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  1. Okay, so I'm in a dilemma. I can't make a new forum account for my new id, but I also can't log back into my old one.
  2. someone who doesn't play fortnite
  3. Bobby B is gonna come back with Bessie and an army of whores to kill Daenerys.
  4. YouTube has problems with Subscriptions and Notifications, and no, I highly doubt someone has your account.
  5. Obviously. That's their first priority. Trophy hunting is quite minor on PS, why would they take that over normal players?
  6. Only if I have money, usually don't. I don't work. Pre-ordered SWBF2.
  7. Thing is PC, Switch etc don't have an achievement system so even if you were to check not every platform has achievements so their could be no telling the difference. I play Fortnite on not just the PS4 so I have stats saved across, which is why my list has auto-popped trophies. Thing is, it's not just other platforms. You could have your Fortnite account from an old PSN account for example. I would not create a new account just for the sake of not being labelled a cheater since I've had the current one since Season 3 (played since Pre Season 1 though) and have all my stats and skins.
  8. Fortnite is spread across multiple different platforms. You can get your stats saved across every one so if you got 100% achievements on Xbox for example then it auto popped here, is that cheating? No.
  9. Of course. Who doesn't want to smash ♥s heads in as Conor McGregor? Oh, wait.
  10. It's not a save. It's an account. I didn't say every single trophy popped either. It's not cheating.
  11. If you got someone with the plat's epic games account, you can get auto pop.
  12. It's so fun. Fun > Trophies .
  13. Lmao. It's a game.
  14. That was ages ago. Who cares? Imo I prefer EA's, why is that silly?