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  1. Awesome man thanks. No idea how to take this post down though, do I just report it?
  2. Where can I create a boosting post?
  3. What’s up guys. I am creating this thread for people who may or may not have a friend to play the game with. Since some of the trophies are (online only) and there is NO matchmaking function this is a great place to hook up with someone and work towards those trophies. I’ll start off by adding my PSN name. PSN: Tention-_- Please feel free to shoot me a friend request!
  4. anyone got any tips for this trophy? its driving me mad. Is horse race the way to go?
  5. Its a new game bro. Everything resets. I started a new one yesterday to get gold medals. If you're worried about your progress, just make a couple of saves of your "main" playthrough and start a new game but don't save over your "main" playthrough. Then you can reload your old save at your leisure.
  6. I don't think having one or two of them in your inventory is dangerous but in my case I had every single one of them. And mailed almost instantly. I don't see why that would be an issue but apparently it is. Gotta love Rockstar.
  7. Thats not my issue man. Read the post again.
  8. Hopefully I have a save. I'm scared that I saved after I sent them all in.
  9. RDR2 It's Art Trophy: I completed the 4th request for Ms. Hobbs, mailed them in. Slept 24 hours while having ALL perfect carcasses in inventory for the follow up list (Request 5) cedar waxwing, bat, bluejay, crow, beaver. Received request and mailed those in and now I am not getting the invitation from Ms.Hobbs to obtain the statue. I’ve slept at least 48 hours prior to completing the 5th and final request. No invitation. Just read Powerpyx guide on hunting request to find out that if you have perfect carcasses in inventory for the followup request you could potentially glitch the game. What do I do? Am I out of luck here?