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  1. Return of the Obra Dinn is a game that I absolutely loved. Its done by Lucas Pope the same guy that did Papers Please. In some interviews he has said that he did intend for some guess work to both be possible, and at times be necessary. I really like the art style visually, but sometimes I felt like it made it difficult to decipher between characters. did you have this issue?
  2. So there I was realizing that I hadn't posted anything in the back half of December and not working on this list. You may ask TC what were you doing, and the answer is grinding through the Kingdom Hearts 3 Risk Taker Trophy. That trophy is awful full stop. But on a more positive note I'm back to working on this event. I have started Dragon Quest 11 and... what do you mean its not on my list... well it is now (swap 1/5). All joking aside, I realized that I just wasn't going to get to KC:D during this event. Mostly because I couldn't conjure a desire to play it so I opted for DQ11. So far I would describe it as a dragon quest game. Which is probably not particularly helpful, but it shares many of the same tropes as previous DQ games, with similar pacing, similar combat, etc. etc. The story hasn't really gripped me yet, though it has been my experience that dragon quest games are slow of the ground. I'll keep everyone posted. Here's what's left. 1. Everybody's Golf (100%) 31/31 2. Cuphead (0%) 3. Ni No Kuni (0%) 4. Mass Effect: Andromeda (1%) 5. Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Illusive Age (10%) 7/57 Kingdom Come: Deliverence (28%) ~TC
  3. Everybody's Golf is done...finally. I will be honest, I let it sit forever because I just didn't have the motivation to sit there for 40 more rounds on the same 5 courses just to collect some spectators and play one more secret opponent. If you don't care about the platinum though, this is a serviceable golf game. The load times are a bit long at least on PS4 (not sure about PS5 or PS4 pro). and there isn't a lot of variety, but beyond that it does the job. The game seems to be designed around incremental play. You play a game here or there when you are short on time or don't have a lot of time to spend in a story game. Eventually, as you play, you will gradually hit all these milestones and unlock the secret characters to play against. Makes enough sense. The issue that I have with this type of design are the albatross and condor style achievements. Not the trophies for doing it once, those kind of make sense as a challenge style trophy. But hitting 3 condors doesn't seem to seem to be congruent with this idea of incremental play. First of all there are only a few courses where its possible (realistically only one). Second you need to have your custom clubs power all the way to 19 or 20 in order to be able to hit the ball far enough. Third, the rate at which your club improves is random. Fourth It cost 10 gems to do one upgrade which is 3 or 4 rounds (only on the special setting) matches to acquire and its really tough to win those without the custom clubs. Fifth you then have to invest all of your club upgrade potential into just the one club (maybe you get one control if you're lucky). You really have to go quite out of your way to get to this point and it feels like most people who are just playing the game, are never going to see this content. I think they are pretty bad requirements. because to be quite honest, it feels like a chore. This is one of the games where you can trophy hunt the fun out of the experience, in my opinion. Anyway, Here's what's left. 1. Everybody's Golf (100%) 31/31 2. Cuphead (0%) 3. Ni No Kuni (0%) 4. Mass Effect: Andromeda (1%) 5. Kingdom Come: Deliverence (28%)
  4. Unfortunately that counts as a valid flag and likely won't be lifted by the CRT. If you wish to return to the leaderboards, you can hide the game. Edit: Adjusted wording.
  5. Yet more Everybody's Golf for me. We are in the home stretch now. All the difficult stuff is out of the way, I've gotten all the Albatrosses, the Hurricane shot, the Condors done. All that's left is grinding out the gallery (both people and fish) and finishing up facing the versus characters which are still so extremely slow at 1 per day. I'm roughly half way through them at this point and theoretically, I'll probably just be waiting on them by the end. Still have to play 60ish more tournaments for that one secret character though. 😒 Here's what's left. 1. Everybody's Golf (67%) 25/31 2. Cuphead (0%) 3. Ni No Kuni (0%) 4. Mass Effect: Andromeda (1%) 5. Kingdom Come: Deliverence (28%)
  6. More everybody's Golf from me this week. Currently working my way through all of the revenge matches, which while painfully paced at the breakneck speed of 1/18 per day, are actually pretty fun. The characters from the main game are back and are making things super tough. Most holes require either a birdie or eagle to win par is just not going to be enough a lot of the time. They hits some pretty wild shots. Other than that, we have the fishing encyclopedia to do where I'm waiting on the fishing guy's revenge match to get the better equipment, maxing out the gallery which will hopefully get done soon, figuring out the condors, and doing all the 120 challenges to for the secret characters. We've entered the grind game now. Here's what's left. 1. Everybody's Golf (49%) 21/31 2. Cuphead (0%) 3. Ni No Kuni (0%) 4. Mass Effect: Andromeda (1%) 5. Kingdom Come: Deliverence (28%)
