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  1. Mini Update:  Still playing KCD.  I had to start a new file for the "full house sinner" trophy that I missed since doing that trophy on my hardcore playthrough would void both "merciful" and "virgin"  and I've gotten to the point where that quest starts so I should be able to finish it pretty soon.  Otherwise.  I've been playing through Hardcore mode.  I'm really having trouble with the wandering knight around quest 17.  He just keeps kicking my butt, and the only way I've been able to win is to shoot him in the face with a poison arrow which kills him, which isn't allowed :/.  Probably going to have to load an older save and just grind up a bit which kind of sucks because in hardcore it takes forever, but it is what it is.  


    In other news, I started boggle last night.  Boggle is a game me and GF_Comic play all the time and love, and we've been meaning to give this one a go for a while now.  We played some last night and to be honest... its not great.   Oh well.  I think I gave $3 for it so not a big loss.  

    1. MidnightDragon


      Boggle’s online sucks!

  2. Reviewing your backlog made me feel a little better about my own lol. 2 Things. 1: Definitely play Thumper, especially if you have VR. The game is great. 2: Definitely do NOT recommend Meatboy on Vida. PS4 is the way to go. 😂 Edit: @gruffiiti, Pretty sure you have the wrong imgur link. You need the one for forums.
  3. Would a game count for "banned in a country" if the ban has since been lifted?
  4. Midweek Update:


    Welp it happened.  KCD has finally bopped me with a bugged trophy... or at least I think its bugged.  In order to get "full house sinner" you have to do all the bad things possible in the game, including whoring, killing, stealing, drinking, going to jail, and adultery.  I definitely did all of these (only for the purposes of the trophy I assure you 👿), but for whatever reason the game isn't registering the last one.  The only point you can do that in the game is the quest "at your service my lady" which I can see completed in my quest log, and I definitely got that ending (I have the literal shirt to prove it), but regardless of how much I try, Johanka just won't see what a sinner that I am :(.  As of now the plan is to go ahead and finish the questline and then go to the cloud and see if I have an old save file that I can reload before I did the quest and just, rush the game to that point do the quest immediately before talking to her and hoping that this works.  Otherwise I'm probably going to have to work it in to my Hardcore playthrough, which will be a pain because while the questline isn't hard, all of the stuff is really out of the way and I don't really want to mess with it when I can't fast travel 😓.  Remains to be seen if I also messed up Clerics pet, but I'll find out tonight. 


    Other than that trophy and finishing up Johanka's quest line, I am done with that playthrough.  In one aspect, the DLC is nice because it gives you lots of extra quests to do for the completionist trophy which means I don't have to do some of the more out of the way or tedious ones like those at monastery.  The rest of the DLCs also haven't been to bad.  Mostly they just consist of 4 or 5 quests with a couple of cutscenes.  I was impressed with "Band of Bastards" more than I thought I would be, and was not impressed at all with "The Amorous Adventures of Sir Hans Capon".  Especially Ledetchco Revenant.  That quest took like 2 hours and most of it was waiting.  Worth noting that the guide was also wrong on how to make the blood potion.  If you're playing this and having problems you have to grind the herbs before mixing them in (the guide explicitly says not to grind them).  I was also enjoying "A Woman's Lot" before the whole not giving me my trophy thing....


    Either way, we are entering the home stretch now,  just some clean up for A Woman's Lot (here's hoping the cloud will bail me out) and finishing the merciful/virgin playthrough on hard core.  Entirely possible I could have this basically wrapped up by the weekend.  


    In other news, I'm currently trying to grind out trophies for Team Up 2022 and let me just say.  Some of yall are bonkers.  First place has 111000 points.  For reference, I am sitting at 5500.  That's about 1/3 of what the last place member of the first place team has...and I've been playing way way more than I normally would to try and give my team a chance...  but well, someone else on my team is gonna have to carry if we're gonna get anywhere close to that number lol.  That being said, I'm having fun, and I've signed up for quite a bit of events for next year, including Platinum Difficulty 1-10, Ultra Rare Clean Up 2, Bingo Bananza 2022.  


