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  1. Obviously. That's their first priority. Trophy hunting is quite minor on PS, why would they take that over normal players?
  2. Only if I have money, usually don't. I don't work. Pre-ordered SWBF2.
  3. Thing is PC, Switch etc don't have an achievement system so even if you were to check not every platform has achievements so their could be no telling the difference. I play Fortnite on not just the PS4 so I have stats saved across, which is why my list has auto-popped trophies. Thing is, it's not just other platforms. You could have your Fortnite account from an old PSN account for example. I would not create a new account just for the sake of not being labelled a cheater since I've had the current one since Season 3 (played since Pre Season 1 though) and have all my stats and skins.
  4. Fortnite is spread across multiple different platforms. You can get your stats saved across every one so if you got 100% achievements on Xbox for example then it auto popped here, is that cheating? No.
  5. Of course. Who doesn't want to smash ♥s heads in as Conor McGregor? Oh, wait.
  6. It's not a save. It's an account. I didn't say every single trophy popped either. It's not cheating.
  7. If you got someone with the plat's epic games account, you can get auto pop.
  8. It's so fun. Fun > Trophies .
  9. Omg, KSO! Never thought I'd see you here out of all people. Seen ya on YouTube. Good luck with your dispute mate.
  10. Lmao. It's a game.
  11. That was ages ago. Who cares? Imo I prefer EA's, why is that silly?
  12. Minecraft by far. One of my most favourite games ever. I played it since I was 9. I'm 16 now. Minecraft has so many things you can do. PvP, Single Player, Mods, Custom Maps, Building and so much more. It has it all, no wonder it is one of the most popular games ever. I have so much memories on this game. What do you guys think about Minecraft and why do you think it is so successful? Do you think Fortnite overtook it? Other Indie games close to Minecraft in my list include Rocket League and Friday the 13th... I have alot but I could go on all day, lol..
  13. I wasn't saying it is your problem. I was stating that because I never got a chance to have them. You said it was unnecessary just because you had the old consoles. I didn't or don't so for me it would be a good feature and is not unnecessary at all.
  14. I personally don't care about the free online gameplay. I'll pay for it. I just want to play my favourite games on the new console because it feels better and sleeker, and gets alot more players. MW3 has no online trophies, I just want to play online for fun.