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  1. FF8 is done.  I think and has solidly found its place as my 6th favorite Final Fantasy game, which is top half!  The junction system is a really engaging system, and is behind only the sphere grid in terms of a progression system in FF games, but if I had one complaint it would be that the party changes far to frequently and I found myself constantly in the menu.  Not to mention micromanaging what abilities the GFs where learning etc.  Overall solid game, more detail to come in the full review when I can finally be bothered to update my checklist.


    I also started Super Slime Boy, I mean Slime-San.  Jokes aside it is a Meatboy-like (is that a genre?  Oh well, it is now), but is a bit easier on a level by level basis so far, and has a significantly more reasonable trophy list.  I've done the first two worlds and I'm enjoying it so far.  



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    2. enaysoft


      I've only played those five FF games lol. Of course if I could choose Xenogears, That would go smashing directly into 2nd, right behind FF7.


      All 5 games are great, I find some of the characters in 9 and 8 a bit annoying, in X, the combat is awesome but there's something I don't like about the PS2 gfx and locations, hand painted backgrounds are more memorable, not to mention that the game is really quiet linear until the final 10% of the game and those temple puzzles get really boring fast. Oh and Blitz ball or whatever it's called, I hated it. So much to like about X but also so much I feel that held the game back, in my eyes. Of course, compared to the direction FF13 and onwards took, honestly X is the true final Final Fantasy game in my eyes.

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. Together_Comic


      @Sgznf That isn't to imply any of them are bad or weak, I think all of those games are absolutely great, I just like the others a tiny bit more. 


      @ihadalifeb4this Thanks!


      @enaysoft I haven't played 13 in any capacity so I cant really opine on it.  I thought 12 was medium, but I haven't finished it so grain of salt there.  15 was almost great.  They just needed a tiny bit more polish and it could have been great, but it feels like they stripped a lot of it down to add later as DLC which is a feel bad.

  2. At least I know its possible now I am physically capable of finishing Tetris Effect. Now all I have to do is replicate that in game.  😂

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      I’m like 200 hours in, and still not at the level where I can do the Sprint to A-Rank, let along S or SS!


      I get better, but oh so very slowly! 😂

    3. zizimonster





      I wish there were a special drink which could amp up my reflexes.


      Now I'm talking nonsense. 😆

    4. DrBloodmoney




      I’m not saying the thought of taking a few of my kids Adderall has ever crossed my mind…


      …but I’m also not saying the thought of taking a few of my kids Adderall hasn’t ever crossed my mind…