    Sorry for the Novel 😅



    1. Together_Comic


      Bad news everyone... the cloud has betrayed me... looks like were gonna have to work it into our hardcore playthrough :(

    2. MidnightDragon
  5. Similar to above, the super boss at the end requires virtually an entire playthrough regardless (first available day is 3/3 and the game ends on like 3/20 so first playthrough blind is fine if you follow the guide for your second.
  6. A plat rain would be where you left one pretty easy trophy for the end of the game and then sat on it until you were done with your list. Then you'd go through and pop each platinum really quick and get all 10 plats basically at once.
  7. Oops... I didn't even check that 🙃😶😂. lol.
  8. Given that you told me you didn't care for Oxenfree that much I don't know if this is helpful, but Firewatch has very solid reviews. Alternatively Boggle is a fun game IRL and this game has Ultra Rares. The trophies don't seem hard just really really time consuming. I'd even do the online with you. 😂
  9. With 3 days off and basically nothing to do but game and take my partner lunch at work, I managed to get quite a bit done with Kingdom Come this weekend.  Miscellaneous Side Quests: Done!, Pilgrim Trophy (f*** this particular trophy) Done!  15 Potions: Done! All the gold for the from the ashes DLC: Done!  50 Headshots Done!  I even did some of the Woman's Lot DLC and started the Hardcore run (more on that in a minute)  Its been a productive weekend.  


    I did however encounter my first major bug.  In the Woman's Lot DLC I managed to take some fall damage for skipping a ladder.  Took some damage no big deal.  I have a healing potion.... well as it turns out, when Theresa drinks a potion, it doesn't expire for the entire DLC, which means that the healing potions won't give you health.... which means I spent the rest of the DLC being unable to run which definitely made travel super frustrating...  I also had an issue with Pilgrim (though admittedly this stemmed from my lack of "getting good")  where I collected the first 3/4 of the shrines/crosses and promptly got ambushed by Cumans and died and had to do it all over again... which was terrible.  50 headshots turned out no the be that bad and as it turns out you only need about half the gold I thought you did to rebuild the city since once you sink ~50K gold into it, the city will generate the rest for you if you wait awhile.  


    The Hardcore run is gonna take awhile.  Not because its particularly tough, but because there is no fast travel in the Hardcore mode.  Which is dumb, because that doesn't make the game harder... it just makes the game take longer.  I traveled to Uzhitz from Rattay yesterday to learn to read and the round trip took me literal 40 minutes which is absurd.  I'm sure it'll speed up when I get the horse, but damn... 


    I may have also f***ed up the cleric's pet trophy for completing all the "occult" quests. *MINOR SPOILERS* In the 'House of God' quest you have multiple ways of resolving the quest and this trophy requires that you investigate the skull, which I did and found out it was a fake, but I didn't resolve the quest with the skull, so I'm not sure if it counts.... Hopefully it does, otherwise that's a 20 hour mistake.  Maybe I could salvage it a tiny bit by making a save in Hardcore just before Godwin to speed it up a bit, but then I have to do all that traveling in Hardcore mode, which sounds awful.  


    Negativity aside it was still a productive weekend and 60ish hours in, I'm still liking the game, though we are rapidly approaching the somewhere between 80-100 hours where I just want to be done with a game.  That being said, and with the Team Up event started I'm gonna push this pretty hard to get it done and score some points.  



