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  1. yeah, but it actually doesn't metter what accent they have, because they are all supposed to be French, why a French studio didn't manage to hire french (sounding) voice actors for a game that takes place in France is beyond me
  2. I agree with most of these... I really don't understand why some people praise this game's parkour and combat for being good and realistic the parkour is so bad, yes if this was a tech demo the animations are complex and nice, but they are bad for the gameplay. sometimes Arno jumps 20 meters up or forward (very realistic) sometimes he can't jump a meter, sometimes you hold R2 and he goes up sometimes he goes down, sometimes even if you hold R2 + X he goes down and when holding R2 + O he goes up, sometimes you have to hold L2 to enter a window, sometimes he doesn't enter a window even when you hold L2, sometimes he enters a window even if you aren't holding L2 and don't want to enter it, sometimes he can scale a flat wall sometimes he can't scale a wall with decorations and all the animations are so slow and prolonged and the combat, again slow and prolonged animations, there is no defense against guns except rolling, which takes you out of the fight, or smoke bombs, which isn't precisely a direct counter to guns and they are limited and there is even more gunmen than before... why can't you grab an enemy as a shield, like in the previous games? the XP system is completely broken, 90% of the actions you will (have to) perform don't grant you any XP, only finishers grant you XP in open combat, but that means you have to wait about 2 seconds after you defeat an enemy to finish him stealth kills from cover do reward you with XP, but good luck finding a good hiding spot where the enemies walk around, because there is no whistling and if you try moving from one hiding spot to the other there is a high chance someone will spot you, hidden blade kills also only grant you XP when it's a jump kill the only saving grace for the XP system is that it's almost pointless, but I wouldn't say that's a good thing