  3. Alright fine. Your misery has convinced me that this will be the next game I start Gonna boot it up tonight after work! You won't suffer alone! or maybe you will? I'll probably enjoy it.
  4. Update 32: Platinum Number 61: Dragon Age 2 The Game Itself: Dragon Age 2 (DA2) is an action RPG released by Bioware after the success of Dragon Age Origins (DA:O or Origins) This one leaves behind the Warden from the first game and focuses on the so called "Champion of Kirkwall" and their adventures in Thedas. Along the way, in typical RPG fashion, you will encounter several potential party members to recruit, but using the games dialog, friendship, and rivalry system, you could end up making them leave if you consistently make choices they don't agree with or they may leave immediately if you do something that fundamentally goes against their belief system. The story focuses around the growing conflict between the mages and the templars that was briefly explored in the first game, but you know the world ending blight kind of pushed everything to the backburner and now that peace has been established tensions are higher than ever. The game is split into a three act structure with each act escalating in stakes until the last straw finally pushes the situation to its breaking point. The gameplay mechanics have been updated from the auto-battler of the original to a more hack and slash style, that still incorporates the character class abilities at the push of a button, or via a radial menu. Returning from DA:O is the ability to equip your party with tactics which will allow you to set them to do specific things in certain situations. For example, you can have a character who drops below 25% drink a health potion, or have your warrior follow up on a rogues disorientation ability for major damage. You can also take control of them and act manually if a situation arises that you hadn't prepared for in your tactics menu, or if your particular strategy isn't quite working. This is the bread and butter of DA2 Combat, and there is, in fact, a lot of it. Luckily the tactics menu is in the same menu as the level up so when your party member gets a new ability you can just equip it there Together_Comic's Thoughts: Warning Spoilers Below The minute-to-minute gameplay has been largely updated and feels much more engaging than in DAO. In origins I often felt like I was just standing there waiting on Cool Downs while my team just wailed on the Enemies on screen. Well now I get to press X while waiting on cool downs and wail on the enemies on screen XD. While it may not seem like much the moment-to-moment engagement did a lot to ensure that I felt like I was actually playing the game rather than watching it. I was initially worried that the characters would be terrible, but after playing through I found that that wouldn’t be the case. Merrill is by far my favorite and has I think the most interesting (and brutal) story throughout the game. Isabella is charming as well, I often found myself giggling at the quips she had with other party members as I traveled from placed to place. If I had a complaint, Avalene is a little dry, but still I didn’t find her irritating or boring. The story has its problems (more on that shortly) but I was entertained for the most part throughout the entirety of my 60ish hour play time. The story also does the thing where it starts en media res and then the story is a story being told to some third part. I’m a sucker for this trope when it is done well, a la the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Persona 5, or The Emperor’s New Groove, and this is no exception. The I guess for want of a better word inquisitor is questioning Varric on what happened with the champion and it is expertly done, cutting back to them at just the right moments and with the right amount of snark and commentary. I love the moment where you can see that the questioner has come around on the Champion and doesn’t quite think they are as awful as they thought in the beginning of the game. Now the pacing for the story is well a different story. It’s just not great through out the entirety of the game. The game is divided into three distinct acts. The first is the “Expedition Act” The party want’s to join in on an expedition into the under roads, notable home of the darkspawn of DAO fame, to make money I guess? They are of course denied and meet Varric the dwarf. Varric says if they can’t get on as workers, perhaps they can become investors. The expedition needs money and a way into the deep, and if they provide that, they can come along. From there Act 1 boils down to “make 50 gold” which gives an excuse to go around doing quests and when you do quest you can meet the party. I actually wished they had focused on the “ending” of that act with Bethany/Carver being arrested as a mage / joining the templars / forced to become a grey warden. I feel like that conflict actually would have driven the story much more effectively than the one we got with Varric. Act 2 is the confrontation with the Qun and the resulting fallout of that, we find out what’s been going on with Isabella the whole time and why the Qun are in the city at all, but you only have up to 4 encounters with the Qun Act 3 is the boiling point of the mages vs templars which serves is meant as the primary conflict point of the game. Where we learn that all the homies hate Anders! Like “Fuck Anders”. And that both of the pillars the mages and the templars are big piles of garbage. The idea of the Mages and Templars coming to a head with the church acting as a passive peacemaker is inherently a great story payoff. The Qun involvement is also interesting and I like the idea that we get to explore one of the less explored races from the first game. The overall problem is that none of these points seem connected at all, and all feel entirely episodic. Like the expedition is the Varric episode involving dwarfs and greed and betrayal. The Qun is the Isabella episode and Act 3 is the Ander’s episode. All of the plot points fall seemingly out of nowhere, and aren’t properly built up to for the payoff that is still good, even with the poor set up. I can only imagine what it would be like if the game was just a little more baked. Another issue I had was the amount of seemingly necessary story that was hidden behind side quests. For example, many of the mages vs templars stuff are all side quests and you would get practically no build up if you skipped them. The game just lacks cohesion. I was informed that the game was only a 9 month development and the overall payoff for just 9 months is astounding, but I still wish we could just stick it back in the oven just a bit more. There’s a great game here if there was just a bit more polish.
  5. Two more boxes checked with Dragon Age 2 and Jak 3. DA2 goes to the multiple choices box. Various party members can enter your party or leave depending on what you decide to do, it can also have varying affects on the story at large. Jak 3 is just a story completion, but the platinum should follow soon afterward and this saves me from having to make a second post. Jak 3 has been around in my backlog since I bought the PS4 back in 2018... So its probably about time I got around to it. As always, here's a Tentative List of what I'm planning / What has been completed for each square ~TC
  6. What?! is that an update post from Together_Comic the guy that hasn't posted on this thread since January.... well yes and surprise its an updated list of the games. Dragon Age 2 and TLoH: Trails of Cold Steel are done for the 4 and 5 spot. I would probably have them swapped if I were doing the ratings but eh, no complaints. Slime-san should start soon(tm) and the grinding has begun in earnest for tetris effect. I just need to get that one challenge mode done and then that will be done too. Alright no I have 20ish pages of update posts from you guys to go through sooooo, wish me luck!
  7. q0wcIw8.png


    Hey look more panel art!   Yeah Donald and Goofy, look more like Donald and Goofy "at home", and Sora looks more like KH2 or KH3 Sora, than the one from KH1, but we're doing the best we can out here!    