  10. Definitely in! Though 10 games is going to be tough for me given how glacial I am 😳. Tentative list is above. Though I'd really like a true platformer if anyone has suggestions. Look forward to another great year. Thanks for hosting @Copanele and @Arcesius
  11. What a neat event! Please add me to the looking for team list.
  12. Midweek Update:  So I've gotten some of the more grindy trophies out of the way.  The "Thief" Trophy turned out to not be as bad as I thought it would be because for some reason, when you hunt animals in Kingdom Come and then loot them, the food you get from them counts as stolen.  So hunting a deer would mean getting ~140 units of venison which sells for 14 gold per unit so you get around 2000 Gold towards your counter for every dear that you take out.  Combine that with the fact you have to hunt 50 animals and the Gold Counter goes up pretty quick.  Which is perfect since the chances of getting caught "stealing" out in the woods is basically zero so it doesn't effect progress towards King Charming. 


    By far the most time consuming pursuit was to do the 10000 herbs.  It starts literally 1 at a time and takes forever.  Eventually you level up your herbalism skill enough to where Henry will collect all the herbs of a kind in the immediate vicinity with one button press, but gosh it still takes awhile.  


    Still have to do the map wandering for the crosses and shrines, as well as the kill 20 enemies with stealth (finally got to stealth level 5 to unlock the perk to be able to start so it shouldn't be too bad) and then its the 50 enemies with headshots.  This is going to be miserable as it's hard to get more than one at a time because: A) the bows in this game sway like a MF its difficult to even hit something standing right in front of you, much less a moving target. and B ) Fighting more than one enemy in this game is so difficult by yourself you constantly get beat up if you're not extremely careful and lose all your progress and have to start over from the last save.  I'm hoping some of the battle story missions will help with this where I can let the NPCs do most of the fighting and I can cowardly shoot enemies in the head from behind them.  


    It's also becoming obnoxious not to be able to read.  I feel like half of the quests in this game require you to be able to read to complete.  For example, I tried to do "Money for Old Rope" last night (it's a quest required for one of the spoilsport trophy) and found that I couldn't because I couldn't read.  That's happened with at least 2 other quests at this point and it's starting to get on my nerves.  I guess I might rush through some of the story missions to unlock rebuilding Pribyslavitz so that I can just go ahead and get that over with and learn to read already.  


    Regardless, 30ish hours in at this point and really enjoying my time with the game.  It helps that I have time to really take the game in and not feel frustrated that it's wasting my limited gaming time since I have a lot of it at the moment.  This is a slow time of year at work and I have a lot more time to game since my SO is particularly busy at this time of year.  


    Now, off to stalk all of your profiles to see what you've been up too!




