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  1. I'm pretty sure that the Nemesis system has been patented so other games (outside of WB Games), literally can't use it. There was a big hullaballoo some time ago about it. Nothing that I had played this time, but either way, great reviews as always. Sad to see that Into the Nexus was pretty forgettable. With that in mind, I feel a bit more justified in waiting on an upgrading to the PS5 yet though (not that I imagine that I would have a lot of choice in that regard 😂). None of the new games seem to be absolute must plays yet.
  2. Having never played the game, I think a review that highlights what is different from the main game would kind of neat, especially when it comes to which version I should eventually get around too. Though it looks like you've already answered that, I am interested to know what I will miss playing a newer version vs. the old. A bit off topic, but the snark on Ms. Bloodmoney is great and sounds hilarious 😂😂
  3. Congrats on Matterfall and the PS5 I bought metronomicon awhile back while it was on sale and it has been gathering dust in the backlog. Im interested to see what you think of it, but if you already have Wuppo, might be worth doing that one first.
  4. Want to know the difference between me and Tom Brady.  Well besides being arguably the best Quarterback of all time, and the millions of dollars, and the supermodel wife, and ... well you get the idea... what I'm getting at is that when the game is on the line if you give him the ball, he is going to put you in a position to win. Me on the other hand, will choke multiple Zombie Boy attempts down the drain somewhere between 16-19 levels into the run.  I managed to do this for 4 consecutive runs and I put the game down for a week and a half only to start it back up and immediately do it again... followed by a (finally) successful attempt.  well at least we got there eventually right? right?


    I also found the first level in super meat boy that I thought was nonsense: Level 9 of the Rapture Dark World.  There have always been levels that where really tough, but they've always felt like when I didn't get there it was I who made the mistake.  Even when I choked those runs away in other levels, I knew that it was me who made the mistake, but here it almost felt random.  I'm sure it is just that I don't understand how those little zombie boys work, but I felt like even if I moved in the same pattern every time they were seemingly influenced at least in part by some manner of RNG.  for example, whether they jumped when you did or how close you had to be to them for them to move and it caused no shortage of frustration.  Luckily it was just the one level so I was able to just do it first and not have to worry about it somewhere in the run.  I also struggled with 5-19x which isn't a particularly hard level once you learn how to get past the first saw launcher, but for some reason I died to that level more than any level with the exception of 9.  It was weird, because I definitely found some of the other levels to be more difficult (5-16x or 5-17x) but I found those easier to execute.  


    Either way with it out of the way it is time to move on to Girl Boy.  I've heard through the grape vine that this is a bit easier than Zombie Boy so I guess the current goal is to have it knocked out by the end of the week, I have learned levels 1-6 and am pretty confident in those already, but level 7 is proving to be tough.  Fans and Momentum are really tough, but I'm sure we'll get there.  If I hit the goal, maybe we can push for the plat by the coming weekend.  Definitely gonna work towards that.

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Those lil Zombie bastards are the stuff nightmares are undoubtedly made of! I feel like I struggled and died more on 5-9x than any other level in Dark Rapture, so I totally feel your pain. You are making fantastic progress tho, even if you feel it might be a little slow going!


      I would agree with that sentiment that Girl Boy is a little bit easier than Zombie Boy. Although for me I made the mistake of mostly using The Kid up to that point, therefore it took a little adjusting back to "Meat Boy" (Bandage Girl) mechanics only! 


      I think it's safe to say if you've come this far, the plat is def attainable for you... You are nearing the home stretch, the finish line is in sight! Get it my friend 💪

    2. Rally-Vincent---


      Yeah, but Tom Brady only plays Multiplayer. No single player trophies like on your profile.

