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  1. Update 3 Mass Effect 3 Date Started: 9/30/2018 Trophies when Event Started: 28/69 Event Starting Percentage 31% Trophies after Update 3: 31/69 Updated Percentage 35% Small Update. I didn't really get to play this as much as I wanted to this weekend with other responsibilities coming up, but what I did play was fun. This game as a whole has a lot of good story moments. That being said, the loading times are egregious and playing on insanity after not having messed with a shooter for awhile is really tough. Not to mention that some of the trophies are going to be a grind. Slowly and surely we'll chip away though. I hope to have this done by the end of the month. ~TC
  2. First Game of the Month Final Fantasy IX: 60 hours to complete. Fulfill's Hardcore Requirement Counts towards a different event: Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Backlog Challenge. Finish a 10 year-old game: FF9 was released July 7, 2000. (I think this is the case, this was the rerelease/remaster)
  3. Update #2. Date Started: 5/4/2019 Date Completed: 10/9/2019 Trophies when Event Started: 8/52 Event Starting Percentage 20% Trophies after Update 1: 37/52 Updated Percentage 71% Trophies after Update 1.5 50/52 Updated Percentage 98% Trophies after Update 2 52/52 Updated Percentage 100% Despite the earlier set back, I had a lot of fun with this game. The game itself is phenomenal and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good RPG experience. That being said the trophy list is really rough. The game is mega-grindy. With the 10000 enemies, 75% of treasure, Jump-Rope, and 99 frogs, not to mention the other 4 or 5 missables this game can be a lot. That being said, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. If you enjoy RPGs this could be a game worth looking into. That out of the way here's whats left that I committed to for the event. With the announcement of the PS5, I want to make sure any game that requires the PS3 online is done ASAP so I will probably dive into ME3 next. Game Trophies Percentage Final Fantasy IX 52/52 100% Final Fantasy VIII 0/35 0% Mass Effect 3 28/69 31% Crash Bandicoot 2 6/25 10% God of War: Ascension 5/36 8% ~TC
  4. Update 1.5: Final Fantasy IX Date Started: 5/4/2019 Trophies when Event Started: 8/52 Event Starting Percentage 20% Trophies after Update 1: 37/52 Updated Percentage 71% Trophies after Update 1.5 50/52 Updated Percentage 98% *Long Exasperated Sigh* I messed up a missable, and didn't have the foresight to back up my save. Looks like another half a playthrough for me instead of finishing up 2 days sooner than I expected. Oh well, no one to blame but myself. Trophies Remaining: Another Man's Treasure Platinum Trophy
  5. Update 1: Final Fantasy IX Date Started: 5/4/2019 Trophies when Event Started: 8/52 Event Starting Percentage 20% Trophies after Update: 37/52 Updated Percentage 71% So I finally got a full uninterrupted weekend to game and chose to spend my time with Final Fantasy IX. I love this game but some of the trophies in it are absolute garbage (kill 10000 enemies, really?) and I feel like I have to be an accountant to maintain track of all of the missables. The triple speed and no encounters features have been a godsend. Trophies Remaining Driving a Hard Bargain - 6/8 Cracking the Code - Late Game Cleanup Beach Bum - Second largest grind remaining, need to complete back online then do the quest - 0/21 Back Online - 0/6 Well Lubricated - Pending Back Online Frog Wrangler - 54/99 Sword of Kings - 4/5 What's Your Sign - 10/13 Another Mans Treasure - biggest grind remaining. Rank C/S It's All in the Cards III - 85/100 A Clean Bill of Health - 2/26 Over the Moon 3/4 The Ultimate Fork - Pending Frog Wrangler The Ultimate Dual Blade - Late Game Cleanup Estimated Time of Completion - 10/10/2019 Estimated Next Update - 10/10/2019
  6. Its hard if you don't cheese it, that being said, It can be cheesed. Most of the reason that this is an Ultra Rare is tied up in tedium. There are a bunch of grindy trophies and none of them are particularly interesting.
