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  1. I’m from France, so I hope we will win this year after 2016. We have all our chances, our group is solid, with the return of Benzema in add, we can do something. I can’t wait to see Benzema, Mbappe and Griezmann together in a tournament !
  2. Same for me.
  3. You’re welcome !
  4. It was on disc. I bought the standalone version on my region Store (so French Store).
  5. Hey, I’m the french guy. So yes, this is a new stack. I already complete BioShock 1 and I will do BioShock 2 a little bit later. This standalone version share the saves with the version in the collection, and it affects trophies too and it’s weird^^ I wanted to do a normal playthrough with all collectibles, but all trophies related to collectibles unlocked when first collected item of the category was picked up. For example, Tonic Collector and Historian are my two first trophies. If someone had questions, I’m here 😉