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  1. Thank you! I appreciate it. That seems to always be the problem... there are just so many games to enjoy that its hard to find time to play everything. Both Unravel and the FF7 Remake are currently in my backlog of stuff to play, but Idk when I'll get to them considering there are probably 40 other games just sitting there waiting on me to play them.... Oh well... one game at a time ūüėā Mini Update Speaking of Backlog... I bought Oxenfree and Dishonored from the sale yesterday for 99c and $5.00 respectively because I couldn't pass them up for those prices. I think I may do Oxenfree next as a break from all the super long-winded games. @realm722 says it has a good story, and @DrBloodmoney seems high on it as well. It doesn't really look like my style of game, but hopefully I'll enjoy it.
  2. Was hoping to hop in and get 4 more dollars contributed to charity. I completed... Which I believe counts for Orange. Which I believe counts for pink assuming that Meatboy's gums count (I'd need a judge on this one) Best and thanks for the wonderful event ~TC
  3. Super Meat Boy is crossed off the list and claims one of the 2 remaining bounties. I've kinda been working on this one through out the year and finally managed to get it done. (should out to @Joe Dubz for their continual support). The fact that some of you guys are on the Tier 3 level and are playing all of these ridiculously difficult games is honestly inspiring. I'm hoping to squeeze at least one more completion in before the end of the event. Either way here's an updated list of what's left. Super Meat Boy (PS4) (24/24 - 100%) Hyper Light Drifter (23/23 - 100%) Super Beat Xonic (PSP) (28/33 - 64%) Tetris Effect (41/43 - 91%) Trackmania Turbo (29/49 - 51%)
  4. Update 25: #56 - Super Meat Boy The Pitch - Super Meat Boy is a precision platform in which you play as a little square of meat, trying to rescue your hostage girlfriend(?) bandage girl from the diabolical Dr. Fetus. The game is divided into 7 worlds with 20 levels each and the goal of each level is to get to bandage girl, where she is promptly whisked off to the next level by Dr. Fetus. The game also features "Dark World" versions of each of the worlds which consist of remixed levels of each of the 20 levels of the original "Light World". The Good, the Bad, and the TL;DR I'm going to deviate from my typical breakdown of the games on this one because there really isn't a lot to talk about in the Good or the Bad section, and a ton I want to talk about regarding the trophies, difficulty, and why I think this game is fun which combines into a discussion I want to have about the nature of platformers and why I enjoy them as one of the two pillars of gameplay genres that I have on my trophy panel. That being said, for those who don't have time for me to wax metaphorically I'll give you the TL;DR version here. The game has tight controls by which I mean meatboy is easy to maneuver and can be moved with precision. The gameplay is simplistic and the design works well with its 5-60 second gameplay loop. The game expects you to die A LOT and thus, respawns are quick to get you right back into the action, and the difficulty curve is absolute perfection. On the down side, I had issues with dropped inputs, where sometimes meatboy wouldn't jump when I hit the button or wouldn't jump in the direction that I was holding and would instead do this weird slide up the wall (usually into a saw). I'm not sure if this is the game or it's just me needing to "git gud" proverbially but I definitely experienced it more than once, but never consistently. Otherwise I've read of some small issues where some timings would be off, specifically 7-19x where the level would start to close before it was supposed too or on 5-6x where an enemy that was supposed to spawn on the top of the screen, instead spawned on the bottom making the level incompletable but I never encountered these issues. Otherwise I enjoyed the game and am going to recommend it. Now on to the discussion.... On the Nature of 2D Platformers, My Love for Them, Difficulty, and Why this Game is Fun.... To begin this discussion, we have to go all the way back to when TC was a wee lad and had just received his very own nintendo entertainment system, complete with a copy of super mario brothers, super mario brothers 3, and Tetris. I played the absolute mess out of all three of these games as one of my very limited forms of entertainment as a 6 or 7 year old along side my trust GBC and pokemon red/silver. Thus my enjoyment for the process of running to the right and pressing A to jump was born, but iooking back on it, and of course with all due respect to 2 of the Goats of platformers that paved the way so that others could flourish, why did I find this so entertaining? Why is it fun to platform? Nostalgia aside going back to the original Super Mario Brothers doesn't really do it for me anymore. Playing through the levels, I don't get the same sense of enjoyment that I did when playing as a kid. It would be easy to write it off as gaming having evolved to the point where even though these games were revolutionary at the time, they just don't hold up in the modern market, and there is for sure some truth in that, but playing meatboy has I think made me realize what I'm missing from these classics when I go back to them. They are too easy. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with a game being easy, in fact, there are many games were being easy is part of what makes them great, however, I think for platformers (specifically 2D platformers I'll rant about 3D ones at a different point in time) are fun because there is a sense that there are stakes. There is the threat of dying and having to do it all again. This is why I enjoyed Meatboy immensely and why the original SMB doesn't quite get there for me anymore. Somehow, I can hear the comments now "sure TC, super simplistic games have to have some element of challenge to enjoy them, but surely they don't have to be one of the most notoriously difficult games for them to be fun, nor should the stakes be so high that you spend (quickly checks exophase) 131.35 hours trying to complete it. There's also a point where games can be so difficult that they aren't fun." And I would agree with you on those points. The stakes that I mentioned before can't be so high that it is so costly to die that you have to spend hours and hours trying to get through and the game also shouldn't be so difficult that it becomes frustrating to play after so many failures. So when I say I enjoyed Meatboy more than I enjoy some of the most Iconic 2D platformers in history, it seems to be a contradiction. And we could attribute that to the very human condition being a contradiction (is it getting too meta in here for anyone else too?), and maybe there is some of that too, but instead why don't I hit you with a Hot Take in traditional internet style. Super Meat Boy is probably around a 5 or 6/10 difficulty... *insert several brakes screetching, off screen car crashes, and frantic hammering of keyboards as people don't read the rest of the... article? think piece?... Post? (yeah I guess lets go with Post)* That is to say that completing the game Super Meat Boy to 106% completion is would register to me as approximately a 6/10 difficulty. Super Meatboy's difficulty curve is seems to me to be one of the absolute best in genre. It starts very simple with the first level being basically press X to jump and escalating to saws everywhere while the floor disappears out from under you where if you hold the X button just a fraction to long on your jump you will find yourself with a face full of saw and it is great. Each time I started a world I had this feeling of "how the heck am I going to ever finish this?" but by the end of it I had this feeling of overcoming the game and was ready to move on to the next challenge. Where I promptly had the same reaction of "Holy f*** how am I even supposed to get through that set of obstacles?" The best part though, is that I was always able to overcome the challenges of the next world without feeling frustrated because the levels never spiked in difficulty. They were just always just the right amount harder than the last section to make you feel like a badass for overcoming them without wanting to give up. The game also benefits from super tight controls which makes 99% of deaths feel like my own fault. I never thought the game was being unfair. Did I complain about the hitboxes sometimes, sure, and there was also the issue with dropped inputs, but otherwise I felt like all 25000 deaths were own my own shoulders and that in and of itself is praise worthy. Walking it back to my original point, the stakes are perfect and the catharsis of overcoming the level or even nearly overcoming the level leads into that just one more attempt mentality that I always feel when I'm really really enjoying a game. "But, TC..." I hear you cry. " You are absolutely ignoring the elephant in the room... (off topic, but speaking of elephants... what a great Alabama/Auburn game this year) what about the trophies?" "This is a trophy hunting website, you are talking about arguably one of the most notorious platinums on the site and you still haven't talked about the trophies." Weeell... yeah the trophies are as advertised 9/10 or 10/10 difficulty (at that point aren't we really splitting hairs about it), but you know what... I had a ton of fun with this too! Now, I would argue that Super Meatboy is a game that can be enjoyed in its base form by most everyone, especially if you enjoy 2D platformers, but I will acknowledge that the trophy grind is definitely not going to be for everyone (as it never is, but even more so. You know what I mean?). The trophy list here has stuff for completing the game, getting the aforementioned 106% (or rather 100% so you don't even have to do "everything"), but the real stand out is the "iron man" trophies or effectively beat all 20 levels from each world without dying. Some of them aren't to bad i.e. wood boy or even something like brimstone boy which feels impossible the first time you get to the "hell" level, but they get really tough, especially the Zombie Boy, Girl Boy, and Impossible Boy ones. I think Zombie and Girl Boy took me approximately 10 hours each and Impossible boy took almost 25. I've already acknowledged that I think that for most platformers, being too difficult can lead to them being frustrating, and I don't mind admitting that I definitely got frustrated with some of these as I got deeper and deeper into my runs. Especially