  7. I'd like to join starting this month in October please. Current Platinums: 29 Completed Games: 34
  8. Would love to try to finish some of the Ultra rares that I so brazenly started on my account. Here's what I'd like to finish - Tetris Effect - Super Meat Boy - Super Beat Xonic - N++ - Kingdom Come Deliverance - Trackmania Turbo Bonus: Uncharted 4's "Crushing" and "It..." Trophies. Gonna be difficult, but this should be fun.
  9. If its not to late, I'd like to jump in. What I would play below, if it's to late, please ignore me. Final Fantasy IX (20%) (8/52) Final Fantasy VIII (0%) (0/35) Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (10%) (6/25) Mass Effect 3 (31%) (28/69) God of War: Ascension (8%) (5/36)
  10. Game 4: Superbeat Xonic Starting Statistics Platinums 28 Completion Percentage 78.69 Games Played 45 Games Completed 33 Unearned Trophies 396 Let me start by saying that this game is a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. I picked it up basically as an alternative to beat saber since I couldn't really justify picking up a VR headset for just that one game. This is a rhythm game for the Vida (though its on PS4, I would highly recommend the Vida version if you pick it up) that takes full advantage of the touch screen and hardware. The game is fun to play and is one of those perfect on the go games where you could be casually grinding out the platinum over a long period of time. The game has two types of tracks: 4-Track and 6-Track. As the name suggests, they each correspond to the number of tracks that a note will appear on. Sort of like guitar hero, where easy only gets you the first 3 buttons, medium adds the 4th, and hard+ adds the fifth. Additionally, these tracks are available in two modes. Stage Mode, where the goal is to clear each song successively getting harder with each stage and World tour where songs are combined into sets and your goal is to complete a goal. For example, one world tour requires you to get 85% of all superbeats (basically the equivalent of hitting the not on the beat perfectly), another requires a combo streak of at least 100, another requires fewer than 5 breaks (note misses), you get the idea. The world tour mode gets really hard really quick and in general this game is very hard but is very enjoyable. Games like this tend to live and die on their track list and while this game boasts no major titles in the vein that guitar hero et al did, but it has a lot of pop-punk japanese style tracks most of which are uptempo and entirely enjoyable if you like that style of music. There are also quite a few tracks to clear, but if you're going for the platinum you'll likely get them many times over on your quest to play 1000 tracks. The game also generally looks good. The style of the game is sleek and not difficult to see which I really like in games where you have to be both fast and accurate. There also weren't any technical bugs that I ran into. Though the loading screens can be a bit slow, the game runs fine and doesn't stutter. Again important in games where you need to be both fast and accurate. Some notes on the features. The game allows you to adjust the speed of the notes along a tempo scale, even real time, which is kind of neat. You'd think this would make the game easier and to a certain extent it does, but some songs I found to be easier at a higher tempo which is really good design. Another thing the game allows you to do is to pick a DJ. The DJ's have special abilities that can be used to make the missions in world tour easier. For example, several of them have break shields which allow you to miss a certain number of notes before it breaks your combo combine that with the combo streak of 100 and it gets easier. Fewer than 5 breaks works in a similar vein. I don't like the PS4 version specifically because of a note called the scratch note. On the Vida version, you use the touch screen to slide the note in the direction it directs you, but doing this on buttons is really difficult and I almost always found myself missing the next beat if the song had any speed to it. All in all, this is a great game if you enjoy rhythm games and have the vida and the time. If you can find it in the $6.99 ball park, I think its worth picking up. Finishing Statistics Platinums 28 Completion Percentage 78.11 Games Played 46 Games Completed 33 Unearned Trophies 407 Trophies Obtained 16/33 Total Play Time 8 Hours
  11. Game 3: N++ Starting Statistics Platinums 28 Completion Percentage 79.95 Games Played 44 Games Completed 33 Unearned Trophies 382 So this game represents one of the reasons that I really like trophy hunting. If I did not care about the trophies, I would have written this game off an hour or so after starting it and never looked at it again. After playing for a bit longer however and having more time to grow acclimated to the game's controls and feel, there is a lot to like here. N++ is the third game in the N series following the success of the original N and the sequel N+. You play a ninja trying to make his way through 5 rooms in 90 seconds in order to complete an episode. Along the way, you can collect gold coins that extend your timer to get through the level and add