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  1. Guide of the Year 2021 - Final Fantasy XIV Trophy Guide by Rebourne07, MakoSOLIDER and Zenkunlu Trophy Guide - Final Fantasy XIV by Rebourne07, MakoSOLIDER and Zenkunlu - The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV by by RaveNScythE18 Gameplay Guide - Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book by FIDO1337 - Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by by Optinooby DLC Guide - Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers by Zekunlu and Rebourne07 - Dishonored - Dunwall City Trials by Phantom 2654 Retro Enthusiast - Persona 4: Arena Trophy Guide by LuckySlime and Suicideyan - Dante's Inferno - EA Community Trials Guide by Mertkaykay and coregamer1998 New-Age Enthusiast - Dirt 5 Trophy Guide by OverlordofRacing - Godfall Trophy Guide by Gr4de_04 Original Content - Super Meat Boy Forever by JDubLuvsTrophies - Wargroove Trophy Guide by Dsr8002 Formatting - Solar Ash by Arcesius-7 - Nuclear Throne Trophy Guide by Neotiteke and JDubLuvsTrophies
  2. UPDATE 28 - Rime Rime is a 3D puzzle-platformer brought built on an atmospheric set of worlds in which silent (well mostly silent, he does shout at stuff to solve puzzles sometimes) nameless protagonist kid goes on a journey. The game reminds me a lot of Ico and Abzu. It tries to build character with atmosphere, scenery, and music to try and capture that subtle magic that makes those games so memorable. I will say that doing so, Rime doesn't always live up to the comparisons that its design choices invites. Visually the game is stunning. Everything is beautiful from the ridges in the first area to the lighthouse, to the underwater majesty in the third area, everything looks really good. Animal life flitters and swims about. There are towers and buildings everywhere just begging for some little wanderer boy to jump in and explore them (and man do you need to explore them for some very well hidden collectibles.) I will say that it does somewhat lack in world building. The worlds don't really feel like some faraway place or forgotten civilization, more so they feel kind of plastic if you catch my meaning. Like they were specifically made so that they can have a puzzle-platformer. The game doesn't really suffer to much from this though and again the game looks great. The music is also top notch. The game has no dialog and I think that choice was made basically so that we can all really enjoy the orchestrated sound track playing through rime. It really carries a lot of the burden of keeping the game from being too dry in the second-to-second gameplay. Speaking of second-to-second gameplay, I really feel like this is where Rime struggles as a game. It's almost like they devs sometimes forgot that the game had to be played sometimes. With many sections of traversing up a wall, with basically no danger, or just having to run across vast stretches of land to reach the next location. Many of the puzzles also lack in creativity. Most of them are extremely obvious, and the others are also obvious to anyone who has played a puzzle platformer before. They have all of the obvious find the key, push the blocks, use the orb puzzles that have been in every game of the genre since its inception. Occasionally they do have some really cool ones that break the mold. For example there's a sequence where you have to escort a sentinel (the guy in the platinum panel art) (or maybe he's escorting you) through a series of neat puzzle rooms that all loop in on each other and can each progress a little at a time that turns out to be inspired. They also have some neat stuff playing with shadows, but even both of these are pretty easy and aren't going to stump you for more than a few minutes at most. The controls also suck. Often when you're climbing stuff, the boy will just stand there since you aren't holding exactly up on the control stick, or he'll move the opposite direction than you are holding on the control stick, or the opposite direction that he was just moving. It gets old pretty quick and lacks any sort of fluidity that you see in best in class of the genre. Again almost like the gameplay was more of an afterthought. That said.... SPOILER TERRITORY I will now regale you with my head cannon for how Rime came to be developed. Somewhere in Tequila Works Studios....... And