since I would choke deep 16 or 17 levels into a run and have to start all the way over, especially considering that it's so easy to die. Whenever I felt upset or like I wasn't having fun, I just stopped playing. I think that is another reason I have such a high opinion of the game now. If I had kept pushing even when I wasn't having fun I think I would have given up. Instead I just played something else until I was ready to go back and it worked out well. That being said, I believe what I really enjoyed about these levels was slightly different than what I enjoyed about playing through the base game. Don't get me wrong, the other stuff was still there. The Stakes are still there and are particularly high especially late into a run. Anecdotally my fitbit clocked my heart rate at 131 during the final 3 levels of impossible boy so I definitely was feeling them. The Catharsis for a complete run is also nearly overwhelming. I'm not one to pop off, but I definitely popped off with each popping trophy. However, I think what kept me playing was the feeling of mastery. There's just something to it when I play through levels that used to be over the top difficult, but now I can complete with relative ease. Just knowing that your goal is going to be met, it's only a matter of time is a super sweet feeling that definitely kept the game feeling fun for a long period of time and made it feel not so much like a grind. The Wrap up - Overall, I definitely recommend this game to those who love 2D platformers. The game is best in class in control and difficulty and is seamless in its integration of the two. I would also encourage people not to avoid the game because of the difficulty of the trophies. It is definitely possible to get them all should you feel so inclined and if you're anything like me, enjoyable all the same. ES 9/10 DS 9/10 Best ~TC
  5. I had to convince myself multiple times this weekend to not buy BDSP. I think the only thing that saved me $60 is that its close to an exact remake of Diamond/Pearl with out any of the neat new bells and whistles that we got from say a HGSS or the ORAS remakes. On the other had, Piplup is cute and that in and of itself is almost worth it.... At this point the only thing I find exciting about pokemon is the online competitive battling which is still mega-fun even now, but the main games have long since been stale I definitely agree. Thanks for the dodge of Nexamon. Some times I feel like Cass is the Nostalgia Critic of video games... They be like "I suffer through it, so you don't have too..." ūüėā
  6. I played the challenge mode on beginner. I played the main game on critical, but like you I wanted to try to get through the challenge mode as painlessly as possible. Looking back, Risk Taker would have taken so much longer on critical so I'm glad that I played it on beginner. I played 15 after basically all of the content was released for it since I didn't really get a playstation 3 or 4 at all till 2018ish, where I got both lol. Was it most of the post game content that was added with royal edition? a la that really cool dungeon that you have to land the flying car in the middle of nowhere to get to, and the Omega fight? On the whole, I thought it was fine, even pushing towards the good side. However, I had the advantage of low expectations since I was so late to the party, but if you grew up in the hype of playing 6,7,9, and 10, and to a lesser extent 8 and 12, I can see how it might be a pretty big let down. Especially if it was missing content. I seem to recall that getting some explanation in birth by sleep, where... I remember picking up this game because it represented a Q game and I don't have any Q games on my list. ūüėā. Congratulations on the 100%. So can we expect the meatboy grind to return soon? I know you can finish it!
  7. Yeah this is the type of DLC that probably should have been free or at least very cheap. Though, I had the opposite experience when I came back to it for the DLC and actually enjoyed the game more than I did the first time, but perhaps that's because I was just skipping the cutscenes and focusing on the gameplay and combat aspect of the game which has always been a series strong point. It was definitely a let down after having waited 14 years for this one to drop, and they definitely never managed to recapture the magic of that first game, but I enjoyed it at least. Though all of this may be my nostalgia talking and trying to justify it ūüėā
  8. Risk Taker is done, and I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  It just took forever.  Clocking in at 30 hours and with the exception of spinning the tetraminos 1,000,000 times in Tetris Effect (F*** that trophy) it might be longest I've ever spent exclusively working on an individual trophy by itself. The base game was tough because you don't really have any options with everything turned off, and you do so little damage that you have to play well for a long period of time.  I started to allow my self healing items towards the end and it sped everything up immensely, one mistake didn't mean restarting the fight which was awesome. The post game and DLC where much easier once I turned off default stats in particular and got to level 99. I'll leave a little walkthrough of my route at the end for those that are interested.  


