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  1. On the Product page <>, it says "Purchasing this content entitles you to the PS3™ system, PS4™ system, and “PS Vita” system versions!”. I bought a table for PS3 a few weeks ago and have been able to play on PS4 with no problems. Try searching from the PS4 XMB DLC menu, not the in-game import menu. In addition, please try purchasing a Demo version <>.
  2. In the last big jump scene, roll to the last minute of the cliff and then jump, the speed and distance will increase, and you can finish a little faster.
  3. I have been playing this game for the past month so I will review it briefly. This game is a clone of Super Bomberman R as the publisher mentioned. Differences with Super Bomberman R - Bomb power at the start of the game is 1. - The remote control bomb can only be used one by one,as the button assigned to blast the remote control bomb is the same as the installation of the bomb. - When someone is knocked out, drop items can also pop under the player character. This may cause special bombs to be overwritten. - Revenge Cart has a remote control bomb and can throw it without interval. - In the offline state, the game is not started. - There is no local battle mode with multiple controllers. - If there is no opponent in the online battle, the bot is replenished. The match is almost certainly matched within 30 seconds. - A player who does nothing is treated as dead and is excluded from the game. Game Mode - Single Player : Mission mode in omnibus format. 240 levels in total(4 worlds, 20 stages, 3 stages of difficulty) - Battle Royal : 32-player battle with rating system. - 4vs4 Knockout : Team battle with rating system. The team needs to be formed manually. - FFA Wildcard : Random rule battle with rating system. Time-based battle, zombie battle, team battle, etc. - Exhibition : Free battle where you can set mutation etc. Impression - Avatar decoration can be set quite freely. - The map is rich but rough. Some maps have gimmic flaws. - NPC avoids bombs superhumanly, but is extremely vulnerable to wall and remote control bombs. - You can win more than you think because you only need to be in the top 16 at Battle Royale. - The target values for hero levels and customization items are ridiculous, but the other things are generally fine. There are many parts that are inferior to Super Bomberman R, but some interesting ideas were also found. If Super Bomberman R2 is released, I hope that Battle Royal mode will be implemented.