  5. wolfenstein the new order, never really got into the franchise, but would love a platinium for one of them though
  6. Its like kid buu, cell and goku Black just gets a random super power up and at first I was like ‘okay, they kicked my butt, then screw them, then what the hell is this witch craft, and then finally these three characters are amazing and I won with ease, trophy achieved, And then okay screw arcade mode now’
  7. you’re missing out its an amazing game. anyway I would say Persona 4 Golden, beacause screw the hear 250 rise lines surgeon simulator just wow
  8. I used the fully upgraded bio-electric and doged alot, but the stun effect was very usefull against the orca, I didn’t have trouble with the sperm whole since it got stuck between two rocks and couldnt move or attack, but for the the start where it wasn’t I dodged and used bio-Electric those stun effects are amazing
  9. gta san Andreas, loved the game on ps2, bought it for the nostalgia and a platinium, now i’m more like this was good?
  10. i still haven’t completed suicide guide to this day, because my head started to hurt from time to time during the game, so I just saved it for another time and never got back to it, the platinium seems double, but my head just kept pounding while playing it
  11. need for speed heat, never platiniumed one of them and probably never will
  12. for honor, I tried to like it, but couldnt get into it, good job though
  13. nier automato, the game didn’t catch me. But would love to have the platinium though
  14. Bleach soul ressurection, I totally loved the game, but did not have it in me to get everything, so good job on that
  15. I would have to go for the Godfather and scarface on ps2, loved those games so much, would be awesome to play that again. infamous 1 & 2 with he graphics today would be Pretty cool, loved second son never really got into the first two though. and an Odd one I really enjoyed was power Rangers dino thunder for ps2, it was just a fun game, that I would like to try again.