    In other news,  the PS5 has been great.  I really do notice the difference in load times between it and the PS4.  The controller is also larger which helps my hands from getting cramped during long sessions of play time.  Though I think I'm going to finish Super Meat Boy next on PS4, one because the load times for that game are so inconsequential that the PS5 doesn't really speed it up and two because I have a harder time controlling Meat Boy precisely on the PS5, maybe I'm just so used to the PS4 that it after 100 hours its hard to change.  


    Speaking of Meat Boy, I have learned all the levels and I'm on to grinding them for consistency.  I think level 7-7X is my best so far (Magic Pixel is hilarious and I get to skip the fans level!?), but the others will come with time.  I think a lot of the levels seem easier than there light world counterpart.  7-20X still has the obnoxious tiny saws that I can't seem to figure out, but at least they're at the beginning this time, so grinding them out seems less of a problem. 7-11X is definitely easier without the rocket constantly firing on you.  The earlier levels 7-1X - 7-6X  are much less free this side of the world, but again they will come with time.  Hopefully Meat boy can be done this weekend.


    Sorry for the Novel of a status update




    For those interested in the route I used for risk taker it was:  (Mild Spoilers for KH3)


    Rock Titan 40/40 

    Ice, Lava and Tornado Titan 40/40

    Demon Tide 40/40

    Angelic Amber 40/40

    King of Toys 40/40

    Chaos Carriage 40/40

    Grim Guardianess 40/40

    Lump of Horror 40/40

    Marshmellow 40/40

    Skoll 37/40 - Turned on Items 

    Lightning Angler 40/40

    Davy Jones 37/40 - Turned on Items 

    Darkubes 40/40

    Dark Baymax 40/40

    Demon Tide 37/40 - Turned on Items

    Young Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas 37/40 - Turned on Items

    Dark Inferno 32/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned on Items

    Armored Xehanort 32/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned on Items

    Master Xehanort 32/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned on Items

    Armored Xehanort (DLC) 32/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned on Items

    Ansem (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Xemnas (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Xigbar (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Larxene (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Marluxia (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned on Form Change, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Saix (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Terra-Xehanort (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Dark Riku (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Vanitas (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Young Xehanort (DLC) 26/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned Off Defense Zero, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.

    Luxord (DLC) 37/40 - Turned on Items, 

    Xion (DLC) 30/40 - Turned Off Default Stats, Turned on Items, Turned on Kupo Coins.


    This puts you at 366375 points and you need 365000 that gives you 1375 points of wiggle room if you need it on earlier fights.  1 star is 2.5% of the point total so you have some room if you need.  There are also the Master Xehanort and Yazora data fights that I didn't do in this run that can give you extra points if you come up short.  You also don't have to do Xion as the 30/40 if you don't want too.  You just need it to be 1 of the data fights (bar luxord because you need as many points as possible with him).  I picked Xion because I had the easiest time with her in my initial run of the data fights (guard op). 