    I did manage to finish Dragon Age 2 this past weekend and I have to say,  of all the endings that game could have had, this was certainly one of them.   The story didn't really hold up as well as the first one.  I do think there is a good story being told, but the pacing is all over the place, there is effectively no lead up to anything, and some of the games major plot points get relegated to side quests a lot of the time.  It just didn't feel as cohesive to me.  Full review to follow in the checklist, once I finish the art (speaking of which, any ideas for what should be in the panel art?)    


    I didn't intend to play all of Jak 3 yesterday, mostly I put it on because I knew it was something I could just play when I had some extra gaming time here or there, but things like Jak and Sly have always been "Junk Food" Games to me.  By that I mean, its one of those snacks that you like and will always come back to over and over, and once you start the game is like oreos, you start with one, then you walk by and grab 2 more,  then on your way to the market you get another 2 or 3, and by the time everything is said and done, you've eaten the whole pack!  I have about 250 or so of the orbs, so I should have the game done in a day or two.   On the bright side,  at least I will finally have an excuse to write my treatise on why @DrBloodmoney is wrong about his scientific assessment of Jak 2 :P 

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    2. Abby_TheLastofUs


      Dragon Age 2 has some glaring problems, but it's an amazing achievement when you realize it was made in just 9 months. Absolutely ridiculous that EA expected BioWare to make a game of that scope in less than a year.

    3. Together_Comic


      That definitely explains a lot.   For 9 months, its hella impressive.   

    4. EcoShifter



      On the bright side,  at least I will finally have an excuse to write my treatise on why DrBloodMoney is wrong about his scientific assessment of Jak 2 :P 


      Looking forward to that considering the utterly weird lack of Jak II favorers on this site compared to others (well im aware many had been banned and left for other reasons, but still), and the game's strong popularity within the fandom. Hopefully you acknowledge the game's plethora of strengths that have blatantly been ignored in other reviews/checklists here, and put to dead the delusional belief that JII is a bad Jak and ND game. 😴 

  8. Good Luck! Was going to warn you that you needed to go ahead and finish up the Jump Force Online since servers are shutting down, but you seem to be ahead of me on it 😬



    Finished a new piece for my platinum panel in the checklist.   This one is for the Witcher 3 which is where I really caught the trophy but for platinums.  I had always like to do stuff to "100%" in my childhood so I would for example do all the worlds in KH and find all the Dalmatians or get all 120 stars in sm64 or all the hearts and items in Majora's Mask, but this is where the virtual bling came to life for me.  I was super scared of starting it with deathmarch difficulty, but knew if I didn't then I was never going to play through the whole thing again for the plat, but now we are here 60 plats deep and playing a 100 hr rpg for a second time for the platinum is far from the weirdest thing I've done for a trophy 😬


    As far as the art goes, this one was tough for me since the Witchers combo realism/cell shading, doesn't really fit my artistic style so I tried out something different with sort of a Chibi-Ciri inspired by a figurine I saw at the used game shop I visited yesterday.  It's not normally my style either, but it had lots of hard lines which IMO made it easier to get at least an acceptable imitation going.


    Dragon Age II continues to go.  I didn't play a whole lot of actual game yesterday besides a DLC mission.  Mostly I just wanted to do some shopping since the need to collect gold wasn't hanging over my head.  Of course that means lots and lots of loading screens, and I've definitely been spoiled by the PS5, because this one feels like it takes ages to load.  Oh well.  Hoping to have this one done, or at least mostly done by the weekend.  Not sure what comes after, Right now I'm kinda feeling the Last of Us, but we'll see how I feel when we get there.