  13. This is definitely helpful for my Christmas list. lol. I don't know that I've ever seen someone with a negative review of a supergiant game, and FROM is one of the big devs that people are always excited for (something, something, Elden Ring.). I know Arkane did Dishonored, and Deathloop.. did they do Prey as well? I know you're high on that game, enough to make me consider picking up the game... 😂. All I know about Doublefine is that they did Psychonauts. Anything else you'd particularly recommend from them? Housemarque is similar in that all I know from them is Resogun. I'd have a similar question about recommendations from them. I'd like to see something from IO that isn't a shooter. Hitman and Kane and Lynch always review well, but I'd like to see them branch out.
  14. 2021 Year End Awards from TC Category 1: Piece of Cake - Winner: Abzu Clocking in at 2.5 hours, this game was the quickest and easiest completion of 2021 for me, which isn't to say that its bad. Abzu oozes artistic style and atmosphere as well as introducing everyone's favorite dangerous animal Shark-Chan. A solid if short experience. Recommend if you can find it on sale. Category 2: Like Dark Souls - Winner: Super Meat Boy "Which game had you pleading in Status Updates for just one little thing to go your way?" Well I guess with that description the winner has to be Super Meat Boy. That being said, I had a wonderful time banging my head against the wall for hours, thinking about Vaas and his famous quote at the beginning of Far Cry 3, and eventually overcoming the challenge of the game. The game is a masterclass in game design and difficulty curve and an enjoyable experience all the way through. Category 3: Bad Ass Award - Winner: Hyper Light Drifter There's just something immensely satisfying about the way that combat and movement work in this game when you finally manage to master it. Hyper Light Drifter just does everything right in that regard and manages to make you think I am so F***ing cool throughout the whole thing. The game itself is really neat featuring essentially no dialog and very little text, everything is atmosphere and gameplay and it really holds up. Excited for this studios next outing with Solar Ash that just released. Category 4: Grind of the Year - Winner: Kingdom Come Deliverance I haven't even finished this game and I already know that it's going to be the winner. Ignoring the DLC, the platinum for KCD only asks you to pretty please: Read 20 books, Brew 15 types of potion (which of course requires you to get the recipes), Stealth Kill 20 enemies, Bag 50 game animals, Level up speech to Maximum (every dialog option gives 1 whole XP!), Be popular in every town, Completion of all quests, to Kill 200 people, Discover all locations on the map, to walk more than 50 Km, to find all wayshrines and crosses, to steal 30000 gold worth of stuff, to reach max level, to do 100 combos in combat, to kill 50 enemies with headshots, to save 2000 gold by haggling to collect 5000 gold, to collect 10000 herbs, to win 1000 gold at the dice minigame, and finally to play the game a second time because some of the trophy's are mutually exclusive and 1 romp through the 100hr RPG just isn't enough... you're going to have to ask nicer than that game. Category 5: Finally Done - Winner: Kingdom Hearts III I guess maybe this could also go to Meat Boy, but I've already talked about that game so lets spread the love. Clocking in at 2 years 9 months, KH3 finally joins the 100% S Rank on my profile since I finally got around to doing the remind DLC which was overpriced and 100% should have been included in the base game but I digress. The combat remains the stand out for the series and adding the data fights really gave an opportunity for it to shine, though it doesn't quite reach the heights of KH2. There's also Risktaker which is definitely a trophy that exists. I think my main issue with it, is that it takes away most of what the game does well in the combat and leaves you with only its flaws which hurts it. Overall I enjoyed the game, but I don't think that the series ever quite recaptured the magic they hit with the first game. Category 6: King of the Internet - Winner: Among Us Since I didn't play a game on Playstation with online features this year, I am going to take this opportunity to go rogue and feature an online game that I did enjoy this year. Among us is a Mafia/Werewolf style game where the crew works together to discover who the imposters that have infiltrated their crew and are killing them are. But don't pretend you didn't already know that. This game was a ton of fun and one of the best online experiences with the pals that I've had in awhile. I guess it helped that I didn't have to play in weird ways to get trophies too! Category 7: Worst Online Experience - Winner (or maybe loser?): Battle Fantasia Again, with no legit contenders on my