  9. Update: 24 #55 The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 100% #8 Abzu, and Brief Asides About Other Gaming. Abzu Its really rare that I find a game that is basically an art project that turns out to be really, really, good. I can only think of two examples on my account: Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons, and Abzu. But Comic, I here you cry, aren't all games art. Well yes fabulous reader, in a manner of speaking, but what I mean is that this game seems to solely exist as an art project. This game isn't going to win any awards for its game play or even level design, but what it does well is tell a visually interesting narrative and explore the beauty of its surroundings through its visual design. Alright, Mr. Comic, you've sold me on the game as an art piece, but that doesn't really tell me what the game is about. You claim that it tells an interesting narrative, well tell me about that. The premise is that you play a little robot boy who awakens in the middle of the ocean. You swim about and marvel at all the pretty water and fish surrounding you. You find a robot that helps you proceed and then everyone's best boy Shark-chan decides to nom your robot friend. What follows is an exploration of a lost civilization that resided beneath and above the waves in deep underwater caverns and the existential loss of that civilization as you follow through what happened to it. What's cool about this is that there is nothing that outright tells you any of this.. its all presented through visuals, so your interpretation of what happened may end up being different than mine. Its a game worth playing for sure. Ok Mr. Comic, but this is a trophy website, tell us about those. Well, the trophies are pretty simple get some collectibles, do some miscellaneous stuff, finish the game. Nothing really missable since you can get what you need in chapter select at the end. Pretty basic stuff. So anything bad about the game? Its short. My playthrough clocked in at around 2.5 hours and that's with going back to get the collectibles that I missed. It was free awhile back as part of the stay at home initiative I believe and that's where I got it from. Plat Prices tells me that its currently $20 and that seems extremely costly for what this is. Do you recommend the game? Absolutely. The above issue aside, This game is really accessible and short and gives a lot for the small amount of investment that you have to put into the game. I'd also recommend it to people who aren't really gamers. Its one of those that I think most everyone can enjoy. ES 8/10 DS 1/10 Super Meat Boy Interlude Meat Boy has continued to be difficult as I make it through. For anyone who has been following me on this journey (Shout outs to all maybe 1 or 2 of you lol) I have been rather on and off about the game for awhile now. I'm finally down to the last set of deathless runs and will be starting to learn the levels tonight. I posted earlier that I was hoping to have it finished today, but that really didn't work out. ūüėā The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 If you've been following the tread, by now you've read two reviews of these games, so I'm going to save you some time and skip straight to the rant at the end. Fair? Fair. The premise is the same, except our boys and girls have graduated and become the teachers, rather than the students. The stuff that's good about the first 2 (i.e. The Combat and Characters) remains good. Alright now, with that out of the way, on to the rant. First of all, why would they mess with the interface, there is absolutely no reason to mess with the interface, especially when you make it worse. The menuing has been made slower, the quartz slots have been reverted from the infinitely better system in Trails 2 to the worse system in trails 1, they swapped the item and equipment position in the menu (which doesn't really matter but my muscle memory hates the devs for this). I just don't understand. You had a good thing going here trails why did we mess with it? Then there's the voice actor changes which is jarring, maybe not the devs fault on that one, but still its jarring. But Comic, that's super nitpicky I thought you promised us a Rant. SPOILER WARNING Ok well here's the worst of it. I've talked about games with sharks, and games with jumping in this post; However, I put off finishing this platinum because I really didn't want to talk about games that Jumped the Shark. If you aren't familiar with that particular turn a phrase its when a series has gone to the point where it is out of fresh and original Ideas and has just gone to silly stuff to keep the plot going forward, and trails of cold steel 3 really suffers from that reality. You remember all of those crushing moments from the first 2 games. How Crow betrays you and then comes back to the right side and makes a heroic sacrifice to stop the evil mech from consuming the prince and thereby destroying the kingdom of erebonia and potentially the world? Yeah we're just going to takesies backsies on that one. You remember the whole climax of the first game where Crow kills Osborne thereby setting into motion the events of the next few games? Yeah we're going to takesies backsies on that one too. Remember how Alyssa's dad is dead and that death impacts the relationships that she forms and the relationship with that of her mother? Remember how Sharon's character and her loyalty to the Reinford family is contingent on that event? Yeah its a wholesale refund on all of that too. Remember how George has been one of the good guys this whole time, and then he just goes and assassinates Angela? Wait that one's actually pretty good. Remember how Millium sacrifices herself to save her sister Altina even though they were designed to not have feelings? Wait that one's good too, If I didn't think they were going to just take both back in the next game! The problem with fakeouts and twists like these are that they feel cheap emotionally. I was invested in those characters and the game made me feel about them, so when you walk it back it feels cheapened. It also makes me less likely to believe it when you kill a different character, because I know you've walked it back in the past. So now if you walk it back its "see I told you so!" and if you don't, well the emotional impact of the moment doesn't hit me as hard because I thought you were being flippant about it. It really harms the story when writers do that sort of thing. There's also the problem of making all of these things make sense in the context of the story. Like its really hard to justify having a character die in the main characters arms, on screen, see them buried, and then have it feel plausible when they are magically alive. Then you have to figure out how to justify the other 3 similar characters. I mean maybe you can have one of those twists and have it work. Perhaps the one about Osborne still being alive as it sets him up to be the antagonist of the final game, but it really spoils it with all the other. END SPOILER Trophies? Well this game is easier than the first two in that regard. Only one playthrough is required if you want to do Nightmare to start off with, and they enabled you to be able to get multiple bonding trophies at the same time with the tickets mechanic rather than just choosing one at the end. Speaking of which the bonding events also felt phoned in so boo. Do I recommend this game? Well it depends. To most people, No. To people who have already played the first 2, then probably worth it to see it through to the end (curse you sunk cost fallacy). Hopefully they will clean everything up in the fourth installment. Enjoyment 5/10 Difficulty 3/10 Kingdom Hearts III DLC So risk taker is definitely a trophy that exists. Requiring an entire new game playthrough, most of the post game, and then a DLC replay on top of it all, I was not excited about the amount of time it's going to take me to get this one trophy. So far, I am through the main story and have gotten to Level 99 and am currently grinding materials to upgrade the relevant keyblades to maximum. Then its just a bit of synthesis grinding to get my stats to a serviceable level before attempting the super bosses to get the trophy. Strangely though, I found myself enjoying the mindless grind. It reminded me of why I really like this series which is its excellent combat and customization. Though the story has kind of gone off the rails (talk about a series that has jumped the shark ūüėā). ~TC
  10. My first question was: how many Atelier games even are there? (A google search tells me there are 22, in case your wondering) By my count that means Cass has approximately 11 more diary entries before their secret plan of revealing their innermost thoughts falls into shambles.
  11. Finally managed to unlock Girl Boy after a staggering 14 hours of play time. Weird that It happened on a practice run, where I booted up the game and was going to do a quick run through of the levels and just didn't die after choking away 3 or 4 runs in the past couple days, but oh well. 