to your overall score. The game plays in a vein similar to super meat boy. If you've played super meat boy I would describe this game as similar, but more floaty. A fact that I hated when I first started the game. It felt like I didn't have a lot of control over my character that I couldn't adjust to anything. Sometimes my character would make a hop that would make your loyal dog ashamed of you, and sometimes he would do a hop that embarrassed an Olympic high jumper. A fact that is especially highlighted by how crisp super meat boy's controls are. But as I got used to the game and figured out the mechanics the jumps started making more sense and I got more consistent (I guess occasionally the answer is "git gud") I started to really enjoy myself. Like any game where you play as a ninja, the game has a backbreaking difficulty (seriously I can't think of a ninja game where its easy). Games like this tend to live and die on their level design and this one has a lot of good ones. The initial stages are designed to slowly teach you about the game and how the mechanics work slowly ramping them up in complexity until finally letting you loose on the actual game. The game has 125 tutorial stages contained in 25 episodes, the solo stage select looks like this Where each of the boxes represent 5 stages. The stage titles also are really clever, smart, and often contain a hint about what you are supposed to do in a level. Early on you'll encounter this level Which features a lot of these golden coins that a new player can't possibly reach. If you read the title the game offers it as intro to accepting your limitations? Its trying to teach you that its ok to just move on and you don't always have to 100% complete every level. The game constantly does this and it offers a really interesting game design insight. On top of all this the game features multiplayer co-op where two people work together to solve a puzzle that one player cant do (thankfully the trophies for it are doable entirely solo), a race mode where players race to the end of the level, legacy mode where you can play old levels. All in all the game has more than 4000 levels (#Ididthemaths). In addition, there is a creation mode where players can create their own levels, the content in this game is nothing short of endless. Thankfully for all the trophies you only have to do all of the solo mode levels and snipits here and there of the other modes. One of the things that I still don't care for about the game is that the levels come in sets of 5. Meaning that if you get stuck on level 4 of a set, you can't set the game down and come back later without redoing levels 1-3. Fortunately the levels are often short and once understood aren't to difficult to get through a second time. First world as it may be, however, its still annoying. Further, the game doesn't look like much as you can no doubt tell from the screenshots. It very much sticks to its flash game roots, but I guess in a way that's charming. You can alter the themes and colors of the game, change the color of the ninja and even give him a neat headband, but that's about all there is to it. The sound design and music is good, though for games like this I usually just listen to my own thing while I slowly beat my head against the wall until I conquer it. Technically the game runs well (I expect it too given how basic and simple it is), but is still worth mentioning. Overall, I think this game is solid. If you enjoy difficult platformers like super meat boy et al, and are looking for another like it, this title will be good for you. If you don't like the difficult platformy games than like the last one I'd skip it. Here's the report card brake down Story: N/A Gameplay: B Visual Appeal: D Audio Appeal: B Technical Quality: A Trophy List: A Overall: C+ Finishing Statistics Platinums 28 Completion Percentage 78.69 Games Played 45 Games Completed 33 Unearned Trophies 396 Trophies Obtained 11/27 Total Play Time 6 Hours
  12. Game 2: Trackmania Turbo Starting Statistics Platinums 28 Completion Percentage 80.83 Games Played 43 Games Completed 33 Unearned Trophies 372 So I lied. Even though I teased Darksiders to be the next game, I couldn't seem to work up the motivation to get started with it. Opting to work on other games that I had going on. So I decided to give another game on my list a try instead. This game is fun. The sales pitch for it doesn't sound to good, but essentially its an old school time attack racer game. Except you don't exactly race. Your goal is to hit a certain time for each track to unlock the next track repeat ad nauseam until you unlock all 200 tracks and successfully complete the game. There is no story to speak of, but the core gameplay loop of playing a track from 30s-1min30sec and trying to repeatedly best your time is really exciting. The pop off elation that you get for completing a trackmaster time or a gold time is immensely satisfying. What makes the game so satisfying and addicting is the ability to reset a track with one button press if you mess up or things go awry. The amount of times, I'd say to myself "just one more attempt" multiplied out so many times that I found myself 2 or 3 hours later still