  7. So I managed to break my arm in early august which definitely has put me behind on events that I signed up for, but here's my first update. Started Everybody's Golf earlier this week. The game is enjoyable and chill. A nice game to just kind of play on the go when you have 15-30 mins, but man does it get stale when you grind out the trophies for it. There just isn't that much variety or things to do. Not to mention the requirement for fighting all the secret versus characters which seems innocuous requires playing 120 challenge cups of the same 6 or so courses over and over, as well as 50 eagles etc which add to the monotony. Definitely not going to be a fun grind. Oh well. Without getting existential with if trophies add or detract from the enjoyment of the game, I am enjoying the start. And a big part of it is just getting started. Here's what's left. 1. Everybody's Golf (26%) 15/31 2. Cuphead (0%) 3. Ni No Kuni (0%) 4. Mass Effect: Andromeda (1%) 5. Kingdom Come: Deliverence (28%)
  8. Stahp: This really isn't an FPS. - Kill 100000 enemies by shooting in a single playthrough. Sly Cooper and the Thievious Racoonus
  9. A - Abzu B - Batman Arkham Asylum C - Crash 3: Warped D - Darksiders E – Everspace F - Final Fantasy VIII G - God of War II H - Hollow Knight I - InFamous J - J Star Victory Vs+ K - Kings Quest: Complete Edition L - L.A. Noire M - Metronoicon Slay the Dance Floor, The N – Ni No Kuni O - Outer Worlds, The P - Puppeteer Q - Q.U.B.E. Directors Cut R - Rez Infinite S – Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order T - Tetraminos (Completed Jan/5/2020) U - Ultratron V - Velocity Ultra W - Wargroove X - Xenodrifter Y - Yooka-Laylee Z - Zero Escape: The Nonary Games That feeling when you get bopped by DLC and suddenly one of your finishes isnt finished. Either way Crash is done. Gonna look to hit this hard in the coming weeks to try to at least scrape a respectable finish. lol
  10. Its a skip for me for this month, using crash bandicoot: warped. Sorry for my lack of participation lately.
  11. 95% as a stretch goal, Come on you got it!
  12. Yes! Super Meat Boy?
  13. I have faith that you can become the master don't give up
  14. Update 15: The Platinum Panel and KH3 Re:Mind I've implemented a rating scale for entertainment and difficulty which is loosely based on Jello Apocalypse from Youtube. Hopefully by using this I can avoid having to repeat myself in each review XD. The Enjoyment Scale 1: An absolutely boring video game. There is no reason to play it 2. The game offers very little, but it has at least something that I found interesting. 3. The game is bad. It has some interesting ideas but they are poorly executed. 4. The game is below average. I'm not mad that I played it, but I might be mad at how much I spent on it. 5. An average video game. The game is entertaining but has a lot of uninteresting moments or gameplay issues. 6. An above average video game. I am entertained throughout even if the game has some flaws. 7. A Good Video Game, one that you may recommend to others with some caveats. 8. A very good video game, may have some minor flaws, but one that you would recommend to fans of the Genre 9. A Great video game. One that is enjoyed throughout. One that you would recommend to anyone. 10. A phenomenal video game. One that you cannot put down for the entirety of your playtime. One that you think is a must play. A negative score: An ironically enjoyable videogame. Think it's so bad it's good. The Difficulty Scale 1. A very easy videogame. Playing through the game is enough for the platinum and there is very little or no challenging aspects. 2. You must do a couple extra thing or there are things that may take 2 or 3 tries to get. 3. An easy video game. You cannot get the trophies by just playing through the game normally. 4. A below average difficulty game. You may need to look at a trophy guide for some of the trophies. 5. An average difficulty game. The game may require you to beat it at higher difficulties or beat extra "super bosses" etc. 6. An above average difficulty game. There are some legitimately tough moments, but basically anyone can do it without to much trouble. 7. A game where you will likely die or fail a bit, there a quite a few moments that are tough 8. A Hard video game: one where there a lot of tough moments and completing them will require you to be pretty good at the game. 9. A very hard video game. Basically all moments are tough from the word go. Will require a bit of perseverance to complete even if you are pretty good at the game. 10. An extremely hard video game. One where you don't quite think its possible to complete but you're going to try anyway. Will require a lot of time and patience. As for an update. KH3 Re: Mind DLC is taking longer than I thought it would (shocker, TC literally everything takes longer than you think it will XD) but were slowly grinding through our "risk taker" playthrough. The game is certainly a lot harder, but it feels like fake difficulty where the bosses can one shot you (not the inherent problem) and also you do so little damage that it takes 10 minutes of mashing X to finally kill a boss (the problem) I can imagine its going to get a lot more difficult when we hit fights that were tough anyway. I know theres a way to basically grind around it, but I really don't want to spend 30 extra hours on just killing the same monsters over and over so that I can spend two hours to fight the extra bosses rather than 10. We'll see how long it ends up being.
  15. Cracked 90% this month which is kind of cool. Finally getting around to clearing out some of the games that have sat on my profile incomplete for over a year O.o. Uncharted 4 is finally done and I'm working on the KH3 DLC which is taking forever since it basically requires you to play through the game a full extra time, but I'm still having a good time with it. Looking to end the month over 91% and make the push for the 95% by the end of the year. Either way lets all keep moving.