thus was poor TC's heart broken 3 times that day. To be honest, I wasn't expecting the emotions that I felt from this game. But I don't think that the emotions were due to the death itself, but rather the heart wrenching idea of being the father in that scenario as I approach 30. It's was wild to feel that pain for just me. Realizing that it must be that much more for that character, or someone that can directly relate (for example those who are fathers, and God forbid, those who have lost children) and that all came from just 2 cutscenes at the beginning of chapter 5. It really is one of the strong parts of the game. The game also re-contextualizes the chapters of the game by tying them to the stages of grief. This context though is hit or miss. For example, I think it works really well in the first two chapters. Chapter 1, called denial, sees the character chasing after the red shade that seems to be denying his existence. Ignoring him at every turn. I didn't really catch this when I first played through it, but when I saw the chapter title in the select screen when going to pick up the missed collectibles, I got it. I also got chapter 2 which is titled anger. This chapter has you running away from this guy... Who chases you throughout the level and its kind of scary and atmospheric. (For the Record, this was my favorite chapter which is why he almost got the platinum panel, I decided to go elsewhere, but hey bonus art). You can definitely see that the bird is angry. Where the comparison falls apart though are in bargaining and grief. I don't really think that chapter 3 and 4 really do a good job at conveying that they are about those two parts of acceptance. I have seen people say that chapter 1 is also a stretch since it feels like you're following the red shade more than him denying you, but I'll digress because either way its leaves half or more of the game as a miss on the whole scale. I think the game may have worked a bit better if the roles were flipped and it was actually the father who died, and the kid who was on the journey to overcome his grief, but then... that gut punch while probably effective, doesn't have the same oomph that the one they went with does. Game design sure is tough... END SPOILERS The trophies for the game largely fall into three categories. They are either story related (i.e. complete the chapter), collectibles (which are well hidden) or they are miscellaneous stuff. There are a lot of collectibles in the game for its length, but none of them are missable since the game has a chapter select after finishing the main game, so you can always go back and grab the stuff you missed. There really isn't anything difficult either. The "hardest" trophy is a section where you have to swim through 3 tunnels using only one oxygen bubble. It's not to challenging and you can just retry chapter if you end up failing. Getting that trophy does preclude you from getting one of the collectibles though, so you'll have to come back for it. Overall Rime is a game that is ambitious in many areas, but forgets at times that it's a game and is supposed to be fun. Some of its major themes do miss, and the controls are not good, but at the end of the day, I didn't hate my time with Rime. On the contrary, most of the time I found myself enjoying the game. I don't really think you'd be missing much though if you skipped out on this one, but if you're looking for an easy game, with nice visuals and music, there are worse ones out there than Rime. Enjoyment Score: 7/10 Difficulty Score 2/10
  3. Hopefully that fixed it. Thanks for the heads up, I always click the links to make sure they work, but I suppose I would already have the permissions. ~TC
  4. 2/10 complete for a grand total of 2/10 complete 😂. Rime was pretty good. Lots to say about it. I think I'm going to jump to a higher difficulty for the next game rather than going in order. I don't really fancy having only the hard stuff left at the end of the year. Glad to see everyone is progressing! GL Gamers.
  5. Finished Rime for my second completion of the event. I marked it off for in-game weather effects since there is literally an entire level in the rain, and that rain contributes to the theme of the level. Overall an enjoyable experience. For what I've done for each square see attached spreadsheet
  6. MdflSf1.png