  10. Mega Man Legacy Collection takes the spot as a game with no platinum, and was pretty good, though if you want an MM game I'd say 11 is a better choice. Here is the list of completed games by category and tentative games for each other category. Good Luck Gamers.
  11. Hey we're back, and look at that we are (finally) on the board. Mega Man was pretty good, though I wouldn't bother with this one (Play MM11 instead), unless you really like Mega Man or want the nostalgia trip, or the UR I guess... Anyway now I need to go back and frantically read like 15 pages worth of update threads... Please excuse me while I gawk and marvel at all of yall's progress. ~TC
  12. Update 31: 100% #10 Mega Man Legacy Collection Been a while PSN profiles. In my time away I have managed to learn Necromancy, in that I will revive this thread from death. That being said, I've been away reading. Every year, GF_Comic and I will take some time to do a buddy read of some series or another and have been for as long as we've been friends, even before we started dating. Last year we did the Wheel of Time, this year we did Cradle series by Will White. It's pretty interesting for a series that's 10 books deep, but its mostly what I would call junk food. Tasty and appealing, but there isn't a lot to it. Anyway this isn't a book review site so lets get to the meat and potatoes of today's completion. If you'll indulge the nostalgia trip, back in the distant land of 1996 (gosh I'm getting old) little 4 year old comic got a gift from Grand Pa, his very own NES complete with a whopping 6 games. Mario Bros 1, and 3, Tetris, Jeopardy, Duck Hunt, and Mega Man 2. Throughout the next 2 years of my life I played the ever-loving mess out of these games, mostly Mario and Tetris. What I remember largely about Mega Man was that I didn't care for it. Mostly because I don't think I ever beat a single one of the bosses at the end of the stages, and if I did, it was only one. The game was hard for a 4 year old and it relied on a weird password system to keep your progress so I always got put back to square one (not very far I realize now). Fast forward a few years and my next experience with Mega Man came when I got my very own Game Boy Advance and a copy of Mega Man Battle Network. This time I loved it. I think I played every single one of those up till either BN5 or 6 and I'd play it again today if capcom released this collection (Capcom PLS!!!) . This culminated with me picking up Mega Man 11 last year on a whim and enjoying that game quite a lot more than I expected to. All of that to get to here where I found Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 on sale for like $5-10 together so I took the plunge. Nostalgia trip complete how does Mega Man stack up today.... well it depends on which game we are talking about. What I liked the most about MM11 was the level design and the boss fights and from what I remember of BN what kept me coming to those games was also the bosses. And I must say on that front, All the games are very solid, and improve every game. From MM1 Ice man is a stand out in that he rewards being precise with your jumping, has a pattern that is learnable and predictable (they all do, but I still stand by the idea that both cut man and guts man move to the least convenient spot out of pure spite). As you move forward you get more and more standouts (Air Man, Bubble Man (Not the one of Elemental Hero Fame), Quick Man, Gemini, Snake, Drill, Skull, Dive, etc.) you get the idea, if I named all the good bosses we could be here all day. Not that I mind, but I'm sure you have things to do. The level design elements are a lot more hit or miss. I think for this collection, 1 is definitively the worst, the peak is in 5, and the others range somewhere in between with the higher numbers tending toward the top and the lower numbers tending towards the bottom. I mean consider this level This is the first half of Bomb Man's stage from MM1. It's basically all the same all the way to the halfway point where it moves to a vertical section that is basically still the same then you jump on some blocks over some spikes and then you're at the boss. It just doesn't really do it for me. Granted when this game came out in 1987 its hard to complain about this kind of design. I mean no one complains that SMB1 is samey, but I don't think it holds up in todays landscape. Contrast that to this stage from Gravity Man in MM5 And we can really see the improvement. It's still not going to match up to current game design, but it came a long way in the 5 years between the two games. I'd say as far as MM 1-6, if you aren't getting the nostalgia out of the games, then they aren't the greatest, but honestly I can say that about most games of this era. I can definitely see the appeal for those playing them when they released. The part of this collection that does stand out though is the challenges. It's also where most of the difficulty comes in. There are 54 challenges to complete, each on a timer and depending on how quickly you can complete them, you get one of three medals. There is a trophy for 50 Golds, meaning you have to get pretty good at mega man if you want the 100%. There are effectively 2 types of challenge: stage remixes and boss fights. The stage remixes take various sections from each of the in-game stages and put them together in a hodgepodge and asks you to complete them quickly pretty please. This, This is what gave me my fix for stage design that I wanted. Even if the stages themselves from each of the games (especially the early ones) wouldn't be particularly compelling, if you took the best