  5. Congratulations on the platinum! Sorry that the game didn't really do it for you. These two complaints are basically my two major complaints about the game. I really disliked the 5 level episode structure, mostly because my gaming time is often disjointed and having to commit to working through all 5 levels all at once or starting over began to grow irksome as the levels got tougher. I think that they were trying to encourage players to not just ignore all of the gold sitting around in the level. Doing the levels in groups of 5 also solves the development problem of neatly displaying all of the levels that they have without going overboard with a jam packed screen so they just sort of did it that way. Not the neatest solution, but I guess it kinda works? it just leads to some frustrating consequences. And yeah 2000+ levels is way overkill. From what it seems, I liked the game a lot more than you did, and I still was all the way over it by the time I got to the end... All the same good luck with Matterfall, not that you'll need it 😂. Hopefully you'll at least enjoy it more.
  6. I mean, ethical dilemmas on the live service model of games aside, Bioware did pull its primary development team from Anthem to work on a new Mass Effect game (or given your evaluation, maybe I should say a new game with the Mass Effect IP)... so there is always that I suppose.
  7. I was really looking forward to your Andromeda review scientific evaluation. I, also being a big fan of the original three, have been constantly putting it off basically on reputation alone and have been trying to decide if I want to tackle it sooner rather than later. Your review evaluation seems to put it in the mediocre camp which while not glowing, does assuage my fears of it being an awful slog. Thanks for the insight . I may have already mentioned this to you, but I know you had an issue with the daedric artifact in your other version of Skyrim. If you had the same issue that I had, (you couldnt get the dog to appear to take to I believe calactus vial's shrine) there is a way around it depending on which reward you chose for hircine's quest. If you got the werewolf ring, by letting the werewolf live, you can go back to the "bloated man's grotto" and kill the werewolf to get the other reward for the quest allowing you to get an extra daedric artifact. (May not be worth your time, but I wanted to mention it just in case) As always enjoyed the breakdown and am looking forward to next time.
  8. I wasn't trying to compare the gameplay of 36 fragments, but more of the overly simplistic style of game that isn't super compelling and that was the first that came to mind, but fair enough. I do think that if we ignore the iron man trophies than super meat boy is actually an extremely good game that I would recommend to anyone and is very doable. The 106% is probably at around 40-50 hours and comes with a really fun time. On this site and for trophy hunters in general though, the plat has become sort of a badge of honor and I'm sure that is what a lot of people think about when they start it up. Heck, it factored into my decision to give it a go and I like platformers more than most. So I definitely see where you're coming from otherwise. Whether you play it or not, I look forward to what science will show us 🤓
  9. Well let me be the first then to say that Super Meat Boy is really fun to play 😂. That methodical attacking of the problem until the problem becomes routine and you can move onto attacking the next problem is a really cathartic and interesting game play loop to me. That being said, I do think it is impossible to talk about this game without referencing the difficulty, because that at its core is what makes it engaging to begin with. If you strip away the difficulty, it becomes something akin to 36 fragments of midnight, which while I'm sure some people enjoyed, doesn't seem to me to be all that compelling of a game.
  10. Finally got that pesky Demon Boy checked off the list.  It took way longer than I felt it should have.  I was super confident in all of the levels but kept making silly mistakes really late into my run.  Had to actually put the game down when 19 levels in and I died in level 1 of the Hell Dark World because meat boy decided he wanted to slide into the saw (either that or I accidentally told him too, which is probably more accurate, but we aren't here for self accountability :P)   


    Now that that is out of the way we can move onto the actually hard levels in super meat boy (/s XD).  Joking aside, there seems to be a real step up between the difficulty of Zombie Boy compared to the other dark world levels.  I think part of that is that the length of the levels is steadily increasing from having to play well for 15 seconds to now upwards of 30 to 45 seconds.  I'm sure I'll get there with some practice though.


    Considering taking a break to finish my The Last of Us playthrough, mostly because we are 60ish hours into Super Meat Boy and it's looking like we are a solid 20ish (or more) hours out of the platinum, and I kinda want to just play something else for awhile.  That being said, I'm a bit conflicted about it, because last time I took a break to play something else I put 3 months of gaming in between 😂😂  Maybe a compromise of finishing up Zombie Boy before finishing that playthrough and then coming back for the Plat 🤔.