    Rime should be done this weekend.  Did multiple art pieces for this one, so should be a fun review.  A little stuck at the moment on Trackmania at the moment though.  Need to save another .25 second on track 97 for the gold, the jump at the end destroys me every time. 

    1. AK-1138


      I like your evocative linework. Frenzied, yet orderly. There's a darkness to the light, and light to the darkness.


       I have no idea what any of these words mean, and that makes me as qualified an art critic as anyone.

  7. Fair enough, It was just funny to me that my brain immediately assigned the a number value to each of the ways that you mentioned you could possibly feel about the game. It probably says more about me than it does anything else. Doc really wants to get me started on my soap box about the American Education system with this comment 😂. Maybe not super relevant to you, but I could definitely go on and on about how the grading and marking system overrides the actual point of student evaluation, but I'll get back on topic since I absolutely don't want to derail Cass's thread. In other news, I think Cass might just be my own personal backlog gremlin. Gonna have to look into Shadow Tactics for sure.
  8. I mean... in a way, isn't that just a number system that doesn't use numbers? 5 - Great Fun 4 - I like it 3 - It's Ok 2 - Meh 1 - Put Away 😂 That being said, I think your metric is probably more useful than trying to figure out what someone means when they rate something a 3 or what have you.
  9. Cassy out here making me rethink my entire rating system. lol. Looking back at the scores that I've given games, similar to what Realm said, the lowest I've given a game is a 3/10 with the honor going to Jump Force. Which has the major problem of being boring, but is otherwise a functional video game. It got me thinking, what what it take for me to give a game a 1/10? I guess its similar to a 10/10 in that a game would have to be all time good, so for a 1/10 it would have to be all time bad and I feel like typically most gamers are going to avoid all time bad and then boring on top of it (because in the words of jello apocalypse "sometimes a bad movie, is better than a boring one." same applies to games.) and those types of games are typically avoided. I guess when you play the indie lottery like Cass though, you sometimes hit on some real stinkers.
  10. Excited to see all of the progress you guys have made so far. Yall are crushing it as usual. Small mini update from me. Working on Trackmania Turbo. I've been trying to do one or two gold medals per day and slowly making my way through the blue tracks. On track 97 right now and so far I haven't hit a wall for to long with the track that took me the longest (95) taking around 20 minutes to get the gold. I will say that even here the race lines are getting super precise. I can't tell you how many times I've taken the inside line on a turn, gone over a small bump, lost some of my speed and promptly crash on the jump because of said lost speed. I am starting to fear what is going to happen on the black tracks 😂. Oh well, one track at a time. I'll get there... eventually. ~TC
  11. Got the easy one out of the way. Gonna need all that time for these 7,8,9,10/10s lol.
  12. Cult Classic is checked off with Oxenfree.
  13. UPDATE 28 - OXENFREE The Premise: Oxenfree presents a unique challenge when it comes to review because to tell you basically anything about the game is to spoil what is otherwise a great experience. Dancing as carefully as possible around such spoilers, Oxenfree reminds me of one of those straight to video "horror" movies aimed at 13 to 14 year olds during the early 90s. (Shout out to all yall, who are old as me and can remember such things.) But to call it a cheap horror movie would be a pretty big disservice to the game. At its core, Oxenfree is a game about relationships, the people in them, and using those relationships for growth and it uses the horror movie set up to explore these things. The Good: Once again its hard to talk about what I liked about the game without going into heavy spoilers. The character work here is fantastic (and basically has to be since that's the whole game). The music is top notch and does a good job at setting the atmosphere and ultimately giving me the creeps the entire time. Without going into it, when I figured out what was going on with the...lets call it nonsensical at first advice, (its really hard to come up with something that doesn't spoil but people who have played the game, know what you are talking about.) The story is also really compelling, though again telling you much is a disservice to the game. Finally, this game has probably the best dialogue system I've seen in a game. Though I love a game like Mass Effect, I always would make fun of it when you would choose the "renegade" option and Shepherd would go nuclear instead of doing or saying anything close to what the dialog wheel implied 😂 here, you can respond at any time by selecting one of three answers. The characters will even react to your silence if you don’t answer them, or if you decide to walk away and ignore them. This, combined with great writing and voice acting, makes Oxenfree one of the best virtual recreations of real humans talking to each other. Which again is good, because it's literally the whole game. The Bad I don't really set much stock by what people like to call "Walking Simulators", but if there were ever a game that felt like one this is it. That is to say there isn't much game here. It's more like watching an interactive move or playing one of those old adventure games without the puzzles. As a result, I can imagine that if for whatever reason you aren't very into the story, then you could find the whole affair pretty boring. During subsequent playthroughs, I definitely felt the drag, especially in the one where you can't say anything. In a game that is strongly based around the dialog interactions seemed like a pretty bad trophy in hindsight. The Trophies Speaking of the trophies... There not that bad here. The game does require at minimum 3 playthroughs. 4 if you mess stuff up in your blind playthrough, but the game is only like 3ish hours long so it isn't to bad to have to do it over. If I had to recommend an order, I'd do the blind playthrough, then the say nothing one then, then the mean one, and cap it off with the nice playthrough. I felt so bad after the mean one, which I guess is a testament to good writing. Otherwise there are some collectables. They don't unlock till near the end of the game so you could get them in your blind playthrough with basically no spoilers so that's nice at least. All in All The game provides a captivating experience and a does a great job with its premise and characters. I definitely recommend going through and playing it. It is absolutely worth playing blind and is a strong start to the year 2022.
  14. I've updated my list for the start of the event since, one I finished KCD before January 1, and two these games fit in better with other events that I'm doing. Some of yall are already completing games and I'm super impressed. Let's make it a great year!
  15. So with the new year coming up, I decided to make a few changes to my Platinum Checklist.  Since I am the Together_Comic I felt like it was appropriate to actually...IDK... put together some comics of the platinums that I obtain.  For example,





    During the next year, I'm going to make it my goal to upload a piece of my art for you guys for ever new platinum.  I am also gonna go back and try to do one for each older platinum.  I want to make sure each image includes the name of the game and also a platinum trophy (if it has one.  I'll have to think of something else for 100% any ideas?)  I've also considered adding which number platinum it is for example Ico would be 1, but I'm not sure about that one.  I may try it with the Witcher which should be next.  I'll probably also leave it to sketches like this one to not commit myself to several hours of art every time I complete a game 😂 Feedback and Critique are always appreciated 


    Happy New Year Yall



    1. Slava


      Brilliant idea. I like to draw as well, but lack motivation sometimes. So I might steal this idea and draw fan art of the games I finish 😁.


    2. NERVergoproxy


      Cool, keep it up. Much better than the everyday plat status spams here.

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Props to you on that bud! I think it's quite a fantastic idea and looking forward to more of your work 😄