part of each of them and string them together, you end up with pretty good stages. Then there are the boss rush stages which either consist of getting an end game boss that you gotta do fast (Sonic style) or fighting all the bosses back to back (and you still gotta go fast). These boss rushes are probably the more challenging sections of the game as well. I struggled a lot particularly on the MM2 boss rush, mostly because the timer was really tight or at least it was for my skill level. I had several runs that finished 1 or 2 seconds over the time limit, but eventually I got one that was 1 second under. The other ones I really struggled with were the buster only boss rushes: 1 and 2 particularly. I think I might have been my own worst enemy on these though since mostly I was overly focused on getting a near perfect run when really the only thing I needed to work on was the elecman fight which has a very nice and cheesy strat to get through it. I also have some nitpicks. I mean it wouldn't be a TC tread without nitpicks, right? First of all, I have discovered that the Mega Man games were designed with a D-Pad in mind.... Now that may not come as a surprise to the rest of you.... especially since the original controller looked like this... But for me, the surprise came around 10 or so challenges in when I found myself in the portion of the mega mans where they have added the slide, and my Left Analog Stick using self kept accidentally sliding from trying to make inputs quickly. Consider this set up. Napalm Man is going to start the fight by firing 3 missles at you which you can fire a orb at him at start and then between the second and third. Then he's going to make the jump, and you can hit him again. 3 Missles again but this time you cant shoot him between because the missles are to close and you'll get hit, so you need to just dodge then he'll jump again and you can hit him again. Then you he'll fire 2 bombs above you and the only way to dodge is to jump up, but not over or he'll jump into you, dodge the explosions tilt back, so you don't land on him then slide under him when he jumps a la the green line. That requires a Input all in quick succession and I am not good enough to do that consistently with a d-pad. Its the reason fighting games use a stick. The problem is sometimes when I did this I would tilt the stick slightly down when moving from the left input to the right input so when I hit the ground I would slide right into the boss. "But TC I hear you cry just take the hit, it isn't a damageless attempt" and to that I say ... why didn't I think of that. While we are nitpicking I would also get an occasional dropped input which can be frustrating especially in some situations, particularly in the level remixes where it can cause you to just fall into a pit. There was also this weird thing where if you were using the buster and you pressed the button on the same frame you turned around Mega Man would fire the buster the wrong direction which led to infinite rage on my part. And it was definitely the games fault and not mine. 😡 Still, it isn't a fib to say that I had fun with this collection. The 6 games themselves were kind of whatever, but I had a great time with the challenges and It did indeed scratch the mega man itch I've been having. I'll probably get around to the second half which if completion percentage is any indicator which it only some times is, is a bit easier than this one. Would I recommend this to others? Only if you have nostalgia for the original Mega Man or just really like Mega Man in general. If that's the case, this one is serviceable. However, for your average gamer, I'd probably just point you to MM11. Thanks for reading. ~TC
  13. Played this on PC a few years back when a friend gifted it to me and they told me to at least give it till the end of the first act.... When the façade fell away, I have never noped out of a video game faster.
  14. With Lady Comic out of town for the weekend with her parents, and nothing else urgent to demand my time, I finally got a decent weekend of gaming in on the playstation.   I'm one challenge away from the three remaining trophies for Mega Man Legacy Collection.  I've been having a lot of trouble with the buster only boss fighting challenges.  The three that I've done alone feel like they've taken me more time than all the other challenges put together (probably not true, but it sure feels like that), but hopefully I'll have that one done tonight and I can finally wake up my dead checklist thread with another update.   


    I also started Dragon Age 2.  I'm most of the way through act 1 and I must say that the combat has been improved exponentially from the first game.   The story for this one is much slower, but I've still been entertained.   I've just payed my way onto the expedition so let's see if the story takes off from here.   

    1. DrBloodmoney


      Ah, Dragon Age 2... not since The Evil Dead has a single punch or single swing of a weapon precipitated so much blood and viscera coating an entire group of people with such reckless abandon! 😂

    2. Together_Comic


      I've definitely noticed that, lol.  You can cut an enemy with your sword and they will explode like a glory kill from the Doom Guy.   😂

    3. DrBloodmoney


      I think in that world, every enemy is basically made out of water-balloons filled with blood, ready to be popped! 😂

  15. If there's one thing I learned about Video Game genre's while performing this exercise its that the genre's are made up and what's actually in the game doesn't matter. IGDB goes full who's line is it anyway with the stuff.