grinding the same track for the trackmaster. The game also has a really good indicator of whether you're on track to beat the appropriate time. When you start a track you can choose to have a "ghost" of a particular metal race against you. If you are ahead of the medal car, you are on pace to beat the time. Thankfully when you put the other car on the track, you can see it but not hit it. Allowing you to pass through the space if need be. The controls are pretty good, for what its worth (I imagine worth more in a racing game). You have several different options for break and accelerate, and can steer with either the left analog or the d-pad whatever is most comfortable for you. I found that after a long time with the game, holding the R2 for accelerate lead my hand to hurt, but switching to square for accelerate seemed to alleviate the issue. I did also play around with the track creation a little bit. It did enjoy building a track that gets one of the jumping trophies. The interface however for me was kind of small and hard to read it also wasn't particularly friendly to find what you are looking for, but I imagine with a little practice it wouldn't be all that difficult to navigate. To the games credit, it does offer several modes, beginner, normal, etc. which allow you to limit the amount of things that you're looking at all at once. Beginner for example shows you the starting line, several different types of roads, a boost, obstacles, and a finish line. While advanced gives you access to several different types of starting lines, aesthetics, terrain, different roads, obstacles, ramps, boosts, and a bunch of other menus that I really didn't explore. If you're interested in this part of the game, I guess I'd recommend it. It looks robust and interesting, but I don't have a lot to compare it to as its really not my thing. The game is difficult, but fair. Very rarely did I get a gold on my first run through, and had to repeat each track several several times in order to get the medal, even more for the couple of trackmasters that I got. The platinum trophy requires a gold on all 200 tracks of the campaign, and 50 trackmasters. The golds so far (I've only played the easiest cup as of now) seem manageable not requiring more than a few attempts apiece. The trackmasters are another story. Probably 8 of the 9 hours I've played have been trackmaster attempts and I have 3. This game is for sure going to be a grind for the platinum. The game looks good, there are no glaring technical issues though I did momentarily get a framerate drop that caused a stutter. It didn't hurt anything, but it would really be annoying if I was in the middle of a good attempt. The music is nothing to write home about so far, but it isn't awful either. I worry that I'll get tired of it in the hours grinding up the golds and trackmasters, but If that happens I guess I could pull up my on music playlist and listen to that. Overall if your someone that enjoys a bit of a difficulty grind and likes racers this game is fun and rewarding to play. However, if you're really not all that into that style of game, there isn't a lot else here. In that case, you may want to skip it. All of that being said, here is how I'd grade the report card. Story: N/A Gameplay: A Visual Appeal: C Audio Appeal: C Technical Quality: B Trophy List: C Overall: B- Finishing Statistics Platinums 28 Completion Percentage 79.95 Games Played 44 Games Completed 33 Unearned Trophies 382 Trophies Obtained 21/49 Total Play Time 9 Hours
  13. Game 1: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Finishing Statistics Platinums 28 Completion Percentage 80.83 Games Played 43 Games Completed 33 Unearned Trophies 372 Total Play Time 11.5 hours Final Thoughts on the Game So everything I said in my earlier post still holds after finishing up this game and the platinum. The TL;DR is that this is a Zelda-like adventure undertaken by a kid to uncover the mystery of Oceanhorn and find his father. The gameplay is on the whole enjoyable with good music. The game is a bit short for my liking and the story is the definition of mediocre, but the game doesn't have any major technical problems (lag, bugs, etc.) and is on the whole a very enjoyable experience. Some notes on things that I didn't mention previously. There are 4 collectible items, heart containers (12), bloodstones (55), fishing, and cursed skulls (10). To tell you the truth I think there are 15-16 heart containers in the game but you only need 12 for the trophy. Most of these I came across naturally while looking for the second collectible bloodstones. Bloodstones are probably the trophy that is the most grindy. Having to search around for ones you may have missed is kind of obnoxious, but you can buy an item in one of the towns that will tell you when you are close to one and how many are on each island, after that its much better. Fishing is kind of a boring piece of the game to finish. You will need to collect 7 fish and its relatively easy with a guide. The only two fish that are even remotely annoying are the one that one of the other participants mentioned in a post the Bot Fish and the Ghost Fish. The bot fish does damage to you while you catch