list I'm forced to look elsewhere, and reading @Copanele's experience with this one was enough to have it win just on its own. I will not be touching this one with a 29.5 foot (9 meter) pole. Category 8: Best Music - Winner: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel This category was really close with Super Meat Boy, but I opted for Trails mostly due to sheer volume. Basically every track in the game is a banger and there are quite a few of them. The game never misses on music and it matches the gameplay almost seemlessly. Trails is a good JRPG series for those looking for one, though I have enjoyed each game less than the previous one so grain of salt? We'll have to see how Trails of Cold Steel 4 goes and see if it can make a splash on the 2022 awards. Category 9: Sleeper Hit - Winner: Valfaris So in the category of games I bought for under $5 and are better than they have any right to be lies Valfaris. If you like metal and contra style shooter, slasher, platformers than this is the game for you (though its technically a sequel to a game called Slain). The game features a warrior that crashes on the titular planet Valfaris and he has to kick ass and chew bubble gum (and he's all out of bubblegum) all the way to his ancestral home defeating enemies and invaders alike as they try futilely to stop him. I didn't expect to enjoy the game as much as I did and the game certainly needs more love. It does feature a don't die a lot trophy and a speedrun trophy which can be off-putting for some but it isn't all that bad to get done. Category 10: Biggest Bomb - Winner (Loser?): The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Let me start by saying that this game isn't bad. It just performed poorly to my expectations. The game features a new cast of characters as well as a returning old cast and it just feels disjointed like it doesn't really know how to handle all of these characters at once, though the characterization of the older cast from the previous games really manages to carry this one. The Plot also jumps the shark a little bit towards the end of the game as well and made me feel a bit cheated. Overall, still a solid game, but the let down, combined with the fact that I didn't play a real stinker this year locks it in. Category 11: Best Trophy Image: Winner - Abzu With nothing that really wowed me this year, Abzu slides in with the victory here. There's just something about the ocean that even without all the detail remains beautiful. Category 11: Worst Trophy Image: Winner - The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2. To be fair, Trails 1 also has the same images, and trails 3 aren't much better, but the random trophy is an uninspired choice. Even if it does sneak the lion imprint on there. Category 12: Best Female Character - Winner Madeline (Celeste) Celeste is a story about overcoming one's own inner obstacles and Madeline as a character really succeeds in presenting her story in a really solid and compelling way. It's hard to go further into it without spoilers but Celeste as a game just nails this journey. Highly recommend. Category 13: Best Male Character - Winner: Sylvando (Dragon Quest XI) Sylvando really surprised me. I really though that they were going to be relegated to a comic relief character, and to some extent they are, but the Devs really took the time to develop and do something with this character. Again without spoilers it's tough to really describe what I mean, but Dragon Quest XI was the first game I played this year and this character stuck with me throughout the entire year. Definitely worth a play. Category 14: Best Platinum - Winner: Hyper Light Drifter If I can be meta for a second, I really like the distinction here between best game and best platinum as they are really different. I think for example celeste or meatboy , might be the best games I've played this year (though drifter is no slouch), but I think Hyper Light Drifter is the best platinum. The trophy list just seemless integrates into the gameplay and when it asks you to do something different, its always a good time. Category 15: Wurst Platinum ov teh Yeer - Winner (Loser): Kingdom Come Deliverance Yeah I know, I'm cheating again. But I'll most likely have the platinum by Dec 31, so I'm going to count it. This game is excellent, this platinum is a grindy mess. And that's all I have to say about that. Category 16: Most Anticipated for 2022. - Winner: Tetris Effect TC want moar TE. I'm going to finish this one in 2022 and it is going to be absolutely glorious. This is probably the best Tetris game I've had the pleasure to suck at and I'm looking forward to coming back to it.
  15. So Kingdom Come Deliverance.... I knew this was going to be a long clean up, but damn. It is the first game I ever played on playstation since the PS2 of my childhood so Im glad I'm going back to finish it, but again... Damn.  