    I was planning to take a short break from meat boy to play something else after I unlocked girl boy, but I'm kinda feeling motivated to just go ahead and try to finish it as soon as possible.  We'll have to see how things play out.


    For now, one more to go ūüė¨

    1. Nighcisama


      Congratulations, I found this one slightly easier than Zombie Boy but still a big pain to complete. Good luck on Impossible Boy, that one is far worse and made me actually quit my ambition to plat the game, may you have more success with it than me.

  12. Unless something has changed since I've gotten the plat (which is very possible), they have to accept your challenge for it to count. It isn't enough to just issue the challenge.
  13. Main goal for next year is 100% completion and trying to keep my backlog from swelling out of control. Also to win @DrBloodmoney's Backlog Gremlin award (assuming they run it back in 2022...ūüĎļ)
  14. I'm super excited for the bait and switch where the mayo devs spring a super difficult plat on us after lulling us into a false sense of security. Will it happen, probably not, but oh how I wish it were so.
  15. So we've come to the point on Girl Boy where I feel extremely confident in my ability to complete the levels.  I choked a run 15 deep last night on 7-19.  For whatever reason that level is just my nemesis.  Its a simple level, but I always randomly die to the really easy jump over the saw at the end... Maybe its time to add that one to the beginning of the run rather than the end of it.  Either way, I'm hoping to finish this trophy tonight and move on to impossible boy.  


    In other news, I have acquired a PS5 that should be here this weekend. I managed to pick one up from the best buy drop on Monday. Trying to get one of these has been ridiculous, but I'm at least glad I got it before the holiday swing really ramped up.  I was already anticipating waiting into next year to try and grab one.   


    With PS5 in hand, I guess that means I can't put off Kingdom Come: Deliverance any more.  I've been waiting on it to see if I could get the PS5 so that the load times weren't so abysmal and with that excuse gone that will probably be in the pipeline soon.

    1. FrediPy_


      I also remember remember putting 7-19 as one of my first levels, like with¬†practically every level with those small blade jumps in it, I never got good at them¬†ūüėā¬†7-20 was very infuriating during practice because they were riiiiight at the end and you'd have to play it all over again to practise those little bastards.


      If you've managed to do a 15-level streak, then it's just a matter of time, you got this!