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  1. I got the trophy by throwing the mines on the Floor and remotely detonate Them, I have also seen people having trouble with this trophy, and it seems it differ from what they do from time to time
  2. Not to complain or anything, but the ratchet and Clark (2016) took a little more skill than this seems to do, like the weapons, in 2016 you had to get all upgrades, get all weapons to Max level. but then again, with the trophy list for spider-man and also Miles Morales being on the easy side what would we expect from a trophy list, dont get me wrong I have played all games and have enjoyed majority of them especially ratchet and Clark 3 and ratchet deadlock/Gladiator has been my favorites
  3. In level 5 is where I Got it
  4. Sure it’s long, but isnt that what the two games before this one told us? I honestly only thought 2 or 3 trophies were a chore where as I have seen everything else as a good and fun time, I have really liked origins, Odyssey and Valhalla, never a dull moment
  5. I have to admit, the ‘cheat’, was a freaking life saver, when using this it’s the same course you get ever time and by my second or third attempt I had the platinium
  6. after I Got the platinium, I ended up with 30mil of pp, and yoshitsune is still a freaking beast like everytime, 99 in all and it’s a breeze and him not having any weakness is also a bonus
  7. The fusion loop which gave me a low level Jack lantern with 99 in everything Fuse a loop till Pyro Jack is all 99 stats bonus: Pyro Jack + Pixie -> Bicorn Bicorn + Pixie = Silky Silky + Arsene= Succubus Succubus + Andras = Hua Po Hua Po + Slime = Lamia Lamia + High Pixie = Jack Frost Jack Frost + Pixie = Pyro Jack Raise all of Pixie Stats to 20 using Persona Points everytime you gonna fuse it, dont register the pixie spend the points on her everytime she is summoned
  8. I just tested this with the untitled 18 - brancesi 2021 paiting, I sold it for 4000 as I did before the Update and could buy it back for 20, after the Update however the vendor now will sell it back to me for 9000 instead, so it seems they have fixed the buy-back prize for this specific item.
  9. Anyone having this issue? I had 2 trophies glitch on me THE QUICK AND THE DEAD - I had a pen and paper beside me and I have done way more than 50 Right Back At Ya - I feel like I have killed alot and I mean alot of enemies that threw grenades at me also had some other trophies glitching but fortunately had some safes right before the trophys, I have uploaded my safes, deleted Them and re-download them, still no trophies, what to do?
  10. Thank god for the dlc because of the sweep all function they added
  11. I have really enjoyed it on PS4, some minor bugs and some trophies glitching on me, but alot of different save files have helped, I only paid like 25-30 bucks for it so I consider it worth the money
  12. I had quite a few trophies to bug on me, chapter 3, become number one company also, but I was lucky to have a save file in the middle of the company playthrough and then I had to re-start and play until chapter 3 going chapter 4 and having a save file just before completing chapter 3 you know just in case it pulled this crap again. I was so afraid that the true Millennium tower would glitch on me, fortunately it didnt. but to answer your question, if you have a save file from earlier boost it up and get the trophy and return back to your main savefile, tip of advise have alot of different save files, just in-case
  13. I guess you can put it like this, story related trophies pop at the end of the current chapter and misc trophies pops as you reach the requirement like find the totems etc
  14. One and a half hour as the quickest time?, they must have skipped soooooooooo much of the exploring of different areas, I got it in 20-ish hours and I feel like all the different playthroughs you have to do is atleast one and a half hour after completing the game
  15. Easiest Way to do this is put the controller down