     I only need to pick 3500 more herbs, raise 88000 more gold before I can learn how to read... (to give context, I had around 2000 at a time. during my initial playthrough of the game and had everything I ever wanted) so It's a metric ton, 40 more hunting kills, ~180 more regular kills, to steal 22000 more gold worth of stuff. Go find all the collectables and then I still have to finish the game another time on hardcore mode.  


    Complaining aside, I'm 20 hours into this side of playing and to be honest, I'm having a good time. I haven't really even played much of the main story,  the base gameplay just does it for me, even with all the grinding.  That being said, I can already see this stacking up to be a ~200 hour 100%, so lets see if I still feel that way at the end of everything 😂


    1. IntroPhenom


      Keep on truckin'.  KCD is in my backlog, and I'm looking forward to getting around to it.

    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      I have never played this one... But wooooo boy, that sounds like quite the grind!! I guess as long as you are enjoying yourself, it won't feel like so much of a grind. Best of luck to you on sticking this one out... You've got this!!

    3. MidnightDragon
  16. Badge looks great @DrBloodmoney and even though I just slipped in at the end, thank you @Beyondthegrave07 for putting on the event.
  17. If I've learned anything from Copanele, it is never, ever, play DMC2 😂 Congrats on the plat. I FEEL you on this! Every. Single. Time. 😭
  18. Thanks! I would agree with the assessment that N++ is a harder base game and an easier platinum and the distinction between "game difficulty" and "platinum difficulty" is a nuance that gets missed a lot on PSNProfiles where I feel like often we are so focused on the trophies that we ignore what the game has to offer just as an experience. There perhaps isn't a place where this is more exemplified than in some of the 9 or 10/10 games (unless its in the 1/10 games ironically). A lot of people won't touch meat boy, not because they wouldn't enjoy it, but because of the trophies. Conversely, A lot of people who have no interest in platformers at all will play it for the prestige of the trophies. I remember a specific thread where @DrBloodmoney mentioned that they've never seen a review of Super Meat Boy where it wasn't focused purely on the difficulty and even my review harps on it extensively, but I definitely wanted to point out that the game is a good time regardless of whether or not someone gets the trophies. I'll definitely have to watch that movie. Is it on Netflix (recognizing that your netflix may be different than mine)? There are just certain Indy developers who don't miss, Lucus Pope for one, and if The End is Nigh is as good as Meatboy or better, then I may have to add Edmund to that list. I've seen where SMB Forever hasn't been as well received as SMB, but I don't think Edmund was on that particular team. I suppose this commits me to "The End is Nigh" if I'm going to put this dev to the test then doesn't it. 😂 I swear, every time a hard game gets added to my back log, 9/10 times its you (I'm going to have to come up with some kind of backlog badges to give people on this site, cause yall are relentless) It'll probably take me awhile to get around to it though. I was going to mess with Oxenfree, but I ran into this thread for an event in 2022. It requires a 1/10 game and Oxenfree is the only one in my entire backlog, so I'll be saving it till January at the earliest. In the meantime I've been playing Kingdom Come Deliverance (yall get ready for the mega RPG rant on this one when it finally gets done...cause umm... I have some things to say about this one)) I'm going to try to finish it out before the end of the year, but we'll see how that goes, I may get distracted by something else.
  19. Thanks! Looking forward to the event. Thank you for putting it on. FF8 is the only one from the ps1 generation that I havent played and Ive been meaning to get to it. Moonshot Galaxy seems sweet and Ive been looking for a reason to "borrow" my partners VR. I might pick that up at some time....
  20. Ok I'm definitely in. Here's my tentative list for the year. Though I'm not super sold on my 6 or 7 may reevaluate as time gets closer. 01/10 - Oxenfree 02/10 - Rime 03/10 - Final Fantasy VIII 04/10 - Dragon Age 2 05/10 - The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel IV 06/10 - Batman Arkham Asylum 07/10 - Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War 08/10 - Superbeat Xonic 09/10 - Track Mania Turbo 10/10 - Tetris Effect
  21. Need a ruling on Tetris Effect, I couldn't find a guide or anything similar that gave a flat out difficulty rating, but playstation trophies has there community voting system and it has by far the largest majority for 10/10 difficulty would this count as a 10/10? Edit: Nevermind PlatPrices has it as a 10/10
  22. As a quick question: Do we need to 100% the games that we choose or just get the platinum for them to count?
  23. Thank you! I appreciate it. That seems to always be the problem... there are just so many games to enjoy that its hard to find time to play everything. Both Unravel and the FF7 Remake are currently in my backlog of stuff to play, but Idk when I'll get to them considering there are probably 40 other games just sitting there waiting on me to play them.... Oh well... one game at a time 😂 Mini Update Speaking of Backlog... I bought Oxenfree and Dishonored from the sale yesterday for 99c and $5.00 respectively because I couldn't pass them up for those prices. I think I may do Oxenfree next as a break from all the super long-winded games. @realm722 says it has a good story, and @DrBloodmoney seems high on it as well. It doesn't really look like my style of game, but hopefully I'll enjoy it.
  24. Was hoping to hop in and get 4 more dollars contributed to charity. I completed... Which I believe counts for Orange. Which I believe counts for pink assuming that Meatboy's gums count (I'd need a judge on this one) Best and thanks for the wonderful event ~TC