it, but if you have done the heart trophy it isnt too bad. The Ghost fish inverts your controls. It took me 5 or 6 attempts to get it, but it isn't particularly rare so it wasn't to much of a hassle. Honestly not as bad as I was expecting it to be when I did my preview. The cursed skulls are part of probably my favorite part of the game the isle of whispers. I don't want to spoil it, but I felt the atmosphere and storytelling was at its best at this part of the game. They can be challenging to find if you don't use a guide, but many of them are on the direct path you have to take to finish the island anyway. If your looking for an easy adventure game, with a decent story and an enjoyable experience I'd recommend Oceanhorn. Particularly if you can find it on sell. All of that being said, here is how I'd grade the report card. Story: C+ Gameplay: B+ Visual Appeal: C Audio Appeal: B Technical Quality: A Trophy List: B Overall: B Looking forward to the next game in our Kill your completion event
  14. Day 1 Thoughts: So I've played a few hours of this game The story revolves around a war that was fought long ago when the big bad let loose a monster. Your father has gone to slay that monster and leaves you in the care of a hermit on an island. After being awoken by your dead mother's pendant (the Chekhoviest guns to ever Chekhov if I've ever seen one) you decide the time has come for you to follow in the footsteps of your old man and set off to find him and help slay the monster Oceanhorn. The old hermit sends you off to find the three mcguffin circles of power and your quest begins. The game directs you with your father's notebook and as soon as you land on an island, the notebook will give a little context about what you should be looking out for on the particular island. For example, on the first town island you visit, it tells you to get directions and move on. That town directs you to bomb island, where you can probably guess you can find bombs. The path to which lead you to a note in a bottle from someone asking you to help save them on some island which turns out to be a member of a race holding one of the mcguffins who then directs you to said mcguffin etc. The game doesn't exactly lead you by the hand, but isn't obtuse either. It gives you an overarching goal, but doesn't really tell you how to get along about it. Their aren't any map markers either other than a compass style thing showing you where chests are. I like this approach and pattern. The gameplay is solidly legend of zelda style. You have a hearts health bar, a magic meter, they even bit the whole heart container thing. You traverse areas in the Mario and Zelda biomes (forest, mountain, ocean, desert, spooks, etc). You do some fighty bits and some puzzly bits, in order to get keys that unlock doors, and find the big key, which opens the big chest and the boss door. The influence is clear. However, Zelda's great so borrowing the formula doesn't feel awful, and they do add enough things to keep it its own thing. The magic spells in particular play very differently. Casting one pauses time and allows you to select a target and then fires, almost in a jrpg turn based sort of way. The game also has a level up system. You gain xp from defeating enemies, doing certain challenges (more on that in a sec), fishing, completing quests, etc. The levels in turn allow you to do anything from gain coins to consume less stamina or magic, to increasing your bomb and arrow capacity. The challenges are allow you to get bonus experience for doing things like reading signs or swimming a certain distance. They also double for many of the trophies of the game so that's kind of nice. If I had some complaints the story and characters aren't super deep or anything so far, but they are interesting enough and allow you to get invested such that I'm still interested in what's going on in the game and haven't resorted to turning on a podcast and ignoring it. The game is easy, but then again so is zelda mostly so eh. And it seems like the game is going to be very short. In the few hours that I've played I've gathered 2 of the mcguffins and the sword upgrade, and unless they truly do the zelda thing where 3 mcguffins turn into 8 or 9 then I think I'll probably be able to finish the game in the 5 days I have with it during this event (probably not the platinum though ). On the whole, I like it so far. We'll have to see how it plays out. Also @voodoo_eyes (PS4)
  15. Starting Statistics Platinums 27 Completion Percentage 80.37 Games Played 42 Games Completed 32 Unearned Trophies 357 Game 1: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas A short story about how this game came to find itself in my backlog: So I know almost nothing about this game other than the fact that is supposedly similar in style to the Legend of Zelda (Yay), has music by Nobou Uematsu (Double Yay), and fishing (Not so Yay). I discovered it on a list of interesting Vita titles that you may have missed that someone posted on reddit and as someone who is constantly trying to justify their poor choice to purchase a Vita I bought it on PS4 for some reason. For $7.99 Its be worth a shot and I picked it up and here we are. E: Formating