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      'Grats buddy, sounds like you are making great progress! I don't think there is anything wrong with taking a break, as those later levels get pretty brutal... Seriously tho, those lil zombie bastards still give me nightmares 😂 But yes, maybe not too long of a break just so your skills stay sharp! You got this man 💪

  11. Congrats! I just started working on Zombie Boy and I can definitely tell the difference between it and Demon Boy... Hopefully can get to the plat soon as well. ~TC
  12. Obviously the Judges 😂😂. Which is a funny parallel, because that would be we the Players who get to enjoy all of these great experiences, and some stinky ones too (As an aside, 2nd worst is almost as frustrating as being 2nd best, poor legends of wrestlemania 😭). It definitely makes sense (Im kinda terrified for the gaming industry if Lucus Pope ever gets a team of people together. Imagine what they could do then 😱) . On an sort of unrelated note, I think 'Triple A' is an interesting scientific anomaly. It's a category similar to fish, which is not at all useful taxonomically, the same way that 'Triple A' isn't a useful way to describe the way a video game is developed. That being said, the same way that when people talk about fish, if someone say Triple A, we get a pretty good idea of what kind of games they are talking about. Humans are neat.
  13. Ranking RotOD has got to be tough. Its in this weird spot where objectively, this is a 10/10 game (the game is basically perfect. There's just nothing, that I can identify, wrong with it. On top of that it executes its premise to perfection, has engaging gameplay, and a well told story, like Lucus Pope...WTF man.), but I can see as it starts to match up with some heavy hitters that even though they have more flaws and I'd rate them lower on a 10 scale, they would be higher on my individual list. For example, looking at the games that you have S ranked and put above it. I think Obra Dinn is a better game than All 3 Mass Effects individually, The Last of Us, and Shadow of Colossus (which I played back on PS2), but if I were to put them on a list like this, I think I would have it below all of them except The Last of Us (a hot take review coming to a trophy checklist near you soonish). I think this is what makes experiences like this so neat and why I love reading stuff like your scientific reviews.
  14. Meat Boy Grind is still ongoing.  I've managed to get 1-17 of the Salt Factory Darkworld to about 70-80% Consistency or more depending on the level and 18-20 to about 50-60% Consistency.  Should be enough to start making runs without being constantly frustrated. Will hopefully finish that trophy by tonight or tomorrow.


    Also bought a new controller today as my x button on the DS4 had just about had it. I was hoping to hold out till I got to PS5, but alas it doesn't seem like they will be readily available for quite some time, and I haven't had any luck with limited restocks. 

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Nice get it bud!! I felt like that was where the difficulty starts ramping up a bit.


      Funny enough I ended up wrecking my controller during SMB... Not out of rage or anything, but just squeezing my controller so tightly during the tense moments!! That and pretty much only using the X button did her in!

    2. Together_Comic


      Yeah I remember struggling with it when I played through for the first time.  I started looking at the thread that gives tips and tricks for the iron man runs.  Let me tell you Flylock and oglo really trivialize a lot of the levels that I struggled with and that helps a lot... 😂😂.  


      Platformers are always super tough on controllers anyway, especially tough ones where you're frantically pressing the buttons over and over again.  Meatboy is probably particularly tough, not to mention the controller aint exactly young anymore and I can definitely see them giving out.  RIP to both of our Dualshocks and here's to happy memories with the next. 

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      😂 They lived good lives and their actions will not soon be forgotten!! I was due for a new one anyway, mine was a few years old at that point 😝


      Yes yes 100% yessssss! That thread seriously helped immensely... I would never have thought to try some of those characters or suggestions otherwise! Keep crushing it over there my friend 💪

  15. Cassylvania is the undisputed GOAT when it comes to Niche games. Half the stuff they play has